ALADN 2003
Midnight at the Oasis:
Drawing from the Well of Fund Raising Experience

Review of Presentations

  Speaker Title of Presentation

Jill Almasi-Dole
and Gail Moore

"Collaborating with Central Development"
and "Tips on Identifying Library Prospects"

2 Charlene Baldwin
and Bobbi Fisher
"For the Love of Libraries: A dean and a director have fun beating the odds"
3 Janis Bandelin "From Vision to Construction: Building Fund Raising Success" and handout
4 Linda Bennett "Making Sure the Well Doesn't Run Dry: Marketing Planned Giving for Your Library"
"A Winning Game Plan--How Charitable Gift Annuities Can be an Important Component of Your Library Planned Giving Program"
5 Michele Fletcher
and June Steel
"Planned Giving as a Major Gifts Strategy"
and sample letter for gifts-in-kind
6 Fred Heath Library Development Staffing and Structures
7 Harrie Hughes Who are your prospective donors and how do you find them?
8 Judy Lindsey Why is it important for you to raise funds for your library?
9 M. J. Miller Library Development Staffing and Structures
10 Rush Miller Library Development Staffing and Structures
11 Bill Myers "Ethical Principles + Professional Practice = Public Trust" and supporting document
and resources for ethical fundraising:
AAFRC Standards of Practice
AFP Code of Ethical Principles
ALA Code of Ethics
CFRE International Accountability Standards
Donor Bill of Rights
Library Bill of Rights
12 Pre-Conference Bibliography
Library Development Operational Plan
13 Caroline Punches "Vehicles of Planned Giving"
or view in Word document
14 Julie Seavy
and Allison Quick
"What Should We Be Doing Differently? A proactive approach to building your prospect portfolio"
and proposal for comprehensive endowments
15 Mary Ann Shields "From 'You Should' to 'We Will': Building a Board that Owns its Mission"
and view also sample board by-laws, board membership grid, and board giving guidelines
16 Selden Smith Library Development Staffing and Structures
17 Bron Solyom
in absentia
"Defining Your Work Enviroment and Setting up Your Work"
18 Tina Surman What do you need the money for? -- shaping your library's strategic goals into a case for support statement


"You Know They're Out There: How to Find the People Who Will Give to Your Library"
19 Dwain Teague "Making Sure the Well Doesn't Run Dry: Marketing Planned Giving for Your Library"
20 Kim Thompson Library Development Staffing and Structures


Addition 1 Catherine Soehner at UC-Santa Cruz created a poster board presentation for ALA Summer 2003 that will be of interest to visitors to this page about a program to "Honor with Books." Her display is available on-line at
Addition 2 A sample of a letter mailed to endowment donors asking their permission to give credit to the endowed fund in the Library's online catalog is available by clicking here.

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