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Binding and Shelf Preparation

About the Unit

The Binding & Shelf Preparation Unit encompasses all aspects of commercial binding for the Library‚Äôs general circulating collections as well as the end-processing of all physical pieces to make them ready to be shelved and circulated.  Binding activities include the first-time binding of newly acquired items and the rebinding and boxing of deteriorated items in the existing collections, including materials selected for shelving in the Mansueto Library.  Shelf preparation activities include producing and applying spine labels and inserting security detection strips for collections as well as the labeling and rehousing of various media.

The Binding and Shelf Preparation Unit engages in projects throughout the Library system to obtain commercial enclosures for selected older materials and newly acquired gift collections and to address marking and labeling needs.

Contact Information

Joseph Regenstein Library
JRL 170

Amy Mantrone
Head, Binding and Shelf Preparation

Subrata De
Binding and Shelf Preparations Assistant

Sophie Skinner
Binding and Shelf Preparations Assistant


 Don Hinton labeling a book.  Jimmie Hamaguchi unpacking books from the bindery.
 Subrata De inserting a security strip into a book.  Sudipta Chaudhuri printing a binding slip.

Other Library Binding and Shelf Preparation Units

Other units in the Library which perform binding and shelf preparation tasks include Crerar Technical Processing, D'Angelo Law Technical Processing, and the East Asian Collection within the Regenstein Library.

For more information on these units, please contact the following persons:

Laurie Haugland
Supervisor, Crerar Technical Processing

Dora Davis
Supervisor, D'Angelo Law Technical Processing

Jai-hsya Tsao
Head, Technical Services, East Asian Collection