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Library Student Resource Group: Agenda Feb 20 2007

University of Chicago
Library Student Resource Group

Meeting #2

Tuesday, February 20 from

5 - 6:30 p.m.

Regenstein Room A-11


  1. LSRG web site ( ) and meeting minutes
  2. Discussion: how can the Library communicate most effectively with you and other students?
    1. What Library information needs to be communicated to students?
    2. Where would students expect to find this information?
    3. Suggestions for improving communication about the Library to students
  3. Princeton Review's "Best College Library" rankings: in the most recent rankings, University of Chicago Library ranked #3
    1. Would you agree with this ranking?
    2. How would you go about ranking the Library?
  4. Faceted browse and guided navigation systems: adding a modular software component to improve usability and success when searching the Library Catalog