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Library Student Resource Group: Minutes May 11 2007

Library Student Resource Group

May 11, 2007

Present: Michael Jurczak, Dan Kimerling, Bridget Madden, Jillian Mislinski, Monica Mercado, Larisa Reznik,
Judi Nadler, Meghan Hammond, Jim Vaughan, Sem Sutter, John Kimbrough.

LibQUAL+ Survey Update

Jim Vaughan reported to the LSRG about the status of the LibQUAL+ survey (see the April notes for background on LibQUAL+). The Library is still analyzing the results, but the inital data is encouraging: our response rate is up from 2004, and we've received lots of helpful comments. We'll have more information to share in the fall.

All-Night Study Space

The All-Night Study Space Working Group, composed of students (including Dan and Jillian) and University administrators (including Judi, Jim, and Meghan) have been studying the requirements for campus all-night study space. Such a space needs to have good security, be conducive to staying in one area for long periods of time, and provide a mix of social/group/individual study spaces. Students generally prefer to study in library spaces rather than other areas such as the Reynolds Club.

The current all-night study space (the first floor of Crerar) is getting crowded during peak periods such as finals. We'd like to explore opening up the upper floors of Crerar to all-night study (currently, student overnight access to the 2nd and 3rd floors is restricted to graduate students in the sciences and medical school). We weren't able to accomplish this during Spring 2007, but it's something to think about for 2007-2008.

Looking ahead to next year, the Working Group greatly desired to bring back all-night study space to the Regenstein A-Level, currently occupied by shelving. You can read a detailed memo on the SG website, but the gist is: the A-Level will reopen in Winter 2008 if the University Trustees approve the Library Addition for construction at their December meeting.

There was lively discussion throughout the meeting about the ideal types of study space. Some LSRG members observed that many students lamented the loss of the A-Level and its particular atmosphere and social interactions. Others claimed that little actual studying got done in this space, and what was really need was a quiet study area in the Reg. It may be the case that the Library is called upon to provide two separate areas, or areas that are able to effectively serve more than one need.