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Library Student Resource Group

Notes Feb 17 2010

Present: Joey Brown, Peter Erickson, Josh Grochow, Laura Jones, Kelly Ledbetter, Arielle Linsey, Rachel Miller, Nicholas Stock, Nick Tarasen
From the Library: Judi Nadler (chair), Rachel Rosenberg, Sem Sutter, Jim Vaughan, John Kimbrough
Guests: Jeffry Archer, Agnes Tatarka

Welcome to Peter Erickson, representing the Humanities Division.


Thank you to all the LSRG members who interviewed with Agnes about the research process!


(introduced by Jeffry Archer, Head of Regenstein's Reference and Business Information Center)

Who are we?

What do we do?

When are we available?

How should we publicize this new service of chat?

Library Survey

Agnes presented initial results of a recent survey, this year targeted at graduate students. The survey closed this week on Monday. 9,625 invitations, with an 18.6% response rate. 23 questions, 6 open-ended that generated 2300 comments. We asked about activities, collections, services (both current and proposed), and overall satisfaction.

Good participation from all Schools and Divisions. The largest bloc of respondents came from the Humanities Division and Social Science Division.

We will share highlights of the results at a future LSRG meeting. At present we are “swimming in data.” We will be coding (categorizing) the comments and doing analysis. You can read our coding of the previous survey (done in 2007) :

Judi asked: what would you be most interested in from survey results?

Agenda-building and general comments

Next meeting: probably second or third week of Spring Quarter