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LSRG Notes Jan 21 2011

From the College: Alison Demes, Nick Stock, Rachael Miller, Samantha Lee, Joey Brown, Julia Sizek, Chris Dunlap, Emily Riehl (for Josh Grochow), Rick Moore, Nick Tarasen, Peter Erickson
From the Library: David Larsen, Rachel Rosenberg, Judi Nadler, Jim Vaughan, John Kimbrough  

LSRG: purpose and background

The LSRG exists to provide input to the Library from students, and is one way for the Library to communicate with the student body. Some previous LSRG topics include:

We welcome your comments at anytime.

Mansueto update

The Special Collections Research Center exhibition gallery will open in Spring Quarter. The first exhibition will be new architectural books in May (perhaps earlier). On the walkway to Mansueto will be an installation of printers’ marks (logos of early printers) that was part of the R.R. Donnelley & Sons archive.

Other Mansueto-related construction is proceeding on schedule. We had a lighting and laptop survey last May about the Mansueto furniture, and gathered many useful comments, such as “Light is visually distracting, too much glare from the tables...light too much in my eyes, too bright.” Thanks to your input and input from the survey, the University hired a lighting consulting firm that worked with the architect to provide better lighting.

Mansueto construction will be finished and we will have an "open house" period in late May-early June -- about 10 days in length -- which will feature tours and speakers. At this point the reading room will be open, although we won’t have many books in the library. Over the summer we will do an “initial load” of several hundred thousand books. The official opening of the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library will be in October.

Undergraduate Survey

Graduate members of the LSRG might remember the Library survey of last year; this year we are doing a similar survey of College students. (The overall plan is to survey a segment of the University population -- graduate students, College students, and faculty -- each year, so that we survey each group every 3 years.) The survey will go out February 8th and be available for two weeks.

David passed out draft copies of the undergraduate survey. In general, it’s very similar to last year’s graduate survey: asking about collections, spaces, and services, and inviting open-ended comments.


Incentives: we're offering a chance to get a $25 gift card (25 available) and/or a $200 gift card (1 available). The DRL has a simliar compensation rubric.

Perhaps if we got a certain amount of responses, the Library could offer free coffee at Ex Libris? (An interesting idea -- depends on how much this would cost, and we don't want to bias the survey towards people who already use the Library.)

Pease fill out the survey (if you're an undergrad) -- the Library takes survey results seriously. As an example, some of the responses to last year's graduate student survey include:

New Regenstein Café

Over the summer the Library will be constructing a new café on the first floor of Regenstein, in the NE corner space currently occupied by the full-height reference collection shelves and study tables. We plan to start construction June 13 (Monday after finals) with the goal of having a soft launch in late summer and ready for Autumn Quarter.

The new café will be part of the campus's Global Dining Initative and would replace Ex Libris on the A-Level. It will be broadly similar to the "Grab and Go" café in the Booth School, and will offer coffee/espresso/tea, other beverages, snacks, and sandwiches.  Rachel said the Library will be soliciting names for the new café.

Discussion and Questions: