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Library Student Resource Group Notes Feb 22 2011

Present: Joey Brown, Alison Demes, Chris Dunlap, Josh Grochow, Kelly Ledbetter, Samantha Lee, Ben Merriman, Rick Moore, Julia Sizek, Nick Stock, Nick Tarasen
From the Library: Judi Nadler (chair), David Bietila, David Larsen, Rachel Rosenberg, Jim Vaughan, John Kimbrough (secretary)


The Snow-Apocalypse: On Tuesday evening, 20 people stayed in the Reg overnight. Wednesday and Thursday, the Reg closed at 4pm at the request of the University's Office of Emergency Management, but we still had 500 people on Wednesday and 1000 people on Thursday.

2011 Library Survey of College Students

For the past two weeks, the Library has asked College students to fill out a survey. Very similar to last year's survey of graduate students. David reported the current (and very preliminary) results:

Discussion, Library Workshops, and Reaching out to College Students

Although a low number of respondents said they had consulted a librarian, LSRG members pointed out that serious research often didn’t begin until third year. This led to an ad-hoc discussion: how might the Library better reach out to College students? LSRG members (especially the College members) said:

Library Web Site Planning

David Bietila, Library Web Program Director, introduced this topic. We’re determining a formal mission, goals and strategy for the Library web site – what it the website supposed to do and not do? This strategic plan will help guide our web development work. We’ve been talking to various user groups about the priorities of the web site, and wanted to talk to the LSRG.

What (in the eyes of LSRG members) should be the top priorities of the Library web site?

Most LSRG members go straight to the Library website, not the University’s portal or homepage. LSRG members said they didn’t know anyone who used

David asked about a customized version of the website? – you would have to log in, but then would see “your” Library view. LSRG members responded:

Other website comments:

Mansueto Update

Rachel outlined several preliminary plans for celebrating the opening of the Special Collections Research Center and the new Joe and Rika Mansueto Library. SCRC will open March 28. However, the first exhibit in the new space -- on architecture and part of a city-wide program celebrating  the 500th anniversary of the first illustrated book on architecture (Fra Giovanni Giocondo’s 1511 edition of Vitruvius’s De Architectura libri decem) would be prepared and ready for the opening on Mansueto, sometime between May 2 – May 9. There will be a celebratory period in May (about two weeks) that will mark the opening of Special Collections and allow patrons to walk through the new spaces. The official dedication of the Mansueto Library will be October 11.

Will the landscaping be done by May? (We hope so.)

There is a new video that takes you through the construction. If you’re interested in the architecture or engineering of the building, you should watch. (With closed captioning!)

Agenda building and general comments