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Library Student Resource Group April 15 2011

Present: Joey Brown, Chris Dunlap, Peter Erickson, Kelly Ledbetter, Samantha Lee, Rachael Miller, Ben Merriman, Rick Moore, Julia Sizek, Nick Stock, Nick Tarasen
From the Library: Judi Nadler (chair), Jeffry Archer, Frances McNamara, Tod Olson, Rachel Rosenberg, Jim Vaughan, John Kimbrough 


Library News Site: Rachel demoed the new Library News Site, There are several subject-specific sections, a workshops calendar, and opportunities to subscribe to RSS feeds.

Mansueto Updates: Mansueto is scheduled to open in May, and so far everything is going according to plan. Upcoming Mansueto-related events include:

There is some scaffolding in the 5th floor bookstacks as part of ongoing work on Regenstein’s roof. Materials aren’t browseable but accessible (staff will page daily).

Leaks in the East Asian reading room? The roof replacement work is being spread out over 2 years, so bear with us a little longer.

We’ve heard reports of students climbing up on the roof of Manuseto? (Yes, and we’re thinking about how to secure the building so people won’t climb the dome.)

Requesting Books from Mansueto: The User Interface

Frances McNamara, Head of Integrated Library Systems for the Library, demoed the user interface for placing requests for Mansueto items. A “request” link will appear when viewing Manuseto items in the catalog or Lens – it will be in the same screen location as the “Recall item” link. Users will have to log in with their CNetID or library barcode. There are 4 pickup options: Mansueto (within 15 minutes when the building is open), Crerar, D'Angelo Law, or SSA (all within 1 business day). Like other online “shopping carts,” you can build up a list of pending requests (“shop” for more Mansueto items) without having to log in each time, then submit all the requests at once.


Regenstein First Floor Reconfiguration

First floor café

As you know, we're putting in a new café on the first floor of Regenstein. There's a recent Maroon article about this project. The Library is participating in the Global Dining Initiative, a campus-wide integrated dining program that encompasses the dining halls, Hutch, the ARA-operated markets in Bartlett and South, and several of the campus coffee shops. The University sent out an RFP to operate all these places and has received responses from four companies (including Aramark).

We're hoping the hours of the servery portion of the café will be something close to 9am-11pm (Monday-Thursday), 9am-5pm (Friday), 11am-5pm (Saturday), and noon-11pm (Sunday) -- all during the academic year -- and to be open reduced hours during interims. We are soliciting suggestions for names -- this will be a different place than Ex Libris, so we'd like a different name.


Other reconfiguration projects on the first floor

The opening of Mansueto, the renovated Special Collections Research Center, and the new café all made us eager to redo the space in between: the center portion of the first floor. Jeffry talked about changes we would like to make:


Agenda building and general comments