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October 28, 2009

Finding Your Inner Fish

Neil Shubin

by Neil Shubin
Robert R. Bensley Professor, Organismal Biology and Anatomy
Associate Dean, Organismal Biology and Anatomy
Professor, Committee on Evolutionary Biology



February 24, 2010




Facsimiles of Musical Manuscripts: Why Are They Significant?

Neil Shubinby Philip Gossett
Robert W. Reneker Distinguished Service Professor,
Department of Music, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, and the College


Purchase of major facsimiles of musical manuscripts might seem an unnecessary luxury even to many users of the library collections, but they play a fundamental role in our understanding of music history. Drawing on examples from the early Renaissance (Bologna Q15) through Italian opera sources (the autograph manuscripts of Bellini's Norma, Verdi's Otello, and Puccini's Tosca), as well as major works of the German orchestral tradition (sketches by Beethoven and the sketches to Mahler's Tenth Symphony), this talk will try to demonstrate how access to these extraordinary sources makes it possible for scholars to carry on research that would otherwise be impossible.

May 12, 2010

History of Finance at the University of Chicago

Eugene F. Famaby Eugene F. Fama
Robert R. McCormick Distinguished Service Professor of Finance