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Online Account Renewal Request

This form is designed for Library patrons with Library cards (not UChicago Cards) who have already obtained their cards and who do not need to pay for privileges or show some form of eligibility to renew their accounts. (See a list of who can use this form to renew their account and card.)

Please fill out all the information in the form, including your email address, so that we can respond to you and let you know that we have renewed your account and card. If the form is not filled out completely, we will respond to you and request the you submit it again. If you do not supply an email address and we are unable to renew your account for some reason, we will disregard your renewal request.

Your Information: (If your account has not yet expired, you can see the account information we currently have for you.)

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Users who can renew their accounts using this form:
(**Unregistered students must obtain authorization to use the Library while they are unregistered by contacting their Dean of Student's office and requesting that they forward authorization to the Library Privileges office.)

Users who can not renew their accounts using this form: