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Selected Bibliography for Pingyang Gao
Associate Professor of Accounting

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Published Works

"Informational Feedback, Adverse Selection, and Optimal Disclosure Policy." Pingyang Gao and Pierre Jinghong Liang; Journal of Accounting Research, 2013, 51(5), pp. 1133-58.

"A Two-Step Representation of Accounting Measurement." Pingyang Gao; Accounting Horizons, 2013, 27(4), pp. 861-66.

"A Measurement Approach to Conservatism and Earnings Management." Pingyang Gao; Journal of Accounting & Economics, 2013, 55(2/3), pp. 251-68.

"Disclosure Quality, Cost of Capital, and Investor Welfare." Pingyang Gao; Accounting Review, 2010, 85(1), pp. 1-29.

"Keynesian Beauty Contest, Accounting Disclosure, and Market Efficiency." Pingyang Gao; Journal of Accounting Research, 2008, 46(4), pp. 785-807.

Accounting Disclosure in Capital Market; Pingyang Gao; Ph.D. Dissertation, Yale University, 2008.

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