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Selected Bibliography for Che-Lin Su
Associate Professor of Operations Management

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"Estimating Discrete-Choice Games of Incomplete Information: Simple Static Examples." Che-Lin Su; Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2014, 12(2), pp. 167-207.

"Structural Estimation of Callers' Delay Sensitivity in Call Centers." Zeynep Aksin, Baris Ata, Seyed Morteza Emadi and Che-Lin Su; Management Science, 2013, 59(12), pp. 2727-46.

"Constrained Optimization Approaches to Estimation of Structural Models." Che-Lin Su and Kenneth L. Judd; Econometrica, 2012, 80(5), pp. 2213-30.

"Improving the Numerical Performance of Static and Dynamic Aggregate Discrete Choice Random Coefficients Demand Estimation." Jean-Pierre Dubé, Jeremy T. Fox and Che-Lin Su; Econometrica, 2012, 80(5), pp. 2231-67.

"Endogenous Selection and Moral Hazard in Compensation Contracts." Christopher S. Armstrong, David F. Larcker and Che-Lin Su; Operations Research, 2010, 58(4-part-2), pp. 1090-106.

"Analysis on the Forward Market Equilibrium Model." Che-Lin Su; Operations Research Letters, 2007, 35(1), pp. 74-82.

Equilibrium Problems with Equilibrium Constraints: Stationarities, Algorithms, and Applications; Che-Lin Su; Ph.D. Dissertation, Stanford University, 2005.


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