Accessing the Library Catalog via Z39.50 Clients

The following information is provided for those who wish to configure Z39.50-compliant client software to connect to the University of Chicago Catalog, a Z39.50-compliant Kuali OLE database.

EndNote users may download a customized connection file for best results.

The data as shown in the Connections Settings and Search Attributes sections below should be applicable to any Z39.50 client software. However, the Z39.50 standard includes several options for software developers. As a result, a Z39.50 client and a Z39.50 server may each have unique characteristics that, if known, will ensure successful connectivity and complete availability of all relevant data from the Z39.50 server. Therefore, when we have such knowledge, we have provided additional guidance in configuring specific Z39.50 clients. If you have additional information or experience in connecting your Z39.50 client to the University of Chicago Catalog, please use the email address below to send your information for posting on this page as a convenience for other users.

I. Settings/Search Attributes for Any Z39.50 Client

Connection Settings

Setting Value
Server Name ole
Name of the Machine
Port 210
Authentication/Password for Access Restrictions None
Data Format OPAC
Database Name ole

Search Attributes

Search Description Use Structure
Title Keyword 4 3
Title Phrase 4 1
Journal Title Keyword 504 3
Journal Title Phrase 504 1
Author Keyword 1003 3
Author 1003 1
Subject Keyword 21 3
Subject 21 1
Series Keyword 5 3
Series 5 1
Keyword Anywhere 1017 2
Notes Keyword 63 3
ISBN (without hyphens) 7 3
ISSN (without hyphens) 8 3
Place of Publication 59 3
Publisher 1008 3
System Control Number (035) 1007 3

II. Helpful Information for Configuring EndNote

Note: Click here to find a connection file for the University of Chicago Library Catalog, both Windows and Macintosh versions. Otherwise, use the following information to create your own connection file.

1. In Connection Settings, enter the following values:

Field Label Value
Server ole
Server Address
Database ole
Database Name ole
Element Set F
Port 210
Record Syntax OPAC

2. In Templates, make sure Tag 852 has the following subfield(s):

$bCall Number$cCall Number$hCall Number$iCall Number$tCallNumber$zCall Number

3. There is no setting in EndNote that will bring over the hyphens that separate subject heading subdivisions. The data from subject heading fields comes directly from the MARC record; the MARC standard specifically excludes the use of hyphens in subject heading fields. [Our system software supplies the hyphens in our Catalog as display constants.] We have suggested to ISI ResearchSoft that an option to add-in the hyphens be provided within the EndNote software.

Always remember to save your changes when creating or editing your EndNote connection file(s).