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Four Dimensions

The four oblique key-cluster dimensions, with the factor loadings of the most salient dimension definers, are as follows:

1. Suburban vs. Non-Suburban [Su vs. Ur]. The seven definers are:

2. Wealthy/High Professional Status vs. Poor/Low Professional Status [We vs. Po]. The six definers are:

3. Linguistically Isolated/Hispanic vs. Not Linguistically Isolated/Not Hispanic [Is vs. Na]. The three definers are:

4. Large Young Families vs. Older and/or Smaller and/or Non-Traditional Families [Fa vs. No]. The five definers are:

The four dimensions are intercorrelated as follows:

1 2 3 4
1 ---
2 +.49 ---
3 -.18 +.24 ---
4 -.17 -.37 +.19 ---