Topographic map indexes at the University of Chicago Map Collection

This page provides access to some of the indexes to topographic (and a few other) map sets that have been created at the University of Chicago Library's Map Collection. The colored triangles or circles show local sheet holdings.

Many of the indexes listed here here were created to provide access to maps included in the 2013 Nokia-Siemens gift and in the 2012-2014 project to process captured Japanese maps. These indexes, scanned into jpeg files at 150dpi, were compiled by Sam Brandt, Sam Brown, Chris Dunlap, Tate Paulette, and Naoko Takeuchi. This set of indexes, most for Soviet or Japanese military sets, in many respects presents a misleading portrait of the Map Collection's holdings. The Map Collection probably has more than 3000 indexes to its topographic map sets. Fewer than 5% of these are included here.

We have begun to add additional index maps to this page, starting with Asia and Europe. Some come from the Army Map Service, but most were done by now anonymous Map Collection staff members ("TFA" = Thomas F. Ashburn on some indexes from the 1980s). Much of the work of scanning the indexes and putting them online has been done by Topher Kindell. In addition, Bobby Butler created clickable maps for the French and Indian indexes of indexes.

Note that we feel that we can only include indexes that are free of copyright restrictions, that is, those that were made locally, that date from 1922 or earlier, or that come from the U.S. government. This excludes index maps borrowed from mapping agencies or from commercial firms, very likely the majority of the Collection's indexes. Thus, this list will always be incomplete--and somewhat biased toward the inclusion of specialized rather than mainstream material.

To get a complete list of topographic map sets for a given jurisdiction, do a call number browse search in the online catalog on the root call number plus "s" (for example, "G5830 s").



IndexRoot Call No.Country/RegionScaleTitle and record
G5700 Europe 1:1,000,000 Europe 1 000 000e

G5700 Europe 1:1,000,000 [Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East]
G5700 Europe 1:500,000 Europa 1:500 000
G5700 Europe 1:500,000 1:500,000 Europe (Air)
G5700 Europe 1:300,000 General-Karte von Central Europa : beziehungsweise der Oesterr. Ung. Monarchie im Masse 1:300.000 d. N.
G5700 Europe 1:300,000 Zusammendrucke 1:300 000
G5700 Europe 1:300,000 W. Liebenow's Special-Karte von Mittel-Europa im Massstabe von 1:300.000.
G5700 Europe 1:300,000 Übersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa 1:300 000
G5700 Europe 1:250,000 North west Europe
G5700 Europe Scales differ. Special strategic maps : [Europe]
G5701 Europe 1:1,500,000 International hydrogeological map of Europe = Carte hydrogéologique internationale de l'Europe = Internationale hydrogeologische Karte von Europa
G5740 United Kingdom 1:250,000 Quarter inch fifth series : [Great Britain]
G5740 United Kingdom 1:200,000 Grossbritannien und Irland 1:200 000
G5740 United Kingdom 1:200,000 Velikobritaniia [Великобритания]
G5740 United Kingdom 1:126,000 Bartholomew revised half-inch map, Great Britain
G5741 United Kingdom 1:63,360 Second land utilisation survey of Britain
G5741 United Kingdom 1:25,000 British Geological Survey 1:25 000 series
G5741 United Kingdom 1:25,000 Second land utilisation survey of Britain
G5771 Scotland 1:253,440 Geological Survey of Scotland
G5771 Scotland 1:63,360 Geological survey of Great Britain (Scotland)
G5771 Scotland 1:50,000 Geological survey of Scotland
G5780 Ireland 1:500,000 Fliegerkarte von Irland 1:500 000
G5780 Ireland 1:253,000 Ordnance Survey of Ireland
G5780 Ireland 1:253,000 Ordnance Survey of Ireland 1:253,440
G5780 Ireland 1:126,000 Ordnance Survey of Ireland
G5780 Ireland 1:126,000 Ordnance Survey of Ireland
G5780 Ireland 1:63,000 Ordnance Survey of Ireland
G5830 France 1:500,000 Carte de France et des pays limitrophes au 500.000e
G5830 France 1:320,000 Carte de la France a l'échelle de 1 pour 320,000
G5830 France 1:250,000 France 1:250,000
G5830 France 1:200,000 France : carte du Ministère des travaux publics
G5830 France 1:200,000 Frantsiia [Франция]
G5830 France 1:100,000 Carte de la France
G5830 France 1:100,000 France 1:100,000
G5830 France 1:80,000 [Carte de France]
G5830 France 1:20,000 Carte de France--1:20 000
G5830 France 1:10,000 Carte de France au 50 000e
G6000 Netherlands 1:200,000 Topographische kaart op de schaal 1:200 000 : [Nederland]
G6000 Netherlands 1:200,000 Niderlandy [Нидерланды]
G6000 Netherlands 1:50,000 Nederland 1:50 000
G6000 Netherlands 1:50,000 Niderlandy [Нидерланды]
G6001 Netherlands 1:100,000 Historisch-statische schetskaart van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden : op de schaal van 1:100 000
G6010 Belgium 1:100,000 Carte de la Belgique au 100 000e
G6011 Belgium 1:20,000 Carte géologique de la Belgique : dressée par ordre du gouvernement
G6013.L4 Belgium 1:25,000 Carte allemande des cercles d'Eupen et Malmédy
G6040 Central Europe 1:750,000 Übersichts-Karte von Mittel-Europa, im Masse 1:750.000 der Natur
G6040 Central Europe 1:750,000 Übersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa
G6040 Central Europe 1:100,000 Middle Danube 1:100,000
G6040 Switzerland 1:200,000 Shveĭtsariia [Швейцария]
G6040 Switzerland 1:100,000 Topographische Karte der Schweiz
G6040 Switzerland 1:100,000 Schweiz 1:100 000
Regular sheets (south only):

Double sheets:
G6040 Switzerland 1:50,000 Topographischer Atlas der Schweiz 1:50 000 = Atlas topographique de la Suisse 1:50 000
North only:
G6040 Switzerland 1:25,000 Topographischer Atlas der Schweiz 1:25 000
G6080 Germany 1:250,000 Germany 1:250,000
G6080 Germany 1:200,000 Topogr. Übersichtskarte des Deutschen Reiches 1:200 000
G6080 Germany 1:100,000 Germany 1:100,000
G6080 Germany 1:50,000 Deutsche Karte 1:50 000
G6080 Germany 1:25,000 Topographische Karte 1:25 000 (4-cm-Karte)
G6080 Germany 1:10,000 Vergrösserung aus dem Messtischblatt
G6425 Germany 1:25,000 Topographische Karte von Baden
G6425 Germany 1:25,000 Topographische Karte von Württemburg : im Massstab 1:25 000
G6490 Austria 1:200,000 Österreichische Karte 1:200 000
G6490 Austria 1:100,000 Touristen-Wanderkarte
G6490 Austria 1:75,000 Spezialkarte von Österreich 1:75.000
G6490 Austria 1:50,000 Österreichische Karte 1:50.000
G6490 Austria 1:50,000 Deutsche Karte 1:50 000 der Alpen- und Donau-Reichsgaue
G6490 Austria 1:50,000 Spezialkarte von Österreich 1:50 000
G6490 Austria 1:40,000 Spezialkarte von Österreich 1:40 000
G6490 Austria 1:25,000 Alte österreichische Landesaufnahme 1:25,000. Deutsche Heereskarte
G6490 Austria 1:25,000 Deutsch-Jugoslawische Grenze 1:25,000
G6490 Austria 1:25,000 Österreichische Karte 1:25.000
G6494 Austria 1:25,000 [Umgebungskarte von Wien]
G6500 Hungary 1:200,000 Magyar Népköztársaság
G6500 Hungary 1:200,000 [Magyarorszǵ topográfiai térképe]
G6500 Hungary 1:100,000 [Magyarorszǵ topográfiai térképe]
G6501 Hungary 1:75,000 Geologische Spezialkarte der Länder der ungarischen Krone
G6510 Czech Republic 1:750,000 [Mapa Ceskoslovenské Republiky]
G6510 Czech Republic 1:200,000 Chekhoslovakiia, Cheshskaia SR [Чехословакия, Чешская СР]
G6510 Czech Republic 1:100,000 Chekhoslovakiia, Cheshskaia SR [Чехословакия, Чешская СР]
G6510 Czech Republic 1:50,000 Chekhoslovakiia, Cheshskaia SR [Чехословакия, Чешская СР]
G6510 Czech Republic 1:25,000 Czechoslovakia 1:25,000
G6510 Czech Republic 1:25,000 Czechoslovakia 1:25,000
G6510 Czech Republic 1:25,000 [Topografická mapa Československé Republiky : měřítko 1:25 000 / zpracoval]
G6510 Czech Republic 1:20,000 [Topografická mapa Československé Republiky, měřítko 1:20 000]
G6510 Czech Republic 1:10,000 [Topografická mapa Československé Republiky, měřítko 1:10 000]
G6515 Slovakia 1:50,000 Chekhoslovakiia, Slovatskaia SR [Чехословакия, Словацкая СР]
G6520 Poland 1:100,000 Mapa topograficzna : [Polska]
G6520 Poland 1:50,000 Pol'sha [Польша]
G6540 Iberian Peninsula 1:250,000 Iberian Peninsula
G6560 Spain 1:500,000 Mapa general de España
G6560 Spain 1:100,000 Ispaniia [Испания]
G6710 Italy 1:100,000 Italiia [Италия]
G6710 Italy 1:50,000 Italiia [Италия]
G6810 Greece 1:200,000 Gretsiia [Греция]
G6810 Greece 1:50,000 Hellas 1:50.000 [Ελλας 1:50.000] = Greece 1:50.000
G6810 Greece 1:50,000 Gretsiia [Греция]
G6830 Albania 1:200,000 Albaniia [Албания]
G6830 Albania 1:50,000 Albaniia [Албания]
G6840 Yugoslavia 1:200,000 IUgoslaviia [Югославия]
G6840 Yugoslavia 1:50,000 IUgoslaviia [Югославия]
G6880 Romania 1:200,000 Rumyniia [Румыния]
G6880 Romania 1:50,000 Rumyniia [Румыния]
G6890 Bulgaria 1:50,000 Bolgariia [Болгария]
G6950 Sweden 1:200,000 Shvetsiia [Швеция]
G7000 Soviet Union 1:200,000 [Karta Sovetskogo Soiuza masshtaba 1:200 000] [Карта Советского Союза масштаба 1:200 000]
G7090 Belarus 1:50,000 SSSR, BSSR [СССР, БССР]
G7100 Ukraine 1:50,000 SSSR, USSR [СССР, УССР]
G7130 Georgia 1:50,000 SSSR, Gruzinskaia SSR [СССР, Грузинская ССР]
G7230 Uzbekistan 1:50,000 SSSR, SSSR, Uzbekskaia SSR [СССР, Узбекская ССР]
G7270 Siberia (Russia) 1:200,000 Shiberi heiyō nijūmanbun no ichi zu [西伯利兵要二十万分一圖]
G7320 Russian Far East 1:500,000 Gojūmanbun no ichi chishizu : [Shiberi] [五十万分一地誌圖 : [西伯利]]
G7330 Sakhalin (Sakhalinskaia oblast', Russia) 1:50,000 Karisei Karafuto nanbu gomanbun no ichi [仮製樺太南部五万分一]
G7330 Sakhalin (Sakhalinskaia oblast', Russia) 1:25,000 Niman-gosenbun no ichi Karafuto kūchū shashin sokuryō yōzu [二万五千分一樺太空中寫眞測量要圖]
G7340 Kuril Islands (Russia) 1:50,000 Gomanbun no ichi chikeizu Chishima Rettō [五万分一地形圖千島列島]
G7400 East Asia 1:1,000,000 Tōa yochizu [東亞輿地圖]
G7400 East Asia 1:500,000 Tōa gojūmanbun no ichi zu [東亞五十万分一圖]
G7420 Middle East 1:400,000 Karte von Mesopotamien und Syrien
G7420 Middle East 1:250,000 Joint operations graphic (air). [Middle East]
G7430 Turkey 1:800,000 Türkiye 1:800,000
G7430 Turkey 1:500,000 [Carta corografica dell' Asia minore]
G7430 Turkey 1:250,000 Eastern Turkey in Asia
G7430 Turkey 1:200,000 Türkei 1:200 000
G7430 Turkey 1:200,000 1:200,000 Turkey
G7430 Turkey 1:200,000 [Karta Turtsii masshtaba 1:200 000] [Карта Турции масштаба 1:200 000]
G7430 Turkey 1:100,000 Europäische Türkei 1:100 000
G7430 Turkey 1:50,000 Turtsiia [Турция]
G7430 Turkey 1:50,000 [Devlet-i Aliye-yi Osmaniye]
G7430 Turkey 1:25,000 Turkei 1:25 000
G7432.B6 Bosporus Region (Turkey) 1:25,000 Türkei 1:25 000 (Umgebung Bosporus)
G7450 Cyprus 1:50,000 Cyprus 1:50,000
G7460 Syria 1:200,000 Syrien 1:200 000
G7460 Syria 1:200,000 The Levant 1:200,000
G7460 Syria 1:500,000 Levant 1:500,000
G7460 Syria 1:50,000 Syrien 1:50 000
G7460 Syria 1:50,000 Levant 1:500e
G7470 Lebanon 1:200,000 Livan [Ливан]
G7470 Lebanon 1:100,000 Livan [Ливан]
G7470 Lebanon 1:50,000 Livan [Ливан]
G7470 Lebanon 1:20,000 Carte du Liban 1:20 000
G7500 Israel 1:200,000 Izrailʹ [Израиль]
G7500 Palestine 1:100,000 Survey of Palestine 1:100,000
G7500 Israel 1:100,000 Erets Yiśra'el 1:100,000 [ארץ ישראל 1:100,000]
G7500 Israel 1:100,000 Israel 1:100,000 = Yiśraʾel 1:100,000 [1:100,000 ישראל]
G7500 Israel 1:100,000 Izrailʹ [Израиль]
G7500 Palestine 1:100,000 Survey of Palestine
G7500 Israel 1:50,000 Izrailʹ [Израиль]
G7500 Palestine 1:20,000 [Palestine 1:20 000]
G7501.C5 Israel 1:100,000 The geological map of Israel
G7510 Jordan 1:250,000 al-Mamlakah al-Urdunīyah al-Hāshimīyah [المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية]
G7510 Jordan 1:250,000 South Levant, 1:250,000
G7510 Jordan 1:100,000 al-Mamlakah al-Urdunīyah al-Hāshimīyah [المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية]
G7510 Jordan 1:100,000 South Levant, 1:100,000
G7510 Jordan 1:50,000 Jordan, 1:50,000
G7520 Arabian Peninsula 1:500,000 S.E. Arabia 1:500,000
G7520 Arabian Peninsula 1:500,000 Arabian peninsula 1:500,000
G7520 Arabian Peninsula 1:253,440 S.W. Arabia
G7530 Saudi Arabia 1:200,000 Saudovskaia Arabiia [Саудовская Арабия]
G7530 Saudi Arabia 1:50,000 Saudi Arabia 1:50,000
G7530 Saudi Arabia 1:50,000 Saudi Arabia 1:50,000
G7540 Yemen 1:200,000 [Ĭemen] [Йемен]
G7540 Yemen 1:100,000 The Republic of Yemen 1:100,000 = al-Jumhūrīyah al-Yamanīyah 1:100,000 [الجمهورية اليمنية 1:100،000]
G7540 Yemen 1:100,000 Ĭemen [Йемен]
G7540 Yemen 1:100,000 [Majmūʻat kharāʾiṭ li-mudun al-Yaman] [مجموعة خرائط لمدن اليمن]
G7560 Oman 1:200,000 Oman [Оман]
G7560 Oman 1:100,000 Oman 1:100,000
G7560 Oman 1:100,000 Oman [Оман]
G7564.S78 Ṣuḥār (Oman) 1:10,000 Ṣuḥār [صحار]
G7570 United Arab Emirates 1:200,000 Obʺedinennye Arabskie Ėmiraty [Объединенные Арабские Эмираты]
G7570 United Arab Emirates 1:50,000 Dawlat al-Imārāt al-ʻArabīyah al-Muttaḥidah [دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة] = United Arab Emirates
G7600 Kuwait 1:200,000 Kuveĭt [Кувейт]
G7610 Iraq and Iran 1:253,440 [Iraq and Iran]
G7610 Iraq 1:200,000 Irak 1:200 000
G7620 Iran 1:200,000 Iran 1:200 000
G7621.P6 Iran 1:500,000 R.A.F. 1:500,000 aeronautical chart
G7630 Afghanistan 1:500,000 Deutsche Heereskarte. Asien 1:500 000
G7630 Afghanistan 1:200,000 Afghanistan 1:200 000
G7630 Afghanistan 1:100,000 Afghānestān 1:100,000
G7640 Pakistan 1:50,000 [Pakistan 1:50,000]
G7645 Bangladesh 1:200,000 Pakistan, provintsiia Vostochnyĭ Pakistan [Пакистан, провинция Восточный Пакистан]
G7650 India and Pakistan 1:253,440 [India and adjacent countries quarter inch topographic series]
G7650 India and Pakistan 1:250,000 India and Pakistan 1:250,000
G7650 India and Pakistan 1:200,000 Indien 1:200 000.
G7650 India 1:200,000 Indiia [Индия]
G7650 India and Pakistan 1:126,720 [India and adjacent countries].
G7650 India 1:100,000 Indiia [Индия]
G7650 India and Pakistan 1:63,360 [India and adjacent countries, 1:63,360].
G7650 India 1:25,000 [India 1:25,000].
G7720 Burma and Thailand 1:253,440 [Burma and Thailand, 1:253,440]
G7720 Burma 1:250,000 Burma 1:250,000
G7800 East Asia and Pacific Ocean 1:4,350,000 East Asia and North Pacific
G7820 China 1:1,000,000 Zhongguo 1:1000000 di tu [中国1:1000000地图]
G7820 China, Korea, and Mongolia 1:1,000,000 Karte von Ost-China
G7820 China 1:500,000 Zhongguo [中国]
G7820 China 1:500,000 China proper, 1:500,000
G7820 China 1:250,000 China proper, NE 1:250,000
G7820 China 1:250,000 China proper, NW 1:250,000
G7820 China 1:250,000 China proper, SE 1:250,000
G7820 China 1:250,000 China proper, SW 1:250,000
G7820 China 1:250,000 China, 1:250,000
G7820 China 1:200,000 Kitaĭ [Китай]
G7820 China 1:100,000 Yōzu (kūchū shashin sokuryō) Kita Shina jūmanbun no ichi [要圖(空中寫眞測量)北支那十万分一]

G7820 China 1:50,000 Zhongguo 1:50 000 di tu [中国1:50 000地图]
G7821.P6 China 1:500,000 R.A.F. 1:500,000 aeronautical chart
G7821.P6 China 1:1,000,000 Hyakumanbun no ichi kōkūzu : [Shina] [百万分一航空圖 : [支那]]
G7822.C6 China 1:300,000 Sanjūmanbun no ichi Shina engan rikukai hengōzu [三十万分一支那沿岸陸海編合圖]
G7822.M2 Manchuria (China) 1:250,000 Manchuria 1:250,000
G7822.M2 Manchuria (China) 1:250,000 Manchuria 1:250,000
G7822.M2 Manchuria (China) and Siberia (Russia) 1:200,000 Manshū oyobi Shiberi heiyō nijūmanbun no ichi zu [満州及西伯利兵要二十万分一圖]
G7822.M2 Manchuria (China) and Siberia (Russia) 1:100,000 Manshū oyobi Shiberia jūmanbun no ichi zu [滿洲及西伯利十万分一圖]
G7822.M2 Manchuria (China) 1:100,000 Manshū jūmanbun no ichi zu [満州十万分一圖]
G7823.F8 Fujian Sheng (China) 1:50,000 Fukien 1:50,000
G7823.H26 Hebei Sheng (China) 1:50,000 Chihli Province topographic map = Zhili Sheng di xing tu [Chihli Province topographic map = 直隸省地形圖]
G7823.J48 Jiangsu Sheng (China) 1:200,000 Carte de la province du Kiang-sou au 2000e en huit feuilles
G7823.J48 Jiangsu Sheng (China) 1:50,000 Kiangsu 1:50,000
G7823.L4 Liaoning Sheng (China) 1:25,000 [Niman gosenbun no ichi chikeizu. Ryōnei-shō] [二万五千分一地形圖. 遼寧省]
G7823.X6 Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu (China) 1:500,000 Sinkiang, 1:500,000
G7823.X6 Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu (China) 1:500,000 Chinese Turkistan and Kansu : from surveys made during the explorations of Sir Aurel Stein, K.C.I.E., 1900-01, 1906-08, 1913-15
G7823.Z5 Zhejiang Sheng (China) 1:50,000 Zhejiang Sheng [浙江省]
G7895 Mongolia 1:250,000 Mongolia 1:250,000
G7895 Mongolia 1:250,000 Joint operations graphic (air). [Mongolia]
G7900 Korea 1:200,000 Koreia [Корея]
G7900 Korea 1:50,000 [Chōsen 1:50,000 chikeizu] [朝鮮1:50,000地形圖]
G7900 Korea 1:50,000 1:50,000 chihyŏngdo [1:50,000 지형도]
G7900 Korea 1:50,000 Koreia [Корея]

G7900 Korea 1:25,000 Niman-gosenbun no ichi chikeizu : [Chōsen] [二万五千分一地形圖 :[朝鮮]]
G7900 Korea 1:25,000 1:25,000 chihyŏngdo [1:25,000 지형도]
G7904.S478 Seoul (Korea) 1:5,000 1:5,000 chihyŏngdo. Sŏngdong [1:5,000 지형도. 城東]
G7910 Taiwan 1:200,000 Kitaĭ, o. Taĭvanʹ [Китай, о. Тайвань]
G7910 Taiwan 1:100,000 Kitaĭ, o. Taĭvanʹ [Китай, о. Тайвань]
G7910 Taiwan 1:50,000 [Taiwan 1:50,000]
G7960 Japan 1:200,000 [1:200,000 chiseizu] [1:200,000 地勢図]
G7960 Japan 1:100,000 IAponiia [Япония]

G7960 Japan 1:50,000 [1:50,000 chikeizu] [1:50,000 地形圖]
G7960 Japan 1:25,000 [Chikeizu 1:25,000] [地形圖 1:25,000]
G7962.H6 Honshū (Japan) 1:25,000 Central Honshu 1:25,000
G7962.H6 Honshū (Japan) 1:25,000 Southern Honshu 1:25,000
G7962.K9 Kyūshu (Japan) 1:25,000 Kyushu 1:25,000
G7962.K9 Ryukyu Islands 1:25,000 Ryukyu-retto 1:25,000
G7963.C4 Chiba-ken (Japan) 1:10,000 Ichimanbun no ichi chikeizu Shimoshizu oyobi Narashinohara kinbō [一万分一地形圖下志津及習志野原近傍]
G7964.S44 Shimonoseki-shi (Japan) 1:10,000 Ichimanbun no ichi chikeizu Shimonoseki Yōsai kinbō [一万分一地形圖下關要塞近傍]
G7964.T7 Tokyo (Japan) 1:10,000 Ichimanbun no ichi chikeizu Tōkyō kinbō [一万分一地形圖東京近傍]
G7964.T7 Tokyo (Japan) 1:10,000 Ichimanbun no ichi chikeizu Tōkyō kinbō [一万分一地形圖東京近傍]
G7964.Y6 Yokohama-shi (Japan) 1:10,000 Ichimanbun no ichi chikeizu Yokohama kinbō [一万分一地形圖横濱近傍]
G7964.Y9 Yura (Japan) 1:10,000 Yura Yōsai kinbō [由良要塞近傍]
G8005 Indochina 1:100,000 Carte de l'Indochine [also Carte de l'Indochine]
G8010 Cambodia 1:200,000 Kampuchiia [Кампучия]
G8015 Laos 1:200,000 Laos [Лаос]
G8020 Vietnam 1:200,000 V'etnam [Вьетнам]
G8020 Vietnam 1:100,000 V'etnam [Вьетнам]
G8025 Thailand 1:200,000 Tailand [Таиланд]
G8025 Thailand 1:100,000 Tailand [Таиланд]
G8034.K8 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 1:10,000 [Maps of Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley]
G8060 Philippines 1:200,000 Filipiny [Филипины]
G8070 Indonesia 1:200,000 Indoneziia [Индонезия]
G8070 Indonesia 1:50,000 Peta rupabumi Indonesia, 1:50,000.
G8070 Indonesia 1:25,000 Peta rupabumi digital Indonesia, 1:25,000
G8070 Indonesia 1:50,000 Peta foto Indonesia 1:500
G8100 Kalimantan Barat (Indonesia) 1:50,000 Kalimantan Barat
G8140 Papua (Indonesia) 1:500,000 Seibu "Nyūginia" heiyō chishi shiryōzu [西部「ニューギニア」兵要地誌資料圖]
G8140 New Guinea 1:100,000 Kūchū shashin yōzu Seibu Papua jūmanbun no ichi [空中寫真測図要図西部パプア十万分一] and Kūchū shashin yōzu Tōbu Papua jūmanbun no ichi [空中寫真測図要図東部パプア十万分一]
G8198.5 Brunei 1:50,000 Brunei 1:50,000
G8198.5 Brunei 1:50,000 Brunei 1:50,000
G8230 Morocco 1:200,000 Marokko [Марокко]
G8230 Morocco 1:50,000 Carte du Maroc : 1:50 000 = Kharīṭaṭ al-Maghrib [خريطة المغرب]
G8240 Algeria 1:200,000 Carte du Sahara 1:200 000
G8240 Algeria 1:200,000 Alzhir [Алжир]
G8240 Algeria 1:25,000 Carte d'Algérie 1:25 000 (Type 1960)
G8240 Algeria 1:25,000 Carte d'Algérie, échelle 1:25 000
G8250 Tunisia 1:200,000 Tunis [Тунис]
G8250 Tunisia 1:100,000 Tunis [Тунис]
G8250 Tunisia 1:50,000 Deutsche Heereskarte. Tunesien 1:50 000
G8250 Tunisia 1:50,000 Tunisia 1:50,000
G8250 Tunisia 1:50,000 Carte de Tunisie 1/50 000
G8260 Libya 1:100,000 Liviia [Ливия]
G8300 Egypt 1:50,000 Majmūʻat al-kharāʾịt al-Miṣrīyah, 1:50,000 [مجموعة الخراءت المصرية 1:50,000] = Egyptian series, 1:50,000
G8560 Zimbabwe 1:50,000 Zimbabwe
G8600 Botswana 1:50,000 Republic of Botswana, scale 1:50,000
G9000 Queensland 1:25,000 Topographic image map : Queensland 1:25 000 scale
G9010 South Australia 1:10,000 South Australia 1:10,000 series
G9020 Western Australia 1:10,000 [Topographic maps of Western Australia]