Enrico Fermi

This site provides links to campus resources and projects about Enrico Fermi and the Fermi archives. Also available will be selected digitized items from the University of Chicago Archives and the John Crerar Library. These items will be included in an exhibit at the Fermi Remembered symposium at the University on September 29, 2001.

Fermi Remembered symposium home page

University Library Resources and Projects:
UC Dissertations selected for the Fermi Remembered symposium
Manhattan Project and Atomic Scientists Collections
Library Catalog Record for the Papers (1910-1954 inclusive) of Enrico Fermi
The Chain Reaction: December 2, 1942 and After
Chicago Pile #1: The University of Chicago and the Manhattan Project (under development)

University of Chicago Physics Department Resources:
Physics Department home page
Enrico Fermi Institute
Enrico Fermi & the Manhattan Project
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

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