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ERU Volume 6 , Winter Quarter 2004

New Backfiles in Chemistry
New Database: SpecInfo
Interlibrary Loans
Upgrade your SciFinder Scholar
Find Databases by Subject
New Computers in Crerar
Electronic Journals A-Z list
FYI: New Biomedical Librarian, Regina Da Silvia leaves Eckhart

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NEW BACKFILES IN CHEMISTRY       By Andrea Twiss-Brooks

We are pleased to report that the Library has extended the years of coverage in its electronic journals collections in chemistry.

The full Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Journals Archive, with more than 150 years of coverage was activated earlier this quarter. This important resource provides immediate access to more than 200,000 original articles from all RSC journals, as well as those of its forerunner societies, covering 1846-1996. This coverage includes analytical titles produced by RSC (some of which the Library did not receive in print), all sections of Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry, all sections of the Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Society Reviews, and more.

In addition to this rich historical collection, the Library was able to add access to the 1962-1998 volumes of Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English. This high impact collection is comprised of more than 10,000 articles.

These backfiles can be accessed from the library catalog, and from databases like SciFinder Scholar/ChemPort and ISI Web of Knowledge using the SFX linking service.

Questions and/or comments about these, and any other chemistry resources should be sent to Andrea Twiss-Brooks (


By Andrea Twiss-Brooks

The SpecInfo database is now available to the University of Chicago community. This database contains 660,000 mostly NMR (also has some mass spectra). The search interface requires installation of a java applet (swing.exe); a link to the download may be found on the SpecInfo welcome page. A login and password are currently required; the vendor is working to develop an IP restricted access. The login/password and instructions for accessing SpecInfo are found at:

The product also offers spectra similarity searches for all methods, substructure searches, name, MW and formula searches as well as precise NMR shift prediction for various nuclei. Search results can be compared with experimental spectra and printed out using a report generator.
Create a structure and predict NMR spectra for candidate structures, based on well-established rules. The predicted spectra of the new compounds will be compared with database signal assignments. The software allows MOL-file format suitable for the import of structures as well as spectrum/data import from JCAMP-DX format and ASCII peak tables.

NOTE: This product takes 3-5 minutes to initialize. After that, the searches are fairly fast. So be patient when logging on.


By Barbara Kern

The new interlibrary loan system, introduced in January 2004, has two features worth highlighting.

First, the addition of a user profile means that after you register once your information will be stored and you never again need to fill in contact information. This was a significant hindrance in the old system for users who were submitting several ILLs.


Second you can track and manage your ILL requests. For example if you select “Review Requests” you are presented with several options including “View/Modify Outstanding Requests”, “View Request History” and “View/Renew Check Out Items”.

If you need any assistance with the new system please give us a call or send an email.

By Andrea Twiss-Brooks

As of April 1, 2004, any users of SciFinder Scholar (SFS) who are running version 2001 or earlier will NO LONGER be able to access the Chemical Abstracts databases available via SFS.

If you are running an old version on a PC compatible, please point your browser to:

for instructions on downloading the 2004 version of the client. When installing, please choose to install over the previous version to retain the customized profile settings for University of Chicago installations.

Mac users should point to:

and use the following: Login ID  =   scholar2004 and Password =   highbury

Any users who are installing the SFS client for the first time must also obtain the local customized profile file (site.prf). This file can be copied from another machine already running ANY version of SFS. If you do not have access to a local source for the file, contact Andrea Twiss-Brooks (

By Reed Lowrie

You may have noticed that the library has recently added a new mode of access to our scientific information resources. If you click on the “science databases” link from the Crerar home page, you are now taken to a page that lists the databases that are most appropriate for each subject area.

We hope that this is helpful both for the inexperienced researcher, who may not be sure where to start a search, or for people working in fields outside of their specialties.

In addition, we think that this is an easier way for experienced researchers to get to the databases they use frequently. The alphabetical list is still being maintained and is accessible by clicking the “All Databases (Alphabetical)” box at the top left of the page.

If you think a database is missing from a subject area, or have any questions or suggestions about the page, please contact Reed Lowrie (, 2-8552).

Database by Subject



The public workstations in the John Crerar Library will be replaced with new flat screen computers running Windows XP. They will have USB ports and 3.5" floppy diskette drives.

The new computers should be in place by early April. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

By Barbara Kern

The Electronic Journals link on the John Crerar Library homepage is a favorite starting point when looking for e-journals.  The list provides easy and fast access to over 4500 electronic science journals. 

However, its use can be problematic for two reasons: First, urls often change. Changes in urls are recorded in the library catalog (the catalog is database generated). These same changes are not always automatically reflected in our A-Z list (the list is maintained manually and we are not necessarily notified of changes). If you use the A-Z list and cannot access a journal, try using the Library’s Online Catalog. Give us a call or send an email telling us which title is problematic.

Second, the list is not comprehensive. Often the library purchases electronic journal articles in packages. We are not always aware of all the specific resources available in a package and therefore some titles may not appear on the A-Z list. However all titles will be in the catalog. The best use of the A-Z list is when you know, for sure, that we have a subscription to a journal and you want quick access. Please never use the A-Z list to verify that we own a title.


We are currently in the process of reviewing options for the most effective and efficient way to provide an accurate and up-to-date A-Z list.  We appreciate your patience.


Brenda Rice maintains a separate and regularly updated list on the Eckhart Library web site. “Electronic Journals in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science” can be found at:

Similarly Andrea Twiss-Brooks has been regularly updating a “Chemistry Electronic Journals” list found at:

We hope to create similar, specialized lists, for other subject areas in the Physical Sciences. We will keep you posted!


The library is pleased to offer consultation services to basic and advanced users of EndNote. Whether you are just starting to use this tool or you want to explore it’s more sophisticated features - we can be of service.


Request a consultation at:


New Biomedical Librarian
By Reed Lowrie

Hello, I’m Reed Lowrie, the new biomedical reference librarian at the John Crerar Library. I’m very pleased to have joined such an excellent staff working in a world class library.

I’m originally from Washington state, but have since lived in mainline Philadelphia, Memphis, and northern New Hampshire. In fact, this is a return to Hyde Park for me, as I spent several years here in the 1980’s both getting a masters degree in English at the University and working in a local restaurant while my wife finished her Ph.D. More recently, I spent ten years working at various positions in the Biomedical Libraries at Dartmouth College. I took a break from that to get a masters in library science from the University of Illinois in 2002.

I began here at Crerar last June in a temporary position and joined the staff permanently in January. My initial work has been to redesign some of the Crerar web pages, including a large rearrangement of the science databases (see ). I’ve also been putting together an exhibit at the Regenstein Library on the work of Dr. Bernard Fantus, the father of U.S. blood banking (see ). My next project is to redesign the medicine and biology subject guide web pages. I also provide instruction and outreach services to the campus biomedical community.

Why might you want to contact me? Well, I can help you with MEDLINE searches, or searching other databases in biology or medicine; I can troubleshoot problems with accessing electronic resources; I can help you find print and digital resources for your students to use; I can help you with EndNote problems, or just show you how to use it; in fact, if there’s anything to do with any aspect of the library that you want to know about, I encourage you to contact me. If I don’t know the answer I’ll know where to find it: that’s something reference librarians are good at.

Reed Lowrie
Crerar 127 ; 2-8552 ;


Regina Da Silvia leaves Eckhart
By Brenda Rice

Regina da Silva, Eckhart Library Supervisor since December 1999, left the Library to pursue a new career with the Archdiocese of Chicago. Prior to joining the Eckhart staff, Regina worked in Crerar Technical Processing and Interlibrary Loan. We will miss Regina, but wish her well in her new position. Issa Boulos, currently Public Services Assistant for Music in Regenstein, will become the new supervisor on Wednesday, April 7.


Eckhart Library
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