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The John Crerar Library Faculty Studies

The John Crerar Library has 8 faculty studies (rooms 240-243 and 340-343) on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Information about our group study rooms can now be found at http://rooms.lib.uchicago.edu/.  


Studies will be assigned only to persons in the following three categories:

  • Category I: Full-time faculty with ranks from Instructor through Professor, Emeritus
    Faculty, and persons appointed as Visiting Faculty.
  • Category II: Full-time Research Associates with parenthetical faculty rank, full-time 
    Senior Research Associates, and full-time Senior Lecturers
  • Category III. Visiting Scholars and Laboratory School Teachers

Assignments will be made to applicants in Category I before applications in Category II are considered. When Category II applications have been filled, those in Category III will be addressed. Priority is given to persons conducting research or teaching in science and medicine.

Assignments are made exclusively to individual faculty members and for their sole use.

Assignments and Renewals

Studies will be assigned for up to one year, or quarterly, with options for renewal. Reminder notices for renewals will be sent before the assignment expires. To renew an assignment, please send a form 62 through faculty exchange to Hilly Lipschultz at JCL 101. The quarterly rental fee must be returned by the designated due date.


If tenured, the rental fee is $120/quarter. If untenured or emeritus, the rental fee is $60/quarter.

Ethernet Connections / Wireless Access

Each study is equipped with an Ethernet connection. To activate the connection and/or to learn of the study's IP address, please contact the Public Services Assistant at (773) 834-0809 or crerar-circulation@lib.uchicago.edu.

Wireless is also available.


To have wastebaskets or recycling containers emptied, please leave them outside of your study. For cleaning, please request this service through the Public Services Assistant at (773) 834-0809 or crerar-circulation@lib.uchicago.edu.

Use of Library Collection

Library books, journals, or other materials from the bookstacks must be properly charged before being taken to the study. Reading Room materials and current journals do not circulate and may not be taken to studies. In exceptional circumstances, a bibliographer or floor coordinator will authorize a short loan of such materials and perform the necessary circulation transaction. Study holders must observe these policies; i.e., uncharged materials may not be taken to faculty studies. Studies are inspected periodically by members of the Library staff and it is their responsibility to remove any uncharged materials. The Board of the Library has instructed the Library that study assignments are to be withdrawn if these policies are not observed by a study holder.

Other Notes about Faculty Studies

Electrical appliances other than computers, scanners, typewriters, calculators, and/or microform readers may not be used. The use of other equipment, including all devices to warm or cook food or beverages, is prohibited and will result in termination of the assignment.

Study holders are expected to avoid noise or business that may disturb neighboring study holders. Accordingly, cell phones are not to be used in the studies, nor should study holders use their studies for extended consultations with others.

Study doors should be locked whenever the study is left unattended. The Library cannot be responsible for lost, missing, or damaged property. Lights should be turned off when the study is left for an extended period.

For general inquiries about the Crerar studies, please contact Public Services Assistant at (773) 834-0809 or crerar-circulation@lib.uchicago.edu.

Other Spaces in Crerar

If you're looking to use a Crerar room but are not able to rent a faculty study, there are other spaces in Crerar that may be available.  For information about reserving a group study via Book a Room, see http://rooms.lib.uchicago.edu. For additional questions, contact us at crerar-circulation@lib.uchicago.edu.

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