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Crerar Library Call Number Locations


Call Number Locations by Floor

These tables show the approximate location in Crerar library for items based on their call number.  For information on browsing the stacks by subject, see Call Number Browsing below.

Call Number Floor
A-GB 3 South
GC 3 South
GE-PZ (Sci) 3 South
Q 3 South
QA 3 South
QB 3 South/Central
QC 3 Central
QD 3 Central
QE 3 Central/North
QH-RZ (Periodicals)
See note below
2 North
S 3 North
Dissertations (all call numbers) Lower Lever SW
Call Number Floor
T-TL 3 North
TN-TZ Lower Level West
U-V Lower Level West
XX K Lower Level West
Z (Sci) Lower Level West
Dewey Decimal 000-589 Lower Level West
Dewey Decimal 590-999 Lower Level West
Harvard-Yenching Lower Level West
Non LC-classed M's and T's Lower Level West

Biomedical Journals

Bound Biomedical periodicals are shelved alphabetically by title on the second floor. Please disregard the call number.

QH-RZ monographs are shelved by call number after the journal section.


University of Chicago dissertations and theses are grouped together at the start of the lower level stacks.

Dewey Decimal 000-999

Books with Dewey Decimal System call numbers are shelved on the lower level.  Many books in the Dewey Collection have an L preceding the call number indicating the item is a larger than standard size, but most of these are shelved with the regular sized material.  When an A appears to the left of a Dewey Decimal call number, the item may be shelved in the oversize stacks along the east side. Please check both the regular and oversize shelves for items over 13" in height. Especially large items may be in our "warehouse" (room 018). For assistance please see staff at the Circulation Desk.

Call Number Browsing (By Subject) in The John Crerar Library Stacks

Library of Congress (LC)
Below is a list of common science subjects, their Library of Congress prefix, and their location in Crerar.  Journals in classes QH-RZ are separate from books (see above). In all other LC classes, journals are interfiled with books.

Class Subject Floor
Q General Science 3
QA Mathematics and Computer Science 3
QB Astronomy 3
QC Physics 3
QD Chemistry 3
QE Geology & Geophysical Science 3
QH Natural History/General Biology 2
QK Botany 2
QL Zoology 2
QM Human Anatomy 2
QP Physiology 2
QR Microbiology 2
R General Medicine 2
RA Public Aspects of Medicine 2
RB Pathology 2
RC Internal Medicine 2
RD Surgery 2
RE Ophthalmology 2
RF Otorhinolaryngology 2
RG Gynecology and Obstetrics 2
RJ Pediatrics 2
RK Dentistry 2
RL Dermatology 2
RM Therapeutics and Pharmacology 2
RS Pharmacy and Materia Medica 2
RT Nursing 2
RV Botanic and Eclectic Medicine


RX Homeopathy 2
RZ Other Medical Systems 2
S Agriculture 3
SB Plants and Horticulture 3
SD Forestry 3
SF Animal Culture 3
SH Aquaculture and Fisheries 3
T General Technology 3
TA Engineering (General and Civil) 3
TC Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering 3
TD Environmental & Sanitary Technology 3
TE Highways and Road Engineering, 3
TF Railroad and Railway Engineering 3
TG Bridge Engineering 3
TH Building Construction 3
TJ Mechanical Engineering 3
TK Electrical and Nuclear Engineering 3
TL Automotive and Space Engineering 3
TN Mining and Metallurgy LL-SW
TP Chemical Technology LL-SW
TR Photographic Technology LL-SW
TS Manufacturing LL-SW
TT Handicrafts and Arts & Crafts LL-SW
TX Home Economics & Food Technology LL-SW
V Naval Science and Engineering LL-SW



Dewey Decimal (DDC)
All DDC books shelve on the lower level (LL). Crerar's Dewey shelves are almost exclusively older material before 1984.

Class Subject Floor
000 Computers, information, & general reference LL-NW
100 Philosophy & psychology LL-NW
200 Religion LL-NW
300 Social sciences LL-NW
400 Language LL-NW
500 Science LL-NW
510 Mathematics LL-NW
520 Astronomy LL-NW
530 Physics LL-NW
540 Chemistry LL-NW
550 Earth sciences and geology LL-NW
560 Fossils and prehistoric life LL-NW
570 Biology and life sciences LL-NW
580 Plants (Botany) LL-NW
590 Animals (Zoology) LL-NE
600 Technology LL-NE
610 Medicine LL-NE
620 Engineering LL-E
630 Agriculture LL-E
640 Home and family management LL-E
650 Management and public relations LL-E
660 Chemical engineering LL-E
670 Manufacturing LL-SE
680 Manufacturing (specific products) LL-SE
690 Building and constructions LL-SE
700 Arts LL-SE
800 Literature LL-SE
900 History & geography LL-SE

You can also view the entire LC classification outline, including details of each subclass listed above. The outline is produced by the Library of Congress Cataloging Policy and Support Office. The Dewey Decimal Classification is © 1996-2001 OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Incorporated. Used with Permission. DDC, Dewey, and Dewey Decimal Classification are registered trademarks of OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Incorporated.

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