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Internet Guide for Chinese Studies Maintained by Sinological Institute, Leiden University.
Chinaknowledge: A universal guide for China studies
China Internet Information Center 中國網 “The authorized government portal site to China.” Available in Chinese, English, and other languages.

Fulltext Databases in Chinese Language

Chinese Text InitiativeThe site is still under construction. Maintained by University of Virginia Library.
Chinese Text Sampler: Annotated Collection of Digitized Chinese Texts for Students of Chinese Language and Culture At the Uiniversity of Michigan. Can be used with their Clavis Sinica online text reader and dictionary.

Art and Architecture (for art museums, see Museums)

Bibliography of Contemporary Chinese Art: Including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Diaspora (by Britta Erickson) Mostly western language with some Chinese. Includes bibliographies on individual Chinese artists.
Century Online China Art Networks Chinese or English. Includes pages on inkividual artists with biography and works.
New Chinese Art: Contemporary Chinese Art Sponsored by Art Scene China, Shanghai.
Stefan Landsberger’s Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages Online exhibition includes 1,700 posters from 1949 to the present, with historical Commentary.



China Economic Information Network 中國經濟信息網 Basically a subscription service, but some content, e.g. economic news, is free.
National Bureau of Statistics of China 中華人民共和國國家統計局



China Vitae (Biographical database for current leaders) 中國名人錄 Biographical information on current Chinese leaders.
Classical Historiography for Chinese History (Benjamin A. Elman) 中國經典文學工具書錄及使用練習 Professor Benjamin A. Elman’s guide to sources and research methods.
Early China Internet home for the Society for the Study of Early China. 古代中國
Virtual Museum of the Cultural Revolution 文革博物館



East Asian Library Websites in North America (CEAL) Links from the Council on East Asian Libraries website.
National Library of China (Beijing) 中國國家圖書館 (北京)
National Central Library (Taibei) 國家圖書館 (台北)
Fudan University Library (Shanghai) 複旦大學圖書館
Peking University Library 北京大學圖書館
Shanghai Library 上海圖書館
Universities Service Center for Chinese Studies (Chinese University of Hong Kong) 香港中文大學中國研究服務中心



National Museum of China (Beijing) 中國國家博物館
National Palace Museum (Taibei) 國立故宮博物院
Palace Museum (Beijing) 故宮博物院
Shanghai Museum 上海博物館


News and Current Events

China News Digest
Duowei News 多維新聞網
People’s Daily Online 人民 (Beijing)
China Times 中國時報 (Taiwan)
Dagong News 大公報 (Hong Kong)
China Radio International (Beijing) 中國廣播網 Website of Central Broadcasting, Beijing. In Chinese, English, and other languages. Includes text and recorded broadcasts.


Politics and Government

China Leadership Monitor (Hoover Institution, Stanford University) Sponsored by the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.



Ricci Roundtable 21 st Century Roundtable on the History of Christianity in China Maintained by the Ricci Institute, University of San Francisco.
Links for Chinese Religions and Philosophy (Joseph Adler) Maintained by Joseph Adler, Department of Religious Studies, Kenyon College.