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New Books - December 2013

QA27.I4D48 2012
Kuṭṭākāraśiromaṇi of Devarāja : Sanskrit text with English translation, notes and appendices / Takao Hayashi.
New Delhi: Published for Indian National Commission for History of Science by Indian National
Science Academy, 2012.

QA174.2.A98 2013
Automorphic representations and L-functions:proceedings of the international colloquium,
Mumbai 2012 / editors: D. Prasad, C.S. Rajan, A Sankaranarayanan, and J. Sengupta.
[India]:Published for the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research by Hindustan Book
Agency, 2013. USA:International distribution by American Mathematical Society.
Studies in mathematics ;:22

QA177.B73 2013
The maximal subgroups of the low-dimensional finite classical groups  by John N. Bray, Derek
F. Holt, and Colva M. Roney-Dougal.
Cambridge ;:New York:Cambridge University Press, 2013.
London Mathematical Society lecture note series, 407

QA331.7.D46 2012
A double Hall algebra approach to affine quantum Schur-Weyl theory by Bangming Deng, Jie Du,
abd Qiang Fu.
Cambridge, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012
London Mathematical Society lecture note series, 401

QA871.C68 2013
Voter model perturbations and reaction diffusion equations  by J. Theodore Cox, Richard Durrett,
and Edwin A. Perkins.
Societé mathématique de France, 2013.

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