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New Books - March 2013

QA13.M384 2011
The mathematical education of teachers II.
Mathematical education of teachers 2
Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society; Washington, DC:  In cooperation
with Mathematical Association of America, [2012]

QA39.3.B46 2011
Using & understanding mathematics:a quantitative reasoning approach / Jeffrey Bennett,
William Briggs.
5th edition
Boston:  Addison Wesley, c2011

QA141.15.S45 2012
Semiotic and cognitive essays on the nature of mathematics / Mariana Bockarova, Marcel
Danesi, Rafael Nunez (eds.)
Muenchen: LINCOM Europa, 2012

QA166.7.H35 2012
Hales, Thomas Callister
Dense sphere packings:a blueprint for formal proofs
Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012

QA188 .G65 2013
Golub, Gene H. (Gene Howard)
Matrix computations
4th ed.
Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013

QA241.H44 2012
Number, shape, and symmetry:an introduction to number theory, geometry, and group theory
/ Diane L. Herrmann, Paul J. Sally, Jr.
Boca Raton, FL:  A K Peters/CRC Press, c2013

QA267.5.S4 C65 2012
Conway, John Horton
Regular algebra and finite machines
Dover edition
Mineola, NY:  Dover Publications, Inc., 2012

QA274.45 .S23 2013
Sabelʹfelʹd, K. K. (Karl Karlovich)
Random fields and stochastic Lagrangian models:analysis and applications in turbulence and
porous media
Berlin: Walter de Gruyter GmbH, [2013]

QA276.45.R3P78 2011
Pruim, Randall J.
Foundations and applications of statistics:an introduction using R
Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society, c2011

QA278 .A353 2013
Agresti, Alan
Categorical data analysis
3rd edition
Hoboken, NJ:  Wiley-Interscience, c2013

QA329.9 .P47 2013
Perera, Kanishka, 1969-
Topics in critical point theory
Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2013

QA351.P29 2012
Paycha, Sylvie
Regularised integrals, sums, and traces:an analytic point of view
Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society, c2012

QA644 .M44 2012
Meeks, William
A survey on classical minimal surface theory /:William H. Meeks III, Joaquín Pérez
Providence, RI:  American Mathematical Society, [2012]

QA871 .M344 2013
Martyni͡uk, A. A. (Anatoliĭ Andreevich)
Weakly connected nonlinear systems:boundedness and stability of motion
Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, [2013]

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