Student Employment Opportunities 


Student positions are available only to University of Chicago students. Incoming students may apply once they have received their Chicago Cards.

Applying for a Job with the Library:

Students interested in working for the library can apply online via our Student Library Job Application.

Applications should be filled out completely and accurately. The application allows students to indicate positions or departments of interest. However, we ask that applicants do not contact supervisors directly.

All applications are available for hiring supervisors to review. When a department has an open position, the hiring supervisor will review online applications and select candidates to interview. Candidates are contacted via email or telephone to set an appropriate interview time.

Note: Applications are only active for one quarter. Students not hired in that quarter will need to complete a new application if they wish to be considered for positions.

Updating an Application:

To update an application submitted earlier in the quarter e-mail Library Human Resources at hr@lib.uchicago.edu.

Report problems with the applications system to Library Human Resources at hr@lib.uchicago.edu.

Student Jobs Opportunities:


Even if no specific positions are posted here, we welcome applications from eligible students.

After being Hired:

Student employees must report to Library Human Resources before their first day of work to complete new hire tasks.

The Library Human Resources Office is located in room 210 of the Joseph Regenstein Library. For a detailed location, follow this link to see a floorplan

New employees must present identification to demonstrate eligibility to work in the United States. Examples of such documentation include a US Passport OR driver's license/state ID/school ID WITH social security card. Other documents are also acceptable. Library Human Resources staff must see the original; photocopies are not acceptable. International students will require additional documentation.

New student employees may not begin working until all new hire tasks have been completed.

Please be advised that students are employed on a quarter by quarter basis. Generally, a student may expect to continue in a position for the regular academic year. However, continued employment is based on the library's needs, budget and the student employee's ability to meet departmental performance standards.

While we wish that we could offer everyone a job, it's just not possible. We receive hundreds of applications every year, and there are only a handful of available jobs at a time. Job availability usually depends on student employee turnover, so there is no way to predict when jobs will become available. Applications are immediately accessible for hiring supervisors to review.

For additional information regarding student positions, please contact Library Human Resources at hr@lib.uchicago.edu

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