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Full Text Law Reviews

LexisNexis has the full text of law reviews and journals from 1982 to the present.

Westlaw has the full text of most law reviews and bar journals from 1986 to date, with selected articles from some journals back to 1982, and Harvard Law Review back to 1949. The JLR database searches law journals; the TP-ALL database also includes legal treatises and continuing legal ed course outlines from the Practising Law Institute (PLI).

Hein Online has the full text of more than 250 law reviews, from the first issue to the present. Author/title searching works well, but full-text searching is limited. You can download PDF images of articles, or cut and paste short passages of text.

JSTOR has peer-reviewed (faculty-edited) law journals, from the first issues forward. JSTOR does not have articles from the most recent five years, but you can find them on EBSCO Academic Search Premier.

Periodical Indexes

LegalTrac indexes more than 1000 law reviews, bar journals, legal newspapers, and newsletters published since January 1980, and is updated weekly. For about 400 journals, SFX links will take you to the full text of articles. LegalTrac is also available on Westlaw as the Legal Resource Index (database LRI), with links to the full-text of most articles, and on LexisNexis.

Index to Legal Periodicals and Books (ILP) covers more than 1000 law reviews, journals, and bar journals, published from July 1981 to the present. The ILP is available on Westlaw (database ILP) and on LexisNexis, with links to full text of most articles. The Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective covers articles published from 1908 to June 1981. The print version of the ILP is located in the Wilson Reading Room, near the legal encyclopedias.

Current Index to Legal Periodicals is a weekly guide to articles in top law reviews, arranged by broad subjects. You can also get the last eight weeks on Westlaw, in the database CILP.

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals. Check this index for articles in journals published outside the US, Canada, Britain, and Ireland.

Current Law Journal Content from Washington & Lee Law School. Search law journal tables of contents, and subscribe to RSS feeds for tables of contents and search updates.

Works in progress, Working Papers, and Preprints

Legal Scholarship Network. The LSN, part of the Social Science Research Network, hosts working papers from many law schools, including Chicago and Stanford. You can search abstracts of papers, and download the complete papers in PDF format.

bepress Legal Repository. The Berkeley Electronic Press hosts working papers from many law schools, including Yale, Berkeley, Michigan, and Virginia, and is especially useful for law and economics research. The searching is unreliable, but you can browse papers by topic.

Google Scholar indexes numerous series of working papers and e-journals, and gives links to other articles that cite an article you have already found.

Findlaw. Many law reviews post abstracts or drafts of forthcoming articles, or unedited papers from symposia, on their web sites before they appear in the review itself. Findlaw hosts two services useful for discovering preprints: the LawCrawler search engine, which harvests legal web sites, and the University Law Review Project, which has links to law review web sites and an email alert to new law review articles.

Law School Symposia. This is a directory of of current and upcoming symposia,with information about topics and speakers, compiled by Professor Richard A. Bales, Salmon P. Chase College of Law.

The Legal Scholarship Blog carries news of upcoming conferences.

ACS ResearchLink, from the American Constitution Society, helps law students identify paper topics.

Tracking Cases and Statues

Westlaw's KeyCite Alert will notify you by email when a case or statute that you are following has been affected by a later court decision, or discussed in a new law review article. Lexis's Shepards also offers email alerts.

United States Law Week, published by the Bureau of National Affairs, is the definitive source for status of cases on the docket of the U.S. Supreme Court. Supreme Court proceedings are updated daily in the Supreme Court Today section. BNA's other law journals report on lawsuits, administrative enforcement, and appellate court opinions in areas such as banking, tax, securities, environmental, bankruptcy, and employment law. Most of these reports are available on LexisNexis and Westlaw.

Pending litigation. You can track class-action lawsuits and other major litigation on Lexis, in their Mealeys newsletters, or on Westlaw, in newsletters from Andrews publications. Lexis offers PDF images of complaints, briefs, and trial opinions reported in these newsletters. On Westlaw, these court documents are searchable, in the Litigation section. The Federal Litigation research task page on Lexis has headlines from the Mealeys newsletters. WestNewsLink offers headlines from Andrews publications and major newspapers, as well as Westlaw case bulletins and the latest slip opinions. You must sign on to Westlaw to read the complete stories.

Fifty-State Surveys

LexisNexis offers Fifty-State Surveys of state laws on a variety of subjects. Westlaw offers Fifty-State Surveys, covering statutes and regulations, on banking, business law, employment law, environmental law, family law, healthcare, insurance, real property, securities, and tax. The Subject Compilation of State Laws, edited by Cheryl Nyberg, is a bibliography that covers compiilations of statutes in treatises and law journal articles.

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