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Access Services in Regenstein:

Improvements for Privileges, Reserves, and Bookstacks

In order to better serve the University community, several changes have been instituted in Access Services in the Regenstein Library. The active reserve collection has been moved from the Reserve Room to the General Circulation area. Reserve material is now being circulated from the east counter of the Circulation Desk in Room 160. As a result, students and faculty will now have access to the active reserve collections during all hours that general circulation is open—an increase of 37 hours of service per week. The move will affect Reserve circulation functions only; faculty should continue to submit requests for materials to be placed on reserve to the Reserves processing staff, which will remain in Regenstein, Room 120.

In order to make room for the active reserve collection, the Privileges Desk has been moved from its former location on the east side of the circulation desk to the building entrance, in what was the west seating area just outside of entry control. This new location will provide more comfortable space for consulting with Privileges staff or waiting for service. University faculty, students, and staff who need to arrange for privileges for themselves or guests should stop here first before entering the library proper.

Another change in Access Services centers on the bookstacks. We are focusing increased attention on the condition of the stacks to make certain that books are shelved promptly and correctly, and therefore more easily located. This work is made more difficult by the fact that the stacks are presently very full, while the Library receives approximately 57 shelves of new acquisitions each week. In order to address this space problem, we are removing the red-lined shelves in the bookstacks—those shelves designated for readers to leave material for reshelving by staff. These shelves are being converted for use as regular shelving for additions to the Library collection. Readers may now leave books to be reshelved on the red-lined shelves opposite the photocopy machines in the connecting hallway between the reading room and the bookstacks proper. In addition, there are two prominently labeled "drop off" bins on each stack floor.

For more information, or to comment on these changes, contact Jim Vaughan, Acting Access Services Librarian, at 702-8351 or">

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