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New Records Added to the Online Catalog:

Retrospective Conversion in the John Crerar Library

In its second year of funding from the John Crerar Foundation, the project to convert all book catalog cards in the Crerar Dewey-classified collection to electronic records in the online catalog is progressing rapidly. This retrospective conversion will expand access to the rich historic collection of work in a variety of subject areas in the sciences, medicine, and technology and will focus on material in the collection unique to the John Crerar Library. Approximately 30,000 new electronic records will be created to provide access to the collection, the majority of which is housed on the lower level of the library in the compact shelving stacks.

The newest records converted have been in the area of general medicine. Approximately 10,000 electronic records for items on medical topics were loaded into the online catalog in August, 1996. Subject areas of the retrospective conversion have also included industrial arts; paper and pulp processing; synthetic materials; rubber, adhesives and plastics; metals and nonferrous metals technologies; and building materials.

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