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The Board of the Library, 1996/97

Mr. Robert B. Pippin, Chair
Prof. and Chairman, Committee on Social Thought, Prof., the College, and Assoc. Member, Dept. of Philosophy

Ms. Sharon Berlin
Prof., School of Social Services Administration

Ms. Dorothy Hanck
Assistant Prof., Dept. of Medicine

Mr. John Huizinga
Deputy Dean and Prof., Graduate School of Business

Mr. Joel Kraemer
Prof., Divinity School, Center for Middle Eastern Studies and Cmte. on Jewish Studies

Mr. Eugene Mazenko
Prof., Dept. of Physics, JFI and the College

Ms. Gloria Pinney
Prof., Dept. Art History, Classical Languages and Literature, Cmte. on the Ancient Mediterranean World, and the College

Mr. Michael Silverstein
Samuel N. Harper Prof., Depts. Anthropology, Linguistics and Psychology (Cognition and Communication), and Cmtes. on Ideas and Methods, and on Genearl Studies in the Humanities

Mr. Janos Simon
Profs., Dept. of Computer Science

Mr. Peter White
Prof., Dept. of Classical Languages and Literature and New Testament & Early Christian Literature, and the College

ex officio

Mr. Dan Garber, Associate Provost

Mr. Martin D. Runkle, Director of the Library

Mr. Hugo Sonnenschein, President

Mr. Geoffrey R. Stone, Provost

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