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Library Pursues Operating Efficiencies

In the face of a rapidly changing information environment and constrained budgets, the Library is constantly seeking ever more creative ways to increase efficiency in its operations and improve service to the University community. Though many of the changes being implemented are in the "back-room" operations, others are more visible; some of them are described elsewhere in this issue. The Library engaged the KPMG Peat Marwick consulting firm last fall to help us examine some of our library processes. From a number of areas that the Library had been investigating, we chose three to pursue with the aid of Peat Marwick: material selection and acquisition, circulation services, and binding. Their participation introduced us to useful methods of analysis and provided a new perspective on possible improvements, many of which had previously been under consideration by the Library. Peat Marwick submitted its final report in June. Their recommendations will be evaluated in the context of the many other changes the Library is considering.

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