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LIBRA (LIBrary Reports and Announcements) is a newsletter from the University Library, written for the faculty and University community. LIBRA is also published in print form. University community members who would like to be added to the hard copy mailing list, or who have questions or comments about an issue of LIBRA, please contact Sara S. Berghausen at 773/702-3732 or

Volume 4, Number 2
Winter/Spring 1998

Tom Dorst
Janet Fox
Linda Ginsberg
Katherine Haskins
James Mouw
James Nye
Sandy Roscoe
Alice Schreyer
James Vaughan
Fritz Whitcomb
Rebecca Woolbert

Gerald J. Munoff, Deputy Director of the Library
Sara S. Berghausen, Editor
Sue T. Moss, Production Manager

Published by
The University of Chicago Library
1100 East 57th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637