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Evaluating Web Resources

Research Using the Internet

Evaluating Web Resources

When you locate information on the Internet, it is wise to evaluate the source carefully. Creating a Web page is rather easy. You need to consider if the information contained in the Web site is accurate and authoritative.

Ask yourself the following questions...

Who wrote the page?
Is this a personal Web page? A government or NGO page? A commercial Web site?

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What is the site about?
What is the page trying to communicate? What types of information are included on the site?

Where did they find the information that is included on the site?
Does the web page contain facts or quotes without any citations or bibliographies? Can you confirm the original source? Do you think their information is valid?

When was the site last updated?
How current is the information contained on the Web site? Can you tell?

Why does this web page exist?
Do the authors have a specific agenda? Are they trying to sell something? Are there lots of advertisements? Do they require you to register and pay a fee? Is this page for commercial or educational purposes?

How do I cite this source?
If you do want to include this Web site in your research, you will need to cite it properly. Remember, just because it is on the internet does not mean you do not have to cite the information you find!

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