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Graduate Program Administrators


Final Submissions

The dissertation defense and any
revisions recommended by the
dissertation committee must occur
prior to the final submission.

  • Spring 2016: Friday, May 13
  • Summer 2016: Friday, July 29
  • Autumn 2016: Friday, November 11
  • Winter 2017: Friday, February 17


Department Approval

The Departmental Approval Form
is due before 4:30 p.m. when 
the Dissertation Office closes.

  • Spring 2016: Wednesday, May 18
  • Summer 2016: Wednesday, August 3
  • Autumn 2016: Wednesday, November 16
  • Winter 2017: Wednesday, February 22


Other Deadlines

Graduate program administrators have accounts on the ProQuest ETD Administrator for the University of Chicago and they can access dissertations, supplementary files, and additional information (ETD details, revision history, etc.).   Electronic versions of theses and dissertations are called ETDs.  Administrators may log in and search by a student's name to monitor the ETD details for students in their programs while the ETD submissions are still in progress.  These details are worth checking as students sometimes make mistakes, selecting the wrong department from the drop box menu, for example, or neglecting to include an abstract.

After a doctoral candidate has completed the submission process on the ETD Administrator site, Colleen Mullarkey will assign the ETD to the graduate program administrator for the student's department or school.  Once the ETD has been assigned, the administrator will provide the chair of the department or dean of the professional school with a copy of, or access to, the final version of the dissertation and any accompanying material on the ETD Administrator site.  Chairs and Deans who would like ETD Administrator accounts may request one from the Dissertation Office.

After the dissertation has been approved by the chair or dean, graduate program administrators complete the Departmental Approval Form and e-mail the form to, copying the chair or dean.  This confirms that the dissertation on the ETD Administrator site is in its final form, meets the University-Wide Requirements for the Ph.D. Dissertation, and has been accepted as satisfying the degree requirements of the department or professional school.  Completed approval forms must be received by staff in the Dissertation Office no later than three and a half weeks before Convocation.

Colleen will unassign each ETD shortly after receiving the departmental approval form.  At this point the submission is ready to be processed by Dissertation Office staff, and doctoral candidates should not make any substantive changes.  Administrators may log in and view decisions, changes, and so forth for students in their programs.

The sooner Colleen has the departmental approval form, the sooner the ETD is processed by the Dissertation Office.  ETDs are assigned to Dissertation Office staff and audited to ensure they meet the university-wide requirements.  Graduate program administrators may log in and view the decisions, revisions, and status of the ETDs submitted by their students.  Colleen and her assistants will request changes or additional material from doctoral candidates as needed, so students should remain in contact with the Dissertation Office and with their graduate program administrator until convocation.  When the submission is in order, Dissertation Office staff will register the decision "Accept" on the ETD site, and the dissertation status will change to "Ready for Delivery."

Doctoral candidates and graduate program administrators will be notified by email as soon as the ETD has been accepted and is ready for delivery.  ETDs are delivered to ProQuest/UMI shortly after convocation.  Once ProQuest/UMI Dissertation Publishing receives the ETD, it can take up to 12 weeks before it is available online in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses @ University of Chicago.