Autumn 2014 Doctoral Candidates

Stay in touch.

We will correspond with current doctoral candidates frequently throughout the quarter.  Group emails are sent to accounts from a Chalk course, Formatting & Submitting Your Dissertation.  Dissertation Office staff enroll students at the beginning of each quarter after receiving the preliminary convocation list from each division and professional school.  The course is for group emails and informational purposes; it is not a formal course.

Check your other email accounts as well as your uchicago account.  We may contact you using email addresses from messages you send to the Dissertation Office directly or using the Ask the Dissertation Office form.  We will use the email you provide on the ETD Administrator when we report on the status of your dissertation submission.  If you do not hear from us, you should check your junkmail to see if a message from the Dissertation Office has been blocked by your spam filter.

Let us know if anything about dissertation requirements or the dissertation submission process is unclear.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, whether by email, telephone, or a visit to the Dissertation Office.

Create an ETD account.

You will be submitting your dissertation online using the ETD Administrator, a web-based submission system.  (Electronic versions of theses and dissertations are called ETDs.)  Please set up your account under the same name that you provide on the title page of your dissertation.  Your name should appear as it does on official University records in the Office of the Registrar.  Complete all of the steps below to create your ETD account.

  1. Click on Submit my dissertation/thesis in the Ready to begin? box .
  2. Enter and submit the basic information requested (name, email address).
  3. Verify your account according to the instructions in the verification email sent to that email address.

Explore the ETD site.

ProQuest provides a number of publishing guides and authoring tools that may be helpful.  Looking at the resources & guidelines and reviewing the submission steps will help you prepare for the submission process.  If you have any questions about this process, you should contact the Dissertation Office early in the quarter.

Begin the dissertation submission process.

The Publishing information section includes steps where you choose your preferred publishing options, accept the ProQuest/UMI publishing agreement, and provide contact information used to process your submission.  Contact the Dissertation Office during the first few weeks of the quarter if you have questions regarding publication issues.  Note the Rights Verification section in the ProQuest/UMI agreement.  You should resolve copyright issues prior to the quarter you plan to graduate.

Please contact us if you have questions about choosing an embargo period in ProQuest.  Dissertation Office staff will input details regarding the release date for your dissertation once you have received permission for an embargo from the Deputy Provost for Graduate Education.

The About my dissertation/thesis section includes steps where you provide basic information about your dissertation (title, abstract, advisor, subject categories, etc.) and upload the full text of your dissertation as a PDF.  Check your abstract. An abstract is required, and it should be no longer than 350 words.  Check your dissertation details for accuracy.  It is all too easy to select the wrong department or subject category from a drop box.  Please be especially careful with your title.  We ask that you use headline style to enter your title.  The title should match the title on your title page.  If you change your dissertation title this quarter, be sure you change the title in both places.  Also check your PDF to be sure that the file appears the way that you want your dissertation to appear.

Request an optional draft review.

We encourage this quarter's doctoral candidates to post dissertation drafts for an optional draft review during late June or early July.  If you have not requested a draft review in a previous quarter, please upload your draft as a PDF on the ETD Administrator site, but do not complete the Submission & payment section.  Do not click on Submit until you have uploaded the final version of your dissertation.

Once you have uploaded your draft, use the Ask the Dissertation Office form to notify us that your draft is ready to be reviewed.  We review drafts in the order in which we receive review requests from this form.  For additional details, please see The Draft Review or contact Colleen Mullarkey in the Dissertation Office.

Dissertation draft reviews must be requested by Wednesday, October 29, before 4:30pm when our office closes.  We will not review a draft if the review request is sent after the deadline.  Nor will we review multiple drafts.

Please complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates.

Please complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates shortly before or after submitting the final version of your dissertation. You may upload your Survey of Earned Doctorates Certificate of Completion in the Administrative documents section or you may email it to Colleen Mullarkey in the Dissertation Office.

Submit the final version of your dissertation.

The Submission & Payment section offers two fee-based services: copyright registration and dissertation printing and binding.  These services are optional.  Once you have indicated whether or not you wish to take advantage of either service, you will be asked to pay for author copies (if ordered), along with any applicable Open Access and/or copyright registration fees.

At this point, you are ready to submit the final version of your dissertation.  The dissertation defense and any revisions recommended by your dissertation committee must occur prior to your final submission, as should all copy editing.  Before you complete the Submission & Payment section on the ETD Administrator, be sure your material is in its final form.  After submitting your dissertation, you may not make any revisions other than those required by your department or the Dissertation Office.  Carefully review your contact information, your dissertation details, your PDF, and any supplemental files you have chosen to include and make any necessary revisions before clicking on Submit.

The final version of your dissertation is due no later than 4:30pm on Friday, November 14, 2014.  If you experience any technical difficulties with your final submission, you may contact staff in the Dissertation Office or ETD Tech Support.

Expect to hear from Dissertation Office staff and possibly from your graduate program administrator.

Departmental approval: After you have submitted the final version of your dissertation, Dissertation Office staff will assign your ETD to your graduate program administrator. Your graduate program administrator will either request changes from you or let the Dissertation Office know that your material is in order. Graduate program administrators provide us with a completed Departmental Approval Form, indicating that your Chair or Dean confirms that the dissertation on the ETD Administrator site is in its final form, meets university-wide requirements, and has been accepted as satisfying the degree requirements of the department or professional school. If you will be receiving a dual or joint degree, we will contact graduate program adminstrators from both academic programs, first one and then the other, beginning with your primary department.

Dissertation audit: After your department approves your ETD, Dissertation Office staff will audit the material on the ETD Administrator to ensure that your submission meets the specifications in the University-Wide Requirements for the Ph.D. Dissertation. We will let you know whether or not these specifications have been met. Please check your email regularly in case we need additional material from you.


Convocation: Summer Quarter Convocation is Friday, December 12.

Publication: ETDS are delivered to ProQuest shortly after convocation. Once ProQuest receives your dissertation, it can take 8-12 weeks before it is available online.  If you have ordered copies of your dissertation  from ProQuest, it may take slightly longer before you receive them.