Summer 2013 Doctoral Candidates

Before Summer Quarter begins:

  1. Consider copyright issues.  If your dissertation uses previously copyrighted material beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright holder to include the material.  It's a good idea to take care of this before the quarter you plan to graduate.
  2. Schedule your defense.  The dissertation defense (and any revisions recommended by your dissertation committee) must occur before you submit the final version of your dissertation.

First Week:

  1. Check with your department to be sure you are meeting departmental requirements.  Don't forget to apply to graduate this quarter.
  2. Create an ETD account. You will be submitting your dissertation online using the UMI ETD Administrator, a web-based submission system. Complete all of the steps below to activate your ETD account.
    • Click on Submit my dissertation/thesis in the Ready to begin? box.
    • Enter and submit the basic information requested (name, email address).
    • Verify your account according to the instructions in the verification email sent to that email address.

Second Week:

  1. Register for an optional session explaining Dissertation Procedures for Students.
  2. Complete all of the steps below to request a draft review, also optional.
    • Log in to the ETD Administrator by clicking on "Revise" or "View/revise existing submission."  Then provide your contact information in the Publishing information section. Please use the same name that you provide on the title page of your dissertation. Your name should appear as it does on official University records in the Office of the Registrar. Your title page will use upper case only, but your contact information should use both upper and lower case.
    • Begin the About my dissertation/thesis section, providing the basic information about your dissertation available to you at present. You will be able to add or change information in this section later. Please use headline style to enter your title. Titles in the convocation program use headline style, so this helps ensure accuracy in the program.
    • Upload your dissertation draft as a PDF. Do not include notes for the administrator at this point. We look at the "Notes to Administrator" on the ETD site after you have submitted the final version of your dissertation.
    • Do not complete the UMI ETD Administrator Submission steps when you upload your draft. When you complete the Submission steps and click on Submit, you are submitting the final version of your dissertation.
    • Use the Ask the Dissertation Office form to notify us that your draft has been uploaded on the ETD site and is ready to be reviewed. If you are uncertain about the formatting of any part of your dissertation, please call this to our attention using the form.
    • Check your email for feedback.  We will be in touch with you twice, using the email address you provided on the Ask the Dissertation Office form. First we will send a response to the notification you sent through the form. We usually respond within 24 hours; let us know right away if you do not receive this initial response. We will send comments on your draft within a week or two. You should keep an eye on your junk mail in case our messages are filtered out as spam. Please do not hesitate to contact the Dissertation Office if you do not hear from us or if you have any further questions.

Third Week:

  1. Create an ETD account on the ETD Administrator if you have not already done so. Provide your contact information and Dissertation/Thesis details per the instructions above.
  2. Request a draft review, if you wish to do so.

Fourth Week:

  1. You may request a draft review any time before 4:30 on Wednesday, July 17, and we will try to send you comments within the next 2 weeks.
  2. Please review the University-Wide Requirements for the Ph.D. Dissertation, and let us know if you have any questions.