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Locker Map, 4th floor, Regenstein Library

For more information, see Regenstein Lockers. Lockers are also available in the reading rooms on the 2nd floor, 3rd floor, and 5th floor.

4th floor Reading Room Lockers

Unit Locker # Unit Locker # Unit Locker # Unit Locker #
A 4001-4024 E 4193-4216 I 4289-4312 M 4385-4408
B 4025-4048 F 4217-4240 J 4313-4336 N 4409-4432
C 4049-4072 G 4241-4264 K 4337-4360    
D 4073-4096 H 4265-4288 L 4361-4384    


Not shown on map

Art Reading Room (JRL 420): 8169-8192
GRAD Writing Room (JRL 464): 8217-8240 (note that only users with approved access to the GRAD Writing Room may rent these lockers.)

Locker Map, 4th floor