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Archival Buildings File

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The Archival Buildings File includes print and ephemeral materials relating to the history and description of buildings on the University of Chicago campus and the surrounding community. The first section of the file contains materials on general campus architecture and planning, including guides and maps, articles, and souvenir booklets. Following these are files for individual buildings, including programs for groundbreaking ceremonies, cornerstone layings, and dedications, as well as promotional brochures, press releases, and articles and reports from various sources. Since some buildings have been known by more than one name, researchers should check the listing for possible alternate headings.




Architectural information and guides, general

_____. "A Prospective Student's Guide to the College of the University of Chicago with a Walking Tour of the Quadrangles," 1990-1991

_____, "An Informational Guide to the University of Chicago," ca. 1966

_____, Architectural Guide, building descriptions, 1967

_____, _____, worksheets, 1967

_____, "The Tour," by Laura Koenig, 1990

_____, "Campus Tour," by Greg Jao, 1990

Articles on campus architecture, general

_____, 1920s building program

_____, property ownership and development

_____, landscaping

_____, "A Review of Planning at the University of Chicago 1891-1978"

_____, Charles E. Jenkins, "The University of Chicago," in Architectural Record 4/1 (1894): 229-46

_____, "The University of Chicago: Its Early Educational and Architectural Ideals," by Chris Drake, History 401 paper, College of Wooster, 1985


_____, showing property ownership, 1946

National Historic Landmarks, University of Chicago

Parking, "The University of Chicago Parking Structure, Summary of a Feasibility Report from Ralph H. Burke, Inc.," 1968

_____, "Traffic and Parking Plan," 1969

Press Relations Office, sample photos by Capes

Scrapbook of Henry David Hubbard, ca. 1900

Souvenir booklets, general

_____, A. Wittemann, 1898

_____, University of Chicago Weekly, 1899

_____, color, ca. 1907

_____, University of Chicago Press, 1908

_____, _____, 1914

_____, _____, 1916

_____, University of Chicago Bookstore, 1920

_____, _____, 1921



Abbott Memorial Hall

Accelerator Building

Administration Building

American Bar Center

American Meat Institute Building

Argonne National Laboratory

Armour Clinical Research Building

Baptist Graduate Student Center (Rosenwald House)

Bartlett Gymnasium

Ben May Laboratory

Billings Hospital

Biological Sciences Learning Center and Jules F. Knapp Medical Research Center Complex

Black Oaks on Campus

Blaine Hall

Bobs Roberts Hospital

Bond Chapel

Burton-Judson Courts

Calvert House

Carlson Animal Research Laboratory

Center for Continuing Education, general

_____, proposal

Chicago Theological Seminary

Classics Building

Cobb Hall

Cochrane-Woods Art Center/Smart Gallery

Council Tree Memorial Bench

Court Theater

Crerar Library

Cummings Life Science Center

D'Evereux Hall

Disciples Divinity House

Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine

East Madison Park

Eckhart Hall

Faculty Houses, 56th and Woodlawn

Field House

Foster Hall

Goldblatt Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center

Goldblatt Memorial Hospital

Goodspeed Hall

Green Hall

Greenwood Hall

Harper Memorial Library, general

_____, cornerstone laying

_____, dedication

_____, PACE Associates study, 1960

_____, Rededication, 1973

Haskell Hall

Hicks Memorial Hospital

Hinds Laboratory

Hitchcock Hall

Hospitals and clinics, general

Hull Court

Hutchinson Commons

Hyde Park-Kenwood Historic District

Ida Noyes Hall

Industrial Relations Center (Charles S. Mott Building)

International House

Jackson Park

Jones Chemical Laboratory

Judd Hall

Kelly Hall

Kenwood House

Kersten Physics Teaching Center

Kirsner Center for the Study of Digestive Diseases

Kovler Viral Oncology Laboratories

Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space Research

Law School, general

_____, Laird Bell Quadrangle

Lexington Hall

Lillie House

Lying-In Hospital

Mandel Hall

McDonald Observatory

McLean Memorial Research Institute (formerly Argonne Cancer Research Hospital)

Midway Gardens

Midway Plaisance

Midway Studios

Mitchell Hospital and Rubloff Intensive Care Tower

Mitchell Tower

"Nuclear Energy" Sculpture, by Henry Moore

Oriental Institute (Breasted Hall)

Orthogenic School

Phemister Hall

Pick Hall

Pierce Hall

President's House

Quadrangle Club

Rawson Laboratory, general

_____, specifications

Regenstein Library, general

_____, cornerstone laying and dedication

_____, groundbreaking

Research Institutes, general

Residence halls, men, general

Residence halls, women, general

Robie House

Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, general

_____, cornerstone laying

_____, decoration

_____, dedication

Rosenwald Hall

Ryerson Physical Laboratory

Searle Chemical Building

Shoreland Hall

[Smart Gallery--see Cochrane-Woods Art Center]

Snell Hall

Social Science Research Building

Social Service Administration Building

Social Services Center

South Park (including Jackson Park, Midway Plaisance, and Washington Park)

Stagg Field

Steam Plant

Stuart Hall

Sunny Gymnasium

Surgery-Brain Research Pavilion

Swift Hall

University Church Disciples of Christ

University High School

University of Chicago Press Warehouse, Expansion Plan, 1971-1972

Walker Museum

Whitman Laboratory

Wieboldt Hall

Woodward Court

Wyler Children's Hospital

Yerkes Observatory

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