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Guide to Campus Publications


General Interest

Chicago Today. 1963-1968 (quarterly). Magazine for alumni and friends. 1.

Context. 1961-1964 (quarterly). Office of Public Relations; review of contemporary life, work, and thought on campus. ASF.

Midway. 1960-1968 (quarterly). General interest magazine of the arts and sciences. 1.

University Arena. 1892 (monthly). Illustrated magazine, general interest. ASF.

Alumni Association

Alumni Alert. 1974-1975, 1983 (quarterly). Newsletter for Alumni Fund volunteers. ASF.

Alumni Bulletin. 1935-1947 (quarterly). 1.

*Alumni Clubs Newsletter. 1995- . ASF.

Alumni Fund Volunteer Leadership Directory. 1980-1981 (annual). ASF.

ASC Newsletter. 1979 (quarterly). Issued for Alumni Schools Committees volunteers. ASF.

Chicago Alumni Magazine. 1907-1908 (monthly). 1, A.

Chicago Scene. 1984-1986 (quarterly). University of Chicago Club newsletter. ASF.

Directory of National Alumni Leadership. 1980. ASF.

National Alumni Fund Board Directory. 1974-1975 (annual). ASF.

Tower Topics. 1948-1965 (quarterly). Campus news of interest to alumni. 1 [1948- 1962], ASF [1958, 1962-1965].

*UC2MC. 1990- (quarterly). University of Chicago Club of Metropolitan Chicago newsletter. ASF.

*University of Chicago Magazine. 1908- (bimonthly). Alumni magazine. 1, A.

University of Chicago Magazine (online edition)

Citizens Board

Citizens Board Directory. 1944-1978 (annual). ASF.

Citizens Fund News. 1941 (weekly). ASF.

Dames Club

Dames Club Newsletter. 1947-1949 (quarterly). Organization of faculty and administrators' wives. ASF.

Dames Club Yearbook. 1915-1959 (annual). Directory. B.

Dames Data. 1949-1956 (monthly). Newsletter of the Dames Club. ASF.

Hyde Park Community

Aitchpe. 1907-1912 (monthly). Hyde Park High School magazine; essays, poetry, news. B.

Aitchpe. 1907-1921 (annual). Hyde Park High School yearbook. ASF [1907-1908, 1914], B [1920-1921].

Chicago Journal. 1976-1977 (weekly). Hyde Park and South Shore community newspaper. B.

*Focus on 53rd. 1995- (quarterly). Published by Ad Hoc Committee for 53rd Street, in alliance with the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference. ASF.

*Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce Directory. 1964- (annual). ASF.

*Hyde Park Historical Society Newsletter. 1979- (quarterly). ASF.

Hyde Park History. 1980. Hyde Park Historical Society journal. ASF.

*Jackson Park Advisory Council. 1994- . Newsletter. ASF.

Quadrangle Club

Quadrangle Club Address Book. 1894-1921. B.

Quadrangle Club Address List. 1926-1939. B.

Quadrangle Club Directory. 1950-1956. B.

*Round Table. 1995- (monthly). Newsletter of the Quadrangle Club. ASF.

Renaissance Society

*Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago. 1994- (quarterly). Newsletter. ASF.

Women's Board

*Women's Board Directory. 1967- (annual). B.

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