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Admissions Office

Admissions Office Newsletter. 1955-1957 (monthly). For prospective students. ASF.

Flagstones. 1938-1941 (monthly). For UC Regional Advisors, concerning admissions and recruitment. ASF.

*PSAC Update. 1994- (quarterly). Newsletter from Prospective Students Admissions Committee. ASF.

Student Enrollment Committee Newsletter. 1956. For Alumni Student Enrollment Committees. ASF.

American Meat Institute

American Meat Institute Foundation Annual Report. 1952-1958 (annual). ASF.

Anthropology Department

Anthro. 1969. Student newsletter. ASF.

Anthropology Tomorrow. 1955-1979 (semiannual). Student papers. ASF.

Chicago Anthropologist. 1955-1958. Alumni newsletter. ASF.

*Chicago Anthropology Exchange. 1979- (quarterly). Student papers. ASF.

Euphoria. 1942-1945 (quarterly). Newsletter for students and alumni in military service. ASF.

*History of Anthropology Newsletter. 1973- (semi-annual). News, sources, comment. ASF.

Student Journal of Anthropology. 1953-1954 (quarterly). Student papers. ASF.

Argonne National Laboratory

*Argonne Bulletin. 1958- (weekly). Schedule of events, news for employees. ASF.

Argonne National Laboratory Administrative and General Service Activities. 1967-1968 (annual). Business manager's annual report. ASF.

Argonne National Laboratory Annual Report. 1955-1973 (annual). Continued by Argonne National Laboratory Research Highlights. ASF.

*Argonne National Laboratory Institutional Plan. 1981- (annual). Five-year research plans and budgets. ASF.

Argonne National Laboratory Particle Accelerator Division Summary Report. 1960 (semiannual). ASF.

*Argonne National Laboratory Research Highlights. 1974- (annual). Continues Argonne National Laboratory Annual Report. ASF.

Argonne National Laboratory Reviews. 1969. Reports of research for staff and colleagues. ASF.

*Argonne National Laboratory Telephone Directory. 1952- (annual). B.

*Argonne News. 1953- (monthly). For employees, from the Personnel Department. ASF.

*Argonne Universities Association Annual Report. 1980- (annual). ASF.

Argonne Universities Association Organizations and Committees. 1968-1969 (annual). ASF.

Argonne Week. 1990. News and calendar of events. ASF.

*IPNS Progress Report. 1983- (biennial). Report on Intense Pulsed Neutron Source, which began operation in 1981. ASF.

*Logos. 1982- (quarterly). Research news. ASF.

*News from Argonne National Laboratory. 1963- (irregular). Press releases. ASF.

Art Department

*Chicago Art Journal. 1993- (annual). Graduate student research in visual arts, published by the Humanities Division and the Department of Art. ASF.

Bacteriology Department

B. Cilly. 1914. Student humor. ASF.

Benton, William, Fellowships in Broadcast Journalism

Benton Broadcast News. 1990-1991. Newsletter for Fellows. ASF.

William Benton Fellowships in Broadcast Journalism Annual Report. 1984-1988 (annual). ASF.

Biological Sciences Division

Biological Sciences Division News Bulletin. 1931-1935 (semimonthly). 1.

Codon. 1969-1970 (quarterly). Biological Sciences Collegiate Division student newsletter. ASF.

Concerned Scientist. 1968-1969 (quarterly). Newsletter of the University of Chicago Concerned Scientists. ASF.

Journal of Insignificant Research. 1970-1979 (irregular). Humor. ASF.

Research in Progress: The Biological Sciences. 1966-1983 (irregular). Reports on faculty research. ASF.

University of Chicago Reports: The Biological and Physical Sciences. 1965-1967 (quarterly). Current research. ASF.

University of Chicago Reports: The Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine. 1968-1980 (quarterly). Current research. ASF.

University of Chicago Reports: The Medical Center and the Division of Biological Sciences. 1964. Current research. ASF.


By the Book. 1994-1995 (monthly). New books, upcoming events, and merchandise. ASF.

General Book Department News. 1993-1994 (monthly). ASF.

Botany Department

Botany Department Newsletter. 1928-1953 (annual). For alumni. 1 [1928-1941], ASF [1928-1953].

Business, Graduate School of

Business Club Weekly Newsletter. 1967 (weekly). For students. ASF.

Business School Alumni Council News. 1973-1974 (irregular). ASF.

Business School Alumni Fund Chairman's Report. 1974 (annual). ASF.

Business School Alumni Fund Honor Roll. 1968-1971 (annual). ASF.

Business School Alumni Fund News. 1974. ASF.

Business School Alumni News Letter. 1945-1969 (quarterly). Title varies. Continued by Issues and Ideas. 1.

Business School Dean's Fund News. 1973-1974. ASF.

Business School Directory of Southern California Alumni. 1990. A.

Business School Downtown Program Directory. 1956-1965 (annual). Faculty and students. ASF.

Business School Faculty Directory. 1968-1982 (annual). B.

Business School News Bulletin. 1931-1942 (monthly). Digest of recent research. 1.

Business School 190/MBA Program Directory. 1965-1968, 1990-1991 (annual). ASF.

Business School Resumes of Graduates. 1959-1973 (annual). ASF.

Business School Student Directory. 1968-1983 (annual). B.

Business Students Association Weekly Newsletter. 1971 (weekly). 1.

Business Students Newsletter. 1975-1976 (weekly). Continues Mutatis Mutandis. Continued by Marginal Return. 1.

*Chicago Business. 1977- (biweekly). Business student newspaper. B.

Chicago MBA. 1980-1981 (annual). Selected papers of students and alumni. ASF.

*Dean's Report. 1979- (annual). Annual report of the Business School. ASF.

Downtown Program Newsletter. 1964- . ASF.

Executive. 1951-1954 (quarterly). Newsletter for Executive Program alumni. ASF.

Executive Program Alumni Directory. 1967-1989 (irregular). Names, addresses, and affiliations of alumni and current students in the program. ASF.

Executive Program Club Newsletter. 1980. General interest articles for Executive Program Club members. ASF.

*Executive Program Directory. 1943- (annual). Names, addresses and photographs of students. ASF.

*Exponent. 1985- (monthly). Published by University of Chicago Women's Business Group. ASF.

Gifts to the Graduate School of Business. 1989 (annual). ASF.

*Graduate School Business Alumni Directory. 1982, 1987. A.

*GSB Chicago. 1977- (quarterly). For alumni and friends. ASF.

GSB Chicago. 1989 (annual). Student yearbook. ASF.

GSB Chicago (online edition)

*GSB Computing Services Guide. 1980- (annual). Information on computing facilities and services for faculty, staff, and students. ASF.

*GSB Curriculum Guide. 1972- (annual). Course descriptions, faculty vitae, class schedules, etc. 1 [1972-1979], ASF [1980- ].

*GSB Placement News. 1991- . ASF.

Hospital Administration Alumni Bulletin. 1965-1986 (semiannual). 1 [1965-1980], ASF [1969, 1981-1986].

Hospital Administration Graduate Program Biographical Sketches. 1970-1978 (annual). Student biographies. ASF.

Issues and Ideas. 1970-1980 (semiannual). For alumni and friends. Continues Business School Alumni News Letter. 1.

Marginal Return. 1976-1977 (weekly). Business student newsletter. Continues Business Students Newsletter. 1, ASF.

Mutatis Mutandis. 1971-1975 (weekly). Business student newsletter. Continued by Business Students Newsletter. 1.

Recruiting the Chicago MBA. 1974-1982 (annual). Description of recruiting program. ASF.

School of Business Publications. 1953-1955 (irregular). "Occasional papers" of faculty members. ASF.

*Selected Papers. 1962- (irregular). Lectures and speeches by faculty members. ASF.

*Selective Guide to Life in Hyde Park. 1974- . Guide to shopping, entertainment, and services in Hyde Park area. ASF.

*This Week. 1990- (weekly). News from Dean of Students Office. ASF.

University of Chicago Women's Business Group Membership Directory. 1989 (annual). ASF.

XP. 1975. Executive Program Club newsletter. ASF.

Career and Placement Services

*CAPS Report. 1990- (quarterly). Programs and announcements. ASF.

Chemistry Department

Chemistry Department Newsletter. 1957-1960 (quarterly). ASF.

Research in Chemistry. 1958-1971 (annual). Facilities, programs, and current research activities of the Department. ASF.

The College

Biological Sciences Collegiate Division Program Requirements and Courses of Instruction. 1974-1981 (annual). Program requirements, course descriptions. 1.

*Bulletin Board. 1985- (biweekly). Events and deadlines. ASF.

College Bulletin. 1942-1943 (weekly). Newsletter for first- and second-year students in the College. ASF.

College Chronicle. 1967-1969 (monthly). Newsletter for students from the Dean of the College. ASF.

College Courses and Programs of Study. 1981- (annual). Program requirements and course descriptions. 1, A.

College Curriculum Bulletin. 1962-1963 (monthly). From the College Curriculum Coordinating Group (faculty). ASF.

College Faculty Newsletter. 1952-1957 (monthly). Activities and publications of College faculty; general news about College courses and activities. ASF.

College Faculty Newsletter. 1976-1978 (irregular). Comment on college curriculum. ASF.

College Newsletter. 1960-1969 (monthly). Newsletter for parents and friends from the Dean of the College. ASF.

*College Orientation Program. 1943- (annual). Handbook and schedule of events. ASF.

*College Parents. 1986- (quarterly). Newsletter to parents. ASF.

*College Research Opportunities Program Directory. 1989- . Research projects with paid or unpaid positions for students. ASF.

Collegian. 1945 (weekly). Campus events for students in the College. ASF.

Common Core Course Guide. 1971-1976 (annual). Program requirements and course descriptions. ASF.

Freshman Week Program. 1937-1943 (annual). Orientation program handbook and schedule of events. ASF.

Guide to Major Fellowships. 1990. ASF.

*Harper Phoenix. 1992- . Occasional newsletter for faculty and staff from the office of the Dean of Students in the College. ASF.

Humanities Collegiate Division Courses of Instruction. 1967-1971 (annual). Program requirements, course descriptions. Continued by Humanities Collegiate Division Program Descriptions and Courses of Instruction. 1.

Humanities Collegiate Division Program Descriptions and Courses of Instruction. 1972-1980 (annual). Continues Humanities Collegiate Division Courses of Instruction. 1.

Information for Entering Students. 1976-1984 (annual). Course descriptions and program requirements. ASF.

New Collegiate Division, the University of Chicago [course catalog]. 1969-1980 (annual). Program requirements, course descriptions. 1.

News from the College. 1974-1978 (quarterly). College Admissions Office newsletter for prospective students. ASF.

Physical Sciences Collegiate Division [course catalog]. 1971-1980 (annual). Program requirements and course descriptions. 1.

Social Sciences Collegiate Division Courses of Instruction and Program Requirements. 1975-1980 (annual). Program requirements and course descriptions. 1.

Social Sciences Collegiate Division Evaluation of the Courses and Instructors. 1970. Published by the Student Council of Social Sciences Collegiate Division, Committee on Course and Instructor Evaluations. ASF.

*Social Sciences Collegiate Division Faculty. 1992- (annual). Directory. ASF.

Undergraduate Orientation Program. 1957-1959 (annual). Handbook and schedule of events. ASF.

Community and Family Study Center

Population and Social Development Communication Newsletter. 1979-1981. ASF.

Computer Research, Institute for

ICR Quarterly Report. 1964-1967 (quarterly). Research and technical reports. ASF.

Computing Organizations

*Academic and Public Computing Resource Guide. 1989- (annual). Services and facilities. ASF.

Computation Center Newsletter. 1966-1988 (monthly). UC Computation Center for users, staff, and contributors. ASF.

Computation Center Technical Note. 1968-1969 (irregular). ASF.

*Report of the Board of Computing Activities and Services. 1994- . Developments related to information technology resources. ASF.

*Tele-Data. 1981- (irregular). Published periodically by the UC Office of Telecommunications with the cooperation of the Computation Center; news about developments in the University's telecommunications systems. ASF.

Continuing Education, Office of

Center for Continuing Education Annual Report. 1979 (annual). ASF.

*Compleat Gargoyle. 1977- (quarterly). Non-credit courses and programs. ASF.

Court Theatre

*Court Theatre News & Views. 1994- (bimonthly). Announcements of plays and events. ASF.

*Fanfare. 1984- (quarterly). Newsletter for subscribers. ASF.

Dean of Students Office

*Resource Guide for African American, Hispanic, and Native American Students. 1992- (annual). ASF.

Resource Guide for Black and Hispanic Students. 1990 (annual). ASF.

Resource Guide for Black Students at the University of Chicago. 1986 (annual). ASF.

*Sense of Community. 1991- . Published by Coordinating Council for Minority Issues. ASF.

Development Office

*Annual Giving Review. 1983- (annual). Report of contributions to Annual Fund. ASF.

Campaign Extra. 1925 (weekly). Development campaign newspaper. B.

Campaign for Chicago Newsletter. 1966-1968 (quarterly). For alumni, friends, and parents of students. ASF.

Campaign Headquarters Newsletter. 1955-1958 (monthly). ASF.

Campaign News. 1983-1987. Newsletter for Campaign for the Arts and Sciences. ASF.

Development Memo. 1971-1972 (monthly). Newsletter from the Vice-President for Development. ASF.

Development Notes. 1977-1978 (irregular). Report on activities of the Development Office. ASF.

Faculty Development Committee Newsletter. 1955-1959 (monthly). From the Chancellor's Faculty Committee for Planning the Future of the University (also known as the Faculty Campaign Committee). ASF.

Foundation Chronicle. 1974-1982 (quarterly). News about non-government grant support for research. ASF.

Foundation Reports. 1982. Survey of developments in the foundation community. ASF.

From the Midway. 1978 (irregular). Newsletter. ASF.

Gifts to Chicago. 1981-1983 (annual). Report of contributions of $5000 or more. ASF.

Gifts to the University of Chicago. 1980 (annual). Continues Gifts to Chicago. ASF.

*Graduate Fund Honor Roll. 1991- (annual). ASF.

*Grant and Fellowship Bulletin. 1983-1989 (biannual). ASF.

President's Fund Annual Report. 1965-1966 (annual). ASF.

Honor Roll of Contributors. 1965-1979 (annual). List of contributors to Alumni Fund. Earlier years bound with Tower Topics. ASF.

*President's Fund Honor Roll. 1968- (annual). ASF.

President's Fund Reports. 1971 (monthly). Newsletter. ASF.

Report to Investors. 1990 (annual). List of gifts to University. ASF.

*University of Chicago Campaign Update. 1993- . News on fund raising efforts, gifts, and endowments. ASF.

Divinity School, Seminaries, and Religious Organizations

Baptist Divinity House News. 1943-1944. ASF.

Baptist Theological Union Annual Report. 1869-1877 (annual). Report of Board of Trustees. ASF.

Baptist Theological Union Annual Report of the Treasurer. 1897-1915 (annual). Financial statements, lists of officers. ASF.

Baptist Theological Union Report of the Comptroller. 1948-1967 (annual). ASF.

Baptist Union Theological Seminary Catalogue. 1867-1892 (annual). Lists of faculty and students, course descriptions, general information. 1 [1868-1892], A [1867- 1892].

*Brent Housekeeping. 1992- . Newsletter of Episcopal Campus Ministry at the University of Chicago. ASF.

*Calvert Times. 1994- (quarterly). Newsletter of Calvert House, University of Chicago Catholic Center. ASF.

Chicago Theological Seminary Newsletter. 1926 (monthly). ASF.

Chicago Theological Seminary Register. 1925-1964 (monthly). Lists of faculty, course descriptions, articles, reviews, alumni newsletter and directory. ASF.

*Circa. 1993- . News from the Divinity School. ASF.

Circa (online edition)

Cluster. 1973. Newsletter of the Chicago Cluster of Theological Schools. ASF.

Committee on Academic Cooperation News and Information. 1986-1990 (triweekly). Newsletter for Hyde Park Theological Schools. ASF.

Counterpoint A Journal of Religious Thought and Criticism. 1961 (quarterly). From the Porter Foundation, a program of the Congregational Christian, Evangelical, and Presbyterian churches. ASF.

*Criterion. 1962- (quarterly). For alumni and students. 1 [1962-1981], ASF [1982- ].

Criterion (online edition)

*DDH Bulletin. 1983- (quarterly). Disciples Divinity House newsletter. ASF.

Disciples Divinity House News. 1958 (quarterly). ASF.

*Divinations. 1989- (weekly). Newsletter of the Divinity School. ASF.

Divinity School Alumni. 1971-1982 (quarterly). Newsletter. ASF.

Divinity School News. 1934-1961 (quarterly). For students and alumni. 1 [1934- 1961].

*Divinity School Resume Book. 1982- (annual). Resumes of recent graduates and Ph.D. candidates available for teaching positions. ASF.

Divinity Student of the University of Chicago. 1917-1918 (quarterly). For students and alumni, from the Divinity School Student Council. 1.

Divinity Student. 1924-1932 (quarterly). For students and alumni. 1.

Divinity Theolog. 1940. Newsletter of the Divinity School Student Council. ASF.

Faith and Thought. 1948-1960 (monthly). Bulletin of the Episcopal Church Council (faculty), the Canterbury Club (students), the Anglican Theological Fellowship, and Brent House. 1 [1948-1959], ASF [1951, 1959-1960].

Federated Theological Faculty Bulletin. 1959 (monthly). ASF.

Four School Bulletin. 1946-1947 (weekly). For students of seminaries in the Federation of Theological Schools. ASF.

*Fundamentalism Project Newsletter. 1993- . Progress of the Fundmentalism Project by Martin E. Marty and R. Scott Appleby, under the auspices of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. ASF.

House News. 1973-1974 (quarterly). For Disciples Divinity House alumni. ASF.

*In Contact. 1983- (quarterly). Newsletter of the Dean, sponsored by Visiting Committee to the Divinity School. ASF.

Institute. 1925-1931 (monthly). Material for leaders of Bible study groups from the American Institute of Sacred Literature. ASF.

Limen. 1988 (weekly). News and events of the Divinity School. ASF.

*Lutheran Campus Ministry News. 1992- (monthly). Newsletter of Lutheran Campus Ministry, Augustana Lutheran Church. ASF.

*McCormick Notes. 1989- (quarterly). Newsletter of McCormick Theological Seminary. ASF.

Open Door. 1945. Chicago Theological Seminary newsletter for faculty and students. ASF.

Quest. 1952-1965 (triannual). Essays, poetry, and reviews contributed by students of the Federated Theological Faculty, later the Divinity School Association. ASF.

*Religion on the Quadrangles. 1947- (annual). Directory of campus religious groups and activities. ASF.

Dramatic Productions Office

Campus Cues. 1942-1945 (biweekly). Newsletter. ASF.

Economic Development and Cultural Change Research Center

Economic Development and Cultural Change. 1953-1956 (quarterly). Research papers. ASF.

Economics Department

Economics at Chicago. 1971-1977 (annual). Graduate programs and information. ASF.

Education, Department and Graduate School of

Annotated List of Graduate Theses and Dissertations, the Department of Education. 1931. 1, A.

Annotated List of Ph.D. Dissertations, the Department of Education, January 1936 through June 1951. 1951. A.

Books in the Library. 1957 (irregular). Recent acquisitions of the Education Library. ASF.

Education at Chicago. 1971 (semiannual). Newsletter for alumni, faculty, and friends of the Department and Graduate School. ASF.

Education Department and Graduate School Newsletter. 1938-1970 (quarterly). 1 [1938-1964], ASF [1964-1970].

*Education News. 1982- (annual). Newsletter for Department alumni and friends. ASF.

Education on the Midway. 1974-1975 (quarterly). Newsletter for alumni, faculty, and friends of the Department and Graduate School. ASF.

Education Topics. 1950-1959 (biweekly). Newsletter for faculty and students. ASF.

FTPP News Briefs. 1971-1972 (bimonthly). Newsletter of the Ford Training and Placement Program, a social systems approach for training urban teachers. ASF.

*Report from the Center. 1992- (quarterly). Newsletter of the Benton Center for Curriculum and Instruction. ASF.

Skylight Sketches. 1935-1936 (weekly). Education Commons newsletter. ASF.

Tea Tatler. 1941-1947 (weekly). Newsletter for students. ASF.

Titles of Graduate Theses and Dissertations, the Department of Education, 1932-1935. 1935. A.

Education, Training and Research in Race Relations, Committee on

Inventory of Research in Racial and Cultural Relations. 1951-1952 (quarterly). Reports of research projects received from survey of colleges and universities. ASF.

English Department

AMUSE: Annals of the Multiplex Union of Students in English. 1969 (monthly). For graduate students in English. ASF.

*Department of English Graduate Student Handbook. 1987- (annual). ASF.

*English Department Newsletter. 1929- (irregular). ASF.

*Hypotheses Neo-Aristotelian Analysis. 1992- (quarterly). Desktop newsletter of literary criticism in neo-Aristotelian manner of Chicago thinkers such as M. H. Abrams, Wayne C. Booth, Richard McKeon, and others. ASF.

Student Newsletter. 1977-1978 (monthly). Semi-official newsletter compiled and edited by students. ASF.

Extension, University

Continuing Education Report. 1965-1969 (irregular). Digest of current research of the University's Studies and Training Program in Continuing Education. ASF.

Executive Newsletter. 1957. From the Center for Programs in Government Administration, University College. ASF.

Extension Announcements. 1891-1974 (quarterly). Catalogs and listings for credit and non-credit courses and special programs. Various titles. Some issues also bound with Official Publications. B.

Extension Bulletin. 1966. News of extension programs. ASF.

Home-Study Department Announcements. 1891-1963. Course descriptions. 1.

News of the Downtown Center. 1958-1959 (monthly). University College newsletter. ASF.

Organon. 1962-1970 (quarterly). Newsletter of the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults. ASF.

University Extension Syllabi. 1892-1910. Lecture Study Department, University Study Department. 1.

University Extension World. 1893-1895 (monthly). Reports and articles on extension activities at the University of Chicago and other universities. 1 [1893-1895], ASF [1893].

University Lecture Association Announcements. 1909-1923 (annual). Course descriptions; portraits of instructors. ASF.

Family Study Center

Family Study Center Annual Report. 1953-1956 (annual). Interdisciplinary program established in 1951. ASF.

Far Eastern Studies Center

Doctoral Dissertations and Masters' Theses on Asia 1894-1962. 1962. Published by the Committee on Far Eastern Civilizations and the Committee on Southern Asian Studies. 1, A.

Far Eastern Studies Center News. 1977. ASF.

Select Papers from the Center for Far Eastern Studies. 1979. ASF.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

*Fermilab Annual Report. 1983- (annual). ASF.

*Fermilab Institutional Plan. 1992- (annual). Five-year research plans. ASF.

*Fermilab Report. 1988- (bimonthly). Research reports, lectures, calendar of events. ASF.

Fishbein, Morris, Center for the History of Science and Medicine

*Fishbein Center Newsletter. 1984- . News of programs, faculty, and students. ASF.

Geography Department

*Geography Department Newsletter. 1919-1984 (annual). For alumni. 1 [1919-1930, 1950-1959], ASF [1950-1954, 1984].

Geology Department

Geology and Paleontology Department Newsletter. 1926-1943 (annual). For alumni and friends. ASF.

Geology Department Newsletter. 1924, 1944-1959 (annual). For alumni and friends. ASF.

Geophysical Sciences Department

*Current Research. 1973- (annual). Research activities of faculty members. ASF.

*Geophysical Sciences Student Handbook. 1972- (annual). Course descriptions and requirements. ASF.

Germanic Languages and Literature Department

AST Rundbrief. 1944. Departmental newsletter. ASF.

German Books. 1948 (five times a year). Selective critical bibliography of publications in German. ASF.

Germanic Languages and Literature Department Bulletin. 1941-1942 (quarterly). ASF.

Rundbrief. 1944-1945 (quarterly). Departmental newsletter. ASF.

Scandinavian Bulletin. 1944 (quarterly). Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures newsletter. ASF.

Graduate Admissions and Aid, Office of

*Graduate Student News. 1986- (twice quarterly). News for graduate and professional students. ASF.

History Department

Graduate History Council Newsletter. 1981. ASF.

*History Department Newsletter. 1931- (annual). To graduate students and alumni. ASF.

Home Economics Department

Home Economics Department Newsletter. 1940-1946 (annual). For alumni and friends. ASF.

Hospitals and Clinics (Medical Center)

AIMS. 1973 (quarterly). University of Chicago Project for Advancement in Medical Science newsletter. ASF.

Argonne Cancer Research Hospital Semi-Annual Report. 1955-1974 (semi-annual). Report to the Atomic Energy Commission. ASF.

*Breakthroughs. 1991- (quarterly). Health care services newsletter. ASF.

*Cancer Research Annual Report. 1973- (annual). Includes Cancer Research Center, Ben May Laboratory for Cancer Research, Franklin McLean Memorial Research Institute, and USPH Clinical Cancer Training Grant. 1 [1973-1981], ASF [1982- ].

Cancer Research Bulletin. 1954-1958 (monthly). Cancer Research Foundation. ASF.

Cancer Research Foundation Annual Report. 1960-1973 (annual). 1 [1969-1973], ASF [1960-1973].

Cancer Research Foundation News. 1970-1979 (quarterly). ASF.

*Clinical Comment. 1985- (irregular). Short essays on new lines of therapy and ongoing programs, for professional colleagues in Chicago and surrounding areas. ASF.

Country Home for Convalescent Children Annual Report. 1922-1928 (annual). Affiliated with the University. ASF.

Formulary. 1981-1983 (annual). Listing of drugs in use in hospital. Prepared by Committee on Pharmacy and Therapeutics. ASF.

Franklin McLean Memorial Research Institute Annual Report. 1975-1979 (annual). ASF.

*Hospitals and Clinics Annual Report. 1977- (annual). ASF.

Inside Information. 1947-1963 (monthly). University Clinics Guild newsletter. 1 [1947- 1962], ASF [1956-1963].

*Inside UCH. 1994- (monthly). Employee newsletter, published by Department of Human Resources. ASF.

*Insights. 1993- . Published by Friends of the Gwen Knapp Center for Lupus and Immunology Research. ASF.

Intercom. 1958-1968 (quarterly). For auxiliary organizations supporting cancer research, from the Cancer Research Foundation. ASF.

Medical Center Fund Report. 1976-1977 (annual). For alumni and friends. ASF.

*Medical Center News. 1977- (quarterly). B.

*Medical Forum. 1986- (irregular). Events and services for Hyde Park-Kenwood residents. ASF.

Medical Center Telephone Directory. 1980-1983 (annual). B.

*Mother's Aid Bulletin. 1945- (monthly). Mother's Aid Society, Lying-in Hospital and Dispensary. ASF.

Mother's Aid Directory. 1926-1975 (annual). Mother's Aid Society, Lying-In Hospital and Dispensary. B.

Progress in Health Services. 1958-1964 (bimonthly). Health Information Foundation newsletter. ASF.

*Small Talk. 1989- . Newsletter of Wyler Children's Hospital. ASF.

Son of Tablet. 1970-1971 (monthly). Published by Public Relations Department. News for hospital employees. ASF.

*Tablet. 1947- (monthly). Hospital and Clinics newsletter. 1 [1947-1965], B [1966- ].

*Topics in Health. 1993- (quarterly). Continues University Health Service Newsletter. ASF.

*UCH Academy Quarterly. 1993- (quarterly). University of Chicago Hospitals Academy course schedule with feature articles. ASF.

University Clinics News Bulletin. 1931 (semimonthly). Bound with and continued by Biological Sciences News Bulletin. 1.

*University Health Service Newsletter. 1986-1993 (quarterly). Information on programs and events, general health care. Continued by Topics in Health. ASF.

Volunteer News. 1968. Hospitals and Clinics Volunteers. ASF.

Human Development Committee

Hum Drum. 1950. Human Development Student Organization newsletter. ASF.

Human Development. 1948-1949 (annual). Reports on activities and research. ASF.

Human Development. 1960 (quarterly). Student journal. ASF.

Human Development Bulletin. 1950-1958 (annual). From the Human Development Student Organization; research, symposia proceedings. ASF.

Humanities Division

Humanities Occasional Papers. 1974-1976. Talks by faculty members. ASF.

Humanities Research Series. 1928. Essays by John Dollard on current research projects in the humanities departments. 1.

National Humanities Institute Newsletter. 1977-1979 (quarterly). Founded with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities in 1975. Summary of activities. ASF.

Industrial Relations Center

Industrial Relations Center Annual Report. 1946-1978 (annual). ASF.

Industrial Relations Center Bulletin. 1947-1948 (quarterly). ASF.

Industrial Relations Center News. 1958 (quarterly). ASF.

Industrial Relations Guide. 1947 (monthly). New acquisitions of the Industrial Relations Center Library. ASF.

International Relations, Committee on

*IR-Journal. 1986- (quarterly). Student research. ASF.

Laboratory Schools

Action and Reaction. 1969 (annual). University High School yearbook. B.

Addresses of Members of the Parents and Teachers' Association. 1912-1917 (annual). Continued by Parents Association Directory. ASF.

Concept. 1964. High School literary magazine. ASF.

Correlator. 1907-1947 (annual). University High School yearbook. B.

Faculty Notes. 1955 (monthly). Newsletter. ASF.

Gargoyle. 1928-1942 (monthly). University High School and Four-Year College; student literary magazine. ASF.

*Lab Notes. 1979- (quarterly). Newsletter for Laboratory Schools alumni. ASF.

Laboratory Schools Alumni Directory. 1984. B.

*Laboratory Schools Directory. 1967- (annual). Addresses of faculty and parents. Continues Parents Association Directory. B.

Laboratory Schools Staff Newsletter. 1942-1943 (monthly). ASF.

Midway. 1920. University High School literary magazine. ASF.

Midway. 1924-1929 (weekly). University High School student paper. B.

P.N. 1948-1953 (monthly). University of Chicago Laboratory School and Nursery School Parents Association newsletter. ASF.

Parents Association Annual Announcement. 1907-1921 (annual). Officers, programs, faculty lists. ASF.

Parents Association Directory. 1921-1959. Laboratory School, Nursery School, Four- Year College. Addresses of faculty and parents. Continues Addresses of Members of the Parents and Teachers' Association. Continued by Laboratory Schools Directory. B.

Parents Association Newsletter. 1945. University Laboratory School and Nursery School Parents Association newsletter. ASF.

*Renaissance. 1994- (annual). University High School arts and literary magazine. ASF.

School Reporter. 1906-1926 (quarterly). University Elementary School student essays, fiction, and poetry. B [1906-1926], ASF [1915].

Staff News. 1948-1949 (monthly). Faculty newsletter. ASF.

Summer Roundup. 1947-1949 (annual). Laboratory Schools summer yearbook. ASF.

*U-High Midway. 1930- (biweekly). University High School student paper. B.

U-Highlights. 1956-1966 (annual). University High School yearbook. B.

U-Highway. 1951-1954 (annual). University High School yearbook. B.

University High School Daily. 1907-1924 (daily). Student newspaper. B [1907-1922], ASF [1923-1924].

University High School Student Handbook. 1971-1979 (annual). General information, schedules. ASF.

University High School Weekly. 1903-1907 (weekly). Student magazine; news, essays, humor. B.

VIII. 1974-1977 (annual). Eighth grade class yearbook. ASF.

Way Our People Lived from Belfield to U High. 1970 (annual). Pre-freshman yearbook. ASF.

Latin American Studies, Center for

*Center for Latin American Studies Annual Report. 1988- (annual). ASF.

Chicago Colloquium on Latin America Newsletter. 1984-1987. ASF.

*Latin America/Chicago. 1990- . Newsletter. ASF.

Law School

*East European Constitutional Review. 1992- (quarterly). Reports on the constitution-making process in post-Communist nations. Published by the Center for the Study of Constitutionalism in Eastern Europe, established in 1990 under auspices of the Law School's Program in Law and Government. ASF.

*Federalist Forum. 1990- (monthly). Debates on political and legal issues. Published by Federalist Society. ASF.

*Glass Menagerie. 1962- (annual). Student yearbook. 1 [1977-1982], ASF [1962, 1969-1973, 1983- ].

Law Alumni Notes. 1971-1973 (quarterly). ASF.

*Law School Alumni Directory. 1927- (irregular). 1 [1940, 1948, 1957, 1968, 1977, 1980], A [1927, 1940, 1948, 1949, 1957, 1968, 1974, 1974 Addendum, 1977, 1980, 1987, 1992].

Law School Alumni Journal. 1973-1977 (annual). Alumni magazine. ASF.

*Law School Directory. 1966- (annual). Includes photographs of faculty, staff, and students. ASF.

*Law School Directory. 1986- (quarterly). Telephone numbers of faculty and staff. ASF.

Law School Fund Honor Roll of Contributors. 1954-1977 (annual). ASF.

*Law School Record. 1951- (triannual). For alumni. 1 [1951-1954], ASF [1952- ].

Law School Record (online edition)

Law School Reporter. 1964. Newsletter. ASF.

*Occasional Papers from the Law School. 1971- (irregular). Talks and essays by faculty members. ASF.

*Phoenix. 1981- . Student newspaper. B.

*University of Chicago Legal Forum. 1986 (annual). Student-edited law journal. ASF.


*Access. 1974- (weekly). Library staff newsletter. Continues Library News and Announcements. 1 [1975-1981], A [1982- ].

Bulletin. 1975-1979 (quarterly). Published by the Library Society. 1.

Courier. 1934-1942 (triannual). Friends of the Library newsletter. 1.

*Dept. of Special Collections Exhibit Catalogs. 1961- . Catalogs, checklists, and publications accompanying exhibits in Special Collections. 1.

Desiderata. 1947-1949 (monthly). Library Staff Advisory Committee newsletter. 1.

Excess: The JRL Alternative. Undated. Satire. ASF.

*Gifts to the University of Chicago Library. 1984- (biannual). Lists of donors of funds, books, and other materials. ASF.

Grey Towers Gazette. 1943-1945 (monthly). Newsletter of the Order of the Grey Towers staff organization. ASF.

Handbook of the Libraries of the University. 1912-1927 (irregular). Information for readers, rules and regulations. ASF.

Introduction to the University Library. 1987-1991 (annual). Continued by Introduction to the University of Chicago Library. ASF.

*Introduction to the University of Chicago Library. 1992- (annual). Continues Introduction to the University Library. ASF.

*John Crerar Library: A Report to the Community. 1984- (annual). Annual report. ASF.

*Libra. 1994- (quarterly). Library reports and announcements. ASF.

Librarian Jackdaw. 1972-1973 (monthly). Newsletter promoting organization of Library by Local 103A, Distributive Workers of America. ASF.

Library Announcements. 1948-1952 (weekly). Library staff newsletter. Continued by Library News and Announcements. 1.

Library Employees' Newsletter. 1978 (irregular). Information for Library members of Teamsters Local 743. ASF.

Library News and Announcements. 1953-1974 (weekly). Library staff newsletter. Continues Library Announcements. Continued by Access. 1.

Library Report. 1978-1980. News for the University community. ASF.

*Library Society Newsletter. 1975- (quarterly). ASF.

*Library Staff Directory. 1953- (irregular). ASF.

Library Staff Organizing Committee Newsletter. 1971 (weekly). Promotes organization of Library by Local 103, Distributive Workers of America. ASF.

Report of the Director of the University Libraries. 1910-1931 (annual). Reprinted from President's Report. 1 [1910-1931], ASF [1912-1931].

Scrutinizer. 1973-1974. Newsletter of the Design Group Sub-Committee on Rapid-Action Needs--Informational Questions, issued in conjunction with Access. 1.

University of Chicago Library Newsletter. 1973. Newsletter for the Library's non-professional employees, Distributive Workers of America Local 103B. ASF.

Library School, Graduate

G.L.S. Club News. 1946-1948 (monthly). Student organization. ASF.

GLS Alumni Newsletter. 1982-1987 (semi-annual). Continues Graduate Library School Alumni Newsletter. ASF.

Graduate Library School Alumni Newsletter. 1970-1982 (semi-annual). For alumni, by GLS Alumni Association. Continues Graduate Library School News Bulletin. Continued by GLS Alumni Newsletter. ASF.

Graduate Library School News Bulletin. 1953-1969 (quarterly). For alumni. Continues Graduate Library School Newsletter. Continued by Graduate Library School Alumni Newsletter. 1 [1953-1960, bound with Graduate Library School Newsletter], ASF [1961-1969].

Graduate Library School Newsletter. 1941-1953 (annual). For alumni. Continued by Graduate Library School News Bulletin. 1 [1941-1953], ASF [1943-1953].

Medical School (Pritzker School of Medicine)

Aesculapian. 1947 (annual). Student yearbook. 1 [bound with School of Medicine Yearbook], ASF.

Bio-Medical Libraries Bulletin. 1947-1948 (monthly). Recent accessions. ASF.

Bulletin of the Alumni Association of Rush Medical College. 1912-1924 (quarterly). B.

*Caduceus. 1994- (quarterly). Published by students of the Pritzker School of Medicine. ASF.

Children's News. 1976-1979 (quarterly). For alumni of the Department of Pediatrics (Pediatric Alumni Association). ASF.

Joint Student-Faculty Newsletter. 1968-1969. Medical School programs and student concerns. ASF.

Medical Alumni Directory. 1957. 1, A.

Medical School Alumni Association Bulletin. 1944-1968 (quarterly). Medical Alumni Association. Continued by Medicine on the Midway. 1.

*Medicine on the Midway. 1968- (quarterly). Medical Alumni Association. Continues Medical School Alumni Association Bulletin. 1 [1968-1981], ASF [1981- ].

Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Annual Report. 1970-1973 (annual). ASF.

Outlook. 1957-1959 (quarterly). From the Council on Medical and Biological Research; feature material on medical research. ASF.

Pediatric Alumni Bulletin. 1965 (quarterly). Pediatric Alumni Association. ASF.

Pediatric Alumni News. 1971-1973 (quarterly). Pediatric Alumni Association. ASF.

Pediatric News. 1973-1976 (quarterly). Pediatric Alumni Association. ASF.

Pulse. 1894-1895 (annual). Yearbook of the sophomore class of Rush Medical College. B.

Rush Medical College Address Book of Alumni. 1913-1914. A.

Rush Medical College Alumni Directory. 1963. A.

Rush Medical College Annual Announcements. 1874-1926 (annual). Program and course descriptions. B.

S.A.M.A. Student Directory. 1964. Published by Student American Medical Association. ASF.

School of Medicine Yearbook. 1945-1948 (annual). 1 [1945-1948], ASF [1945].

Senior Annual. 1944 (annual). 1 [bound with School of Medicine Yearbook], ASF.

Synapse. 1946 (annual). Student yearbook. 1 [bound with School of Medicine Yearbook].

Therapeutics Bulletin. Undated. Department of Pharmacy research papers. ASF.

Middle Eastern Studies, Center for

*Center for Middle Eastern Studies Newsletter. 1992- (quarterly). ASF.

Midwest Administration Center

Administrator's Notebook. 1961-1975 (nine times yearly). Articles of interest to educational administrators. ASF.

Midwest Administration Center Annual Report. 1958 (annual). ASF.

Military Service

Faculty Voice. 1966. Newsletter protesting requirement for faculty ranking to determine draft deferment eligibility. ASF.

Selective Service and Reservists Bulletin. 1950-1953. Current information on regulations for administrative officers of the University. ASF.

University of Chicago War Papers. 1918. Eight articles by faculty members, issued by the Publicity Committee of the University War Service. 1.

University War Activities. 1942-1945 (weekly). Board of Vocational Guidance and Placement newsletter for advisors, counselors, deans, and administrators. 1.

Music Department

Music Department Alumni Newsletter. 1945-1950 (annual). ASF.

Music Department News Notes. 1942 (annual). Alumni newsletter. ASF.

Music Department Newsletter. 1959 (annual). Alumni newsletter. ASF.

National Opinion Research Center (NORC)

NORC Report. 1982-1984 (annual). Annual report. ASF.

NORC Reporter. 1990. Newsletter. ASF.

Nursing Education, Committee on

Nursing Education Newsletter. 1941-1959 (annual). For Nursing Education Program alumni. ASF.

Oriental Institute

Archeological Newsletter. 1950-1966. For members and friends. 1 [1950-1958], ASF [1951-1966].

*Oriental Institute Annual Report. 1956- (annual). 1 [1960-1980], ASF [1956- ].

Oriental Institute Annual Report (online edition)

*Oriental Institute News and Notes. 1977- (monthly). For members and friends. ASF.

Orthogenic School

Lost and Found. 1950-1952 (monthly). Sonia Shankman Foundation newsletter. ASF.

Pediatrics Department

*Pediatric Comment. 1988- . Research news from the Department of Pediatrics. ASF.

Personnel Office

Ingleside Item. 1976-1979 (bimonthly). Newsletter for University staff. ASF.

Jamboreer. 1934-1941 (annual). Program of the annual Christmas Jamboree produced by women employees of the University. ASF.

Personnel Bulletin. 1950 (bimonthly). Personnel rules and regulations. ASF.

*Resource. 1989- (quarterly). News from University Human Resources Management. ASF.

Physical Education and Athletics Department

Athletic Bulletin. 1946-1956 (biweekly). Director of Athletics newsletter. Continued by Sportshorts. 1.

C Note. 1976-1979 (annual). Alumni newsletter reporting on University athletics and recreation. ASF.

*Graduate Women's Athletic Association Newsletter. 1990- . ASF.

Impact. 1985-1986 (biweekly). Sports program news. ASF.

Intercollegiate Intramural Athletics and Physical Education for Men. 1961-1973 (annual). Programs and facilities. ASF.

Physical Education Department Women's Division Student Handbook. 1967-1974 (annual). Requirements and programs. ASF.

Physical Education for Men. 1934-1957 (annual). Programs and facilities.

Sportshorts. 1956-1971 (monthly). News about men's sports. Continues Athletic Bulletin. 1 [1956-1968], ASF [1968-1971].

WAA Newsletter. 1971-1981 (quarterly). News of women's sports teams and alumnae of the Women's Athletic Association. ASF.

Physical Sciences Division

Division of Physical Sciences Publications. 1934-1952 (annual). Listing of publications of faculty members by department. ASF.

Physical Sciences Directory of Research. 1977-1979 (annual). Faculty research interests and activities. ASF.

Physical Sciences Division Newsletter. 1983-1985 (semi-annual). News for the Visiting Committee, including faculty appointments and honors, Ph.D. recipients, and major research activities. ASF.

Physical Sciences Prospectus. 1976 (annual). Research objectives of graduate and post-doctoral students. ASF.

*Research in Progress: The Physical Sciences. 1960- (irregular). Current faculty research. ASF.

Spectrum. 1971. Physical Sciences Collegiate Division Student Advisory Committee newsletter. ASF.

University of Chicago Reports: The Division of the Physical Sciences. 1964-1980 (quarterly). Digest of current research. ASF.

Physics Department

Department of Physics Publications. 1955-1968 (annual). Listing of publications of staff members and students. ASF.

Physics Department Newsletter. 1941 (annual). For alumni. ASF.

Political Science Department

Political Science Club Newsletter. 1947 (monthly). ASF.

Political Science Department Annual Report. 1926-1946 (annual). 1 [1926-1945], ASF [1939-1946].

Political Science Department Newsletter. 1953 (annual). ASF.

University Observer. 1947. Journal of politics. ASF.

Press, University of Chicago

Catalogue of Publications. 1901-1955 (annual). B.

*Complete Catalogue. 1966- (annual). Books and journals in print. B.

Press Impressions. 1923-1932 (monthly). Published by and for Press employees. B.

*Seasonal Catalogue. 1928- (quarterly). B.

Printing Department

Communicator. 1969 (irregular). Newsletter. ASF.

*1st Impressions. 1993- (quarterly). Newsletter. ASF.

Public Administration, Center for

Thirteen Thirteen. 1969 (bimonthly). Newsletter for board members, officers, and staff members of affiliated organizations. ASF.

Public Information Office

F. Y. I. 1972-1973 (weekly). Summary of recent news releases. ASF.

Midway Memo. 1969-1970 (weekly). News releases of campus events and announcements. ASF.

Public Policy Studies, Irving Harris Graduate School of

Committee on Public Policy Studies Report. 1982-1987 (annual). Interests and activities of the Committee. ASF.

Committee on Public Policy Studies Resume Book. 1980-1987. Resumes of graduating students. ASF.

Graduate School of Public Policy Studies Report. 1990 (annual). Continued by Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies Report. ASF.

*Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies Report. 1992- (annual). Continues Graduate School of Public Policy Studies Report. ASF.

*Public Policy and Aging Report. 1991- (bimonthly). Published by Center on Aging, Health and Society. ASF.

Radio and Television Office

Radio-Television News. 1963-1966 (monthly). Schedule of upcoming University programs for broadcast. ASF.

University of Chicago Round Table (Radio Program). 1938-1955, 1967-1968 (weekly). Transcripts of radio programs. 1.

University of Chicago Round Table (Television Program). 1969 (weekly). Text of television series on WTTW Channel 11. 1.

Research Administration, Office of

Funding Guide. 1985-1989 (monthly). Grant opportunities. After 1988, issued as part of Research News and Notes. ASF.

*Research News and Notes. 1988- (bimonthly). News and announcements concerning grants and contracts. Includes Funding Guide, grant opportunities. ASF.

*URA Newsletter. 1995- . News and funding opportunities. ASF.

Research Institutes

Insti-Toots. 1951 (monthly). Research Institutes newsletter. ASF.

Institute for the Study of Metals Quarterly Report. 1963-1966 (quarterly). Continued by James Franck Institute Quarterly Report. ASF.

James Franck Institute Quarterly Report. 1968-1972 (quarterly). Continues Institute for the Study of Metals Quarterly Report. ASF.

Research Institutes Telephone Directory. 1966. ASF.

Research Ramifications. 1950-1951 (monthly). Research Institutes newsletter. ASF.

Rockefeller Memorial Chapel

Chapel Common Newsletter. 1988-1989. ASF.

Chapel Organ. 1938 (biweekly). Chapel Union newsletter. ASF.

Chapel Outlook. 1939-1944 (weekly). Chapel Union newsletter. ASF.

Rockefeller Chapel Religious Service Programs. 1947-1982 (weekly). B.

*Undercroft. 1990- . Schedule of events. ASF.

Romance Languages and Literatures Department

Romance Languages and Literatures Department Newsletter. 1929-1962 (annual). For alumni. ASF.

School Mathematics Project

*UCSMP Newsletter. 1987- (semi-annual). ASF.

*University of Chicago School Mathematics Project. 1987- (annual). Annual report. ASF.

Sexual Violence Prevention Resource Center

*SVPRC Update. 1992- (monthly). Newsletter. ASF.

Smart Museum and Cochrane-Woods Art Center

*Bulletin. 1988- (annual). Scholarly articles related to Smart Museum's permanent collection. ASF.

Gallery. 1976-1983 (quarterly). Newsletter. ASF.

*Smart News. 1992- (quarterly). Announcements of exhibits and events. ASF.

Social Sciences Division

Divisional Requirement in Social Science. 1933-1945 (annual). Requirements for the divisional comprehensive examinations. ASF.

*University of Chicago Reports: The Division of the Social Sciences. 1964, 1976- (irregular). Current research. ASF.

Social Service Administration, School of

*Connections. 1993- (monthly). Newsletter for SSA field instructors. ASF.

*For Your Information. 1984- (monthly). Published by SSA Development Office. News of funding opportunities and awards, conferences, workshops, SSA events, and faculty activities. ASF.

Guaranteed Annual Income Newsletter. 1966-1967 (monthly). Published by the Ad Hoc Committee for a Guaranteed Income, a student group. ASF.

Issues. 1985. Research and teaching of SSA faculty members. ASF.

School of Social Service Administration Occasional Papers. 1970-1980 (irregular). ASF.

SSA Alumni Directory, 1908-1966. A.

*SSA Alumni Newsletter. 1952- (quarterly). SSA Alumni Association. 1 [1952-1981], ASF [1983- ].

SSA Club News and Views. 1934-1941 (quarterly). Student organization. ASF.

SSA Directory. 1969-1985 (annual). Addresses of students. ASF.

SSA Faculty News. 1960-1966 (monthly). 1 [1960-1966], ASF [1963-1965].

SSA Faculty Newsletter. 1972-1975 (annual). ASF.

SSA Field Instruction Directory. 1985-1987 (annual). Student directory including field placement assignments and addresses. ASF.

*SSA Magazine. 1991- (biannual). For alumni and friends. ASF.

SSA Magazine (online edition)

*SSA Newsletter. 1966- (weekly). Announcements and news for students and faculty members. 1 [1966-1969], ASF [1969- ].

*SSA Student Handbook. 1971- (annual). Information on programs and activities. ASF.

Sociology Department

Society for Social Research Bulletin. 1926-1978 (monthly). ASF.

South Asia Language and Area Center

*Chicago South Asia Newsletter. 1992- . Published by Outreach Educational Project and South Asia Resource Center. ASF.

Southern Asian Studies, Committee on

Programs and Dissertations in Southern Asian Studies at the University of Chicago. 1977. A.

*South Asian Students' Association Newsletter. 1995- . ASF.

Unions, Staff

Librarian Jackdaw. 1972-1973 (monthly). Newsletter promoting organization of Library by Local 103A, Distributive Workers of America. ASF.

*Library Bargaining Unit News. 1993- . Newsletter by Library union steward. ASF.

Library Employees' Newsletter. 1978-1980 (irregular). Information for Library members of Teamsters Local 743. ASF.

Library Staff Organizing Committee Newsletter. 1971 (weekly). Promotes organization of Library by Local 103, Distributive Workers of America. ASF.

Staff Union News. 1973-1975 (monthly). Staff Organizing Committee; promotes organization of University employees by the Distributive Workers of America. ASF.

Union Report. 1976-1978 (monthly). University of Chicago Laboratory Schools AFL-CIO Local 2063. ASF.

University of Chicago Employees Union. 1952 (monthly). ASF.

University of Chicago Staff Organizing Committee. 1971-1973. Sponsored by National Council Distributive Workers of America. ASF.

University-School Relations, Office of

*Newsletter for Science & Math Teachers. 1992- (quarterly). Dissemination of information about University research to science and math teachers. ASF.

University Theater

*Spotlight. 1992- (quarterly). Student theater schedule, news, and special events. ASF.

Urban Studies Center

Annual Progress Report of the Center for Urban Studies. 1967-1968 (annual). 1.

Center for Urban Studies Annual Report. 1969 (annual). 1.

Center for Urban Studies Progress Report. 1963-1967 (annual). 1.

Center Newsletter. 1968-1970 (quarterly). ASF.

Directory of Urban and Urban Related Master Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations of the University of Chicago. 1970. 1, A.

Yerkes Observatory

*Antarctic Astrophysics. 1994- . Bulletin of the Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica. ASF.

Yerkes Observatory Bulletin. 1896-1901 (irregular). Research papers. ASF.

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