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Guide to Campus Publications


Abstracts of Theses. 1922-1932. Abstracts of Ph.D. theses, published as a requirement for graduation. Includes Humanistic Series and Science Series. 1.

Alumni Directory. 1900-1986 (irregular). 1 [1910, 1913, 1919, 1973, 1974], A [1900, 1906, 1910, 1913, 1919, 1973, 1974, 1986].

Alumni Directory for California. 1956. 1, A.

Alumni Directory, Chicago and Vicinity. 1926-1956 (irregular). 1, A.

Alumni Directory, New York. 1950, 1956. 1, A.

Alumni Directory, Washington, D C. and Environs. 1950-1980 (irregular). 1 [1950, 1956, 1980], A [1950, 1956, 1967, 1980].

Collegiate Department Alumni Catalogue. 1893. Alumni directory. ASF.

Directory of Faculty, Trustees, Administrative Officers. 1949/50 (annual). Continues University of Chicago Directory (1930). Continued by Telephone Directory. 1, A.

*Fact Book. 1955- (annual). General facts and figures for use by University volunteers. ASF.

*Faculty Source List. 1973- (irregular). Subject guide to academic specializations of faculty. ASF.

General Register of Officers and Alumni, 1892-1902. Administrators, faculty, departmental fellows, and graduates. 1, A.

Guide for Foreign Visitors. 1976, 1981. ASF.

Handbook for Newcomers to the University of Chicago Community. 1967-1984 (annual). Information on neighborhood services. ASF.

Honorary Degrees Directory. 1898-1992 (irregular). 1, A.

Junior College Address Book. 1906 (annual). Bound with University of Chicago Address Book. A.

Official Guide. 1916-1930 (irregular). Guide to campus buildings. A.

*Portrait Directory. 1958- (annual). Names, addresses, and photographs of first-year students in the College. A.

Register of Doctors of Philosophy. 1927-1938 (irregular). Lists PhDs and titles of dissertations, by department. 1 [1931, 1938], A [1927, 1931, 1938].

Student Address List. 1916. A.

Student Directory. 1932-1974 (annual). Continued by University of Chicago Student Directory. A.

Telephone Directory (1930). 1930 (annual). Bound with University of Chicago Directory (1930). 1.

Telephone Directory. 1950-1962 (annual). Faculty, staff, and offices. Continues Directory of Faculty, Trustees, Administrative Officers. Continued by University of Chicago Directory (1963). 1, A.

Theses of the University of Chicago Doctors of Philosophy. 1921. A.

University Address List. 1906-1929 (annual). Faculty, trustees, officers. Continued by University of Chicago Directory (1930). 1 [incomplete], A.

University of Chicago Address Book. 1894-1916 (annual). Faculty, students, officers. 1 [1894-1896, 1913, 1915], A [1894-1916].

University of Chicago Directory. 1893 (annual). 1, A.

University of Chicago Directory (1930). 1930-1949 (annual). Faculty, officers, trustees, and staff. Continued by Directory of Faculty, Trustees, Administrative Officers. 1, A.

*University of Chicago Directory (1963). 1963- (annual). Continues Telephone Directory. 1, A.

*University of Chicago Student Directory. 1975- (annual). Continues Student Directory. A.

*University Senate Directory. 1946- (annual). From the Office of the Secretary of the Faculties. ASF.

*Visiting Committees Directory. 1973- (annual). B.

Walking Guide to the Campus. 1991. Guide to campus architecture, arranged in five walking tours. A.

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