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Guide to Campus Publications


Bulletin of Information. 1896-1907. Schedule of events, views of campus. ASF.

*Common Sense. 1980- (annual). Information on security and crime prevention. ASF.

Current Topics. 1893 (monthly). News and articles about the University, and articles of general literary interest. 1.

Faculty News Bulletin. 1943-1944 (quarterly). Continued by University of Chicago Faculty News Bulletin. 1.

Finals and Convocation Week Programmes. 1897-1901 (quarterly). Schedule of events. ASF.

*Neighborhood Safety & Security. 1993- (quarterly). Report of crime and security information for Hyde Park and South Kenwood, published by South East Chicago Commission. Supplement to Chicago Chronicle. ASF.

News from The University of Chicago. 1957-1959 (quarterly). From the Dean of Students. ASF.

Summary of Major News for the Trustees. 1965-1973 (weekly). From the Office of Public Information. ASF.

Tower Topics. 1933-1941 (weekly). Campus newsletter issued by the Coffee Shop, Hutchinson Commons, Cloister Club, and Reynolds Club. 1.

U of C Calendar. 1971-1973 (biweekly). Schedule of events. ASF.

University News. 1892-1893 (daily). Campus newspaper. 1.

University News Letter. 1909-1930 (biweekly). Press releases. 1.

University of Chicago Bulletins. 1973-1981 (biweekly). News and events. 1, A.

*University of Chicago Chronicle. 1981- (semi-weekly). General news and schedule of events. Formerly Chicago Chronicle. 1 [1981-1986], A [current copies], B [1981- ].

University of Chicago Chronicle (online edition)

University of Chicago Faculty News Bulletin. 1947-1962 (quarterly). Continues Faculty News Bulletin. 1.

*University of Chicago Magazine. 1908- (bimonthly). Alumni magazine. 1, A.

University of Chicago Magazine (online edition)

University of Chicago Reports. 1950-1968 (quarterly). Digest of current research (see also divisional University of Chicago Reports). 1 [1950-1960], ASF [1959-1968].

University Public Lectures. 1916-1923 (annual). Calendar of summer lectures and programs. ASF.

Weekly Calendar. 1901-1971 (weekly). Official calendar of campus events. 1 [1901- 1971], A [1905-1969].

Weekly Official Bulletin. 1893-1894 (weekly). Schedule of meetings, lectures, examinations, and religious services. ASF.

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