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Manhattan Project and Atomic Scientists

Manhattan Project and Metallurgical Laboratory Sources

Because of the distribution of Manhattan Project research teams and production facilities at numerous sites across the country during World War II, historical records of the atomic bomb program are widely dispersed.

Researchers interested in documentation of the Metallurgical Laboratory at the University of Chicago, or the Manhattan Project as a whole, should consult the holdings of the National Archives-Great Lakes Region (Chicago Branch) as well as the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C., and its NARA Archival Research Catalog (ARC).

Additional related material is held by Argonne National Laboratory in suburban Chicago.

Selected Archives and Modern Manuscript Collections

The following collections are accessible through finding aids in the Special Collections Research Center.
Finding aids that have been converted to digital form can be searched in the online finding aids database.

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  • Samuel King Allison. Papers.
  • Archival Biographical Files.
  • University of Chicago Photographic Archive.
  • Archival Serials.
  • Association of Cambridge Scientists. Records.
  • Association of Los Alamos Scientists. Records.
  • Association of Oak Ridge Engineers and Scientists. Records.
  • Association of Pasadena Scientists. Records.
  • Association of Scientists for Atomic Education. Records.
  • Atomic Scientists. Miscellaneous Records.
  • Atomic Scientists of Chicago. Records.
  • Atomic Scientists Printed and Near-Print Material. Records.
  • Seymour Bernstein. Papers.
  • Niels Bohr. Collection. Cataloged as: oblQC16.B67A3 Rare
  • Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Records.
  • Charles D. Coryell. Papers.
  • Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists. Records.
  • Federation of American Scientists. Records.
  • Enrico Fermi. Papers.
  • James Franck. Papers.
  • Paul S. Henshaw. Papers.
  • Thorfin R. Hogness. Papers.
  • Clyde Allen Hutchison, Jr. Papers.
  • Lawrence H. Lanzl. Papers
  • Robert S. Mulliken. Papers.
  • Robert L. Platzman. Papers.
  • Eugene I. Rabinowitch. Papers.
  • J. H. Rush. Papers.
  • Samuel Schwartz. Papers.
  • John A. Simpson. Papers.
  • Francis W. Test. Papers.
  • University of Chicago. Dept. of Physics. Records.
  • University of Chicago. Division of the Physical Sciences. Records.
  • University of Chicago. Institute for Nuclear Studies, Cyclotron. Records.
  • University of Chicago. Louis Slotin Memorial Fund. Records.
  • University of Chicago. Nuclear Pile and Plutonium 20th Anniversary. Records.
  • University of Chicago. Presidents' Papers.
  • Uranium Committee. Laboratory Records.
  • Washington Association of Scientists. Records.
  • Marvin Wilkening. Papers.

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