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Military, War and Veterans

    American Veterans Committee, Chicago Area Council. Records

    The collection contains documents from the American Veterans Council, founded in 1944 and disbanded in 2003. The American Veterans Council was a liberal Veterans’ organization that sought to protect and extend Democracy. The collection spans from 1946-1973, with the bulk of the collection from 1946-1958. Researches interested in union and or Veterans history, especially with regards to Chicago, will find this collection useful.

    Beaumont, William. Collection

    William Beaumont (1785-1853), surgeon in the United States Army and pioneer in gastroenterology. The William Beaumont Collection contains correspondence, medical documents, legal documents, photographs, artwork, artifacts, and ephemera of William Beaumont and of the Beaumont family. Materials date from 1821 to 1938, with the bulk dating between 1830 and 1889.

    Cate, James Lea. Papers

    James Lea Cate (1899-1981) was a scholar of medieval history and historiography, and a professor at the University of Chicago from 1930 to 1969. A veteran of World War II, Cate studied aviation history, co-edited the seven-volume history Army Air Forces in World War II, and earned an award for Exceptional Civilian Service for his consultancy in the History Office of the United States Air Force. The collection includes material pertaining to Cate's research, writing, and teaching; material relevant to his administrative contributions to the University and to outside professional activities; correspondence; and personal ephemera. Materials date between 1920 and 1980, with the bulk of the material dating between 1945 and 1978.

    Duckworth, Sir John Thomas. Papers

    Contains correspondence, naval orders and instructions, and reports. Also includes an 1811 broadside printed in Newfoundland. Topics highlight some of Duckworth's decisions as British governor and naval commander of Newfoundland on the eve of the War of 1812.

    French Currency. Collection

    The French Currency Collection contains monetary notes and short manuscripts on the history of French Revolutionary paper moneys. This collection includes assignats, promesses de mandats, and billets de confiance. The French Currency Collection dates from 1791 to 1796.

    Gilkey, Langdon. Papers

    Langdon Brown Gilkey taught at the Divinity School of the University of Chicago from 1963 until his retirement in 1989. He was a prominent protestant theologian, an expert on the relation between science and religion, and a key respondent to the rise of intelligent design as a way of teaching creationism. During 1940-1945 he taught at Yenching University (now part of Peking University) in Beijing, China, then occupied by the Japanese, and from 1943 to 1945 he was interned along with other Allied civilians at the Weihsien Internment Camp (or Weihsien Civilian Assembly Center). The collection contains official and personal correspondence, notes, manuscripts and typescripts, newspaper clippings, postcards, periodicals and other publications, photographs, and administrative documents dating between 1934 and 2004. The bulk of the material dates between 1940-1945 and 1954-2004. The papers primarily document Langdon Gilkey’s life in China during the Second World War and his professional career as theologian, academician, and professor at the Divinity School of the University of Chicago and other institutions.

    Goettler, Harold E. Papers

    Harold E. Goettler was a University of Chicago graduate (1914) who joined the United States Air Service in 1917. Goettler was killed in the line of duty during World War I, while flying supply runs to Allied troops trapped by Germans in the Argonne Forest. This collection contains memorabilia of Goettler's days as a student, including an exceptionally large and elaborate scrapbook representing his academic, athletic and social activities at University of Chicago. Also included are memorabilia from his time in the Air Service.

    Harlan, Robert and Lois. Papers

    Robert and Lois Harlan were alumni of the University of Chicago. Robert Harlan was an exchange student in Marburg, Germany in 1938-1939 at the dawn of the Second World War and experienced the Kristallnacht. He served as Consul General of the United States in Frankfurt, Germany during 1971-1975. The collection contains official and personal correspondence, notes, manuscripts and typescripts, newspaper clippings and copies, scrapbooks, and photographs dating between 1922 and 2009. The bulk of the material dates between 1935 and 1940 and 1971-1975. The papers primarily document Robert Harlan's student years, his exchange in Germany, and his consulship in Frankfurt.

    Hitchcock Family. Papers

    This collection is made up of the correspondence, business papers, and assorted miscellany of Dexter and Sheldon Hitchcock, and their families between 1834 and 1878. Of interest to the economic historian will be the shipping receipts and bills of lading in the business papers of Dexter Hitchcock, 1834-1835, and the various personal account books for the post Civil War period in Folder 6. There are also two interesting letters dealing with western lands in the correspondence of Sheldon Hitchcock, and a group of letters written by soldiers in the Union Army to family and friends in Aurora, Illinois.

    Johnson, Edgar N. . Papers

    Born in Chicago in 1901, Edgar N. Johnson was a University of Chicago undergraduate and graduate student in history. He served on the history faculties of University of Nebraska, Brandeis University, and University of Massachusetts. From 1943-1946, he served in the Office of Strategic Services in England and continental Europe. This collection contains letters written home to his family during this period, as well as biographical material, photographs, and incoming correspondence.

    Lindblad, Andrew. Collection

    This collection contains guidebooks and ephemera from the 1893 World's Columbia Exposition and the 1934 World's Fair in Chicago, Illinois. It also includes contemporary magazines and brochures. The collection dates from 1893 to 1937, with the bulk of the material dating from 1933 to 1937.

    Malone, Virginia Eckels. Family. Papers

    Virginia Eckels Malone (1898-1978) was a writer and amateur historian who lived in Chicago, Washington D.C., and Long Island, New York. Her extended family included distinguished politicians, attorneys, and philanthropists. The collection consists of family papers kept by Virginia Eckels Malone. There are papers of the Eckels family, the Malone family, and the Bright, Oberly, and Schuckers families. It also includes Virginia Eckels Malone's own personal papers. Materials include correspondence, publications, ephemera, manuscripts, financial and organizational records, photographs, artworks and artifacts.

    Murphy, William S. Papers

    William S. Murphy was a military historian who studied Irish participation in European armies, particularly their role in French and Spanish campaigns in colonial America. This collection contains his articles, drafts, and research material.

    Niewiarowski, Radzia Jankowski. Papers

    Radzia Niewiarowski, student. Niewiarowski was a University of Chicago graduate in 1921. She was imprisoned in a Nazi camp at Liebenau during the German occupation of Poland in World War II. The collection consists of a typescript of her experiences during this time.

    Offenbach Archival Depot. Collection

    The Offenbach Archival Depot Collection contains bookplates, stamps, and monograms, arranged by countries in Eastern Europe, the Americas, and Western Europe. These bookplates, stamps, and monograms served as identifiers in restoring materials stolen by the Nazis to their original repositories following World War II.

    Oppenheim, Adolf Leo and Elizabeth. Papers

    This collection consists of documents relating to the lives of Leo and Elizabeth Oppenheim. A majority of the documents and correspondence relate to the couple's sustained attempts to leave Europe and immigrate to the United States during World War II. Documents within this collection date from 1888 to 1980, with the bulk of the documents dating between 1938 and 1946.

    Shillinglaw, David Lee. Papers

    David Lee Shillinglaw (b. June 6, 1889, d. February 13, 1976) was a World War I-veteran, American Legionnaire, investment banker, and a Chicago civic leader. The collection contains correspondence, diaries, appointment books, notes, manuscripts, typescripts, blueprints, reports, clippings, World War I-era ephemera and publications, photographs, audiotape reels, and scrapbooks. Materials date between 1892 and 1971, with the bulk of the material dating between 1917 and 1960. The papers primarily document Shillinglaw's service in the YMCA American Expeditionary Forces and the army during WWI, his public speaking engagements, his service in the American Legion, and his personal involvement in numerous political organizations and boards.

    United States Government War Exposition, 1918. Collection

    This collection consists of documents from the U.S. Government War Exposition of 1918. The exposition took place in Chicago's Grant Park, September 2-15, 1918. The bulk of the collection dates from this time.

    University of Chicago. Wartime Military Training Programs. Records

    This collection contains correspondence, memoranda, reports, financial records, curricula, evaluations, and correspondence related to the wartime activities of the University of Chicago. Materials in this collection primarily document the Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP) and the Civil Aeronautics Administration's War Training Service Program (WTS). Other minor wartime programs contained within this collection include Army Sponsored Meteorological Training, Civil Affairs Training School, Institute for Military Studies, and Production Training for War Industries. Also contained with this collection are documents pertaining to the University's military programs during the interwar years and the University's activities during World War II.

    University of Chicago. World War I Ephemera. Collection

    This collection contains memoranda, correspondence, certificates, reports, and records pertaining to the University's activities during World War I. Materials in this collection date from 1917 to1922, with the bulk of the material dating to 1917.