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Paper Dolls. Collection


mid 19th century


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This collection consists of paper dolls and accompanying paper clothing and accessories. The dolls were found in an 1839 volume of the New York Mirror, a weekly gazette of literature and the fine arts. Made by hand from scraps of magazines and wallpaper, the dolls are each unique, well-preserved examples of a typically fragile and ephemeral folk art.

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Scope Note

The dolls in this collection appear to date from the mid-19th century. Their exact date and place of origin are unknown.

The first Western paper dolls appeared in 18th century Paris during the reign of Louis XV. Several sources assert their existence in 9th century Japan. While the French considered the dolls to be whimsical toys, the British used similar dolls to convey moral messages. Early European paper dolls often depicted actors and actresses and could be used with toy stages. Many of these dolls had permanently printed costumes. Early dressmakers also used a version of a paper doll, eight inches tall with joints made of thread, to design and model clothing.

The first American paper dolls were much less elaborate. As paper was a prized resource in Pioneer America, it was rarely used for toys. Those children privileged enough to obtain them often stored them between the pages of a book. As paper became more available, the dolls were mass produced on cardboard. McLoughlin Brothers, founded in 1828, was the largest paper doll manufacturer of its day. The dolls were printed from engraved wood blocks. Early American paper dolls were typically colored by hand. During the Civil War, widows often earned money by making and embellishing paper dolls. The first paper dolls did not include tabs for dressing the dolls. Instead, drops of sealing wax attached the clothing.

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Box 1   Folder 1

Accession information

Box 1   Folder 2

Four paper dolls (female)

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Box 1   Folder 3

Two paper dolls (male)

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Box 1   Folder 4

Three paper doll gowns

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Box 1   Folder 5

Paper doll dresses

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Box 1   Folder 6

Paper doll jackets (female)

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Box 1   Folder 7

Paper doll hats (female)

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Box 1   Folder 8

Paper doll top hat and accessories

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Box 1   Folder 9

Paper doll undergarments

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Box 1   Folder 10

Paper doll cloaks/shawls

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Box 1   Folder 11

Paper doll lace collars

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Box 1   Folder 12

Paper doll suits (male)

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Box 1   Folder 13

Misc. paper doll accessories

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