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March 2013

SSA General Collection

BF175.5.D74 C84 2013 c.1 SSAd

Cushway, Delia .

Therapy with dreams and nightmares:theory, research & practice /:Delia Joyce Cushway and

Robyn Sewell.  2nd ed.

London ;:Thousand Oaks, Calif.:SAGE,:2013.

xiv, 150 p. ;:25 cm.


BF175.5.M37 L64 2012 c.1 SSAd

Loeb, Loretta R. .

Helping men:a psychoanalytic approach /:Loretta R. Loeb and Felix F. Loeb Jr.

Astoria, NY:International Psychoanalytic Books ;:[New York]:Jason Aronson,:c2012.

v, 193 p. ;:23 cm.


BF575.H27 O94 2013 c.1 SSAd

The Oxford handbook of happiness /:edited by Susan A. David, Ilona Boniwell and Amanda

Conley Ayers.

Oxford:Oxford University Press,:2013.

xxx, 1097 p., [8] p. of plates:ill. (some col.), maps (some col.) ;:26 cm.


BF636.6.G45 2012 c.1 SSAd

Geldard, Kathryn .

Personal counseling skills:an integrative approach /:by Kathryn Geldard and David Geldard.  Rev. 1st ed.

Springfield, Ill.:Charles C. Thomas,:2012.

331 p.:ill. ; 26 cm.


BF636.7.C76 DA7 2013 c.1 SSAd

D'Ardenne, Patricia .

Counselling in transcultural settings:priorities for a restless world /:Patricia d'Ardenne.

London ;:Thousand Oaks, Calif.:SAGE,:2013.

xviii, 188 p. ;:25 cm.


BF637.B4 K4 2013 c.1 SSAd

Kazdin, Alan E. .

Behavior modification in applied settings /:Alan E. Kazdin.  7th ed.

Long Grove, Ill.:Waveland Press,:c2013.

xvi, 680 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


BF637.C6 B442 2013 c.1 SSAd

Berg, Robert C., 1938-

Group counseling:concepts and procedures /:Robert C. Berg, Garry A. Landreth, and Kevin A. Fall.  Fifth Edition.

New York, NY:Routledge,:2013.

ix, 244 pages ;:26 cm


BF637.C6 E39 2014 c.1 SSAd

Egan, Gerard .

The skilled helper:a problem-management and opportunity-development approach to helping

/:Gerard Egan.  10th ed.

Belmont, Calif.:Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning,:c2014.

xv, 464 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


BF698 .M93 2013 c.1 SSAd

Mychals, Brandy.

How to read a client from across the room:win more business with the proven character code

system to decode verbal and nonverbal communication /:Brandy Mychals.

New York:McGraw-Hill,:c2013.

xv, 234 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


BF698.5 .S555 2013 c.1 SSAd

Silverstein, Marshall L. .

Personality assessment in depth:a casebook /:Marshall L. Silverstein.

New York:Routledge,:2013.

x, 330 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


BF721 .A6943 2013 c.1 SSAd

Archer, Caroline, 1948-

Reparenting the child who hurts:a guide to healing developmental trauma and attachments

/:Caroline Archer and Christine Gordon ; foreword by Gregory C. Keck, Ph.D.

London ;:Philadelphia:Jessica Kingsley Publishers,:2013.

287 pages ;:23 cm


BF724.5 .R63 2013 c.1 SSAd

Robinson, Oliver .

Development through adulthood:an integrative sourcebook /:Oliver Robinson.

Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ;:New York:Palgrave Macmillan,:2013.

xxiii, 446 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


F1408.3.N62 1991 c.1 SSAd

Noble, Judith .

The Hispanic way:aspects of behavior, attitudes, and customs in the Spanish-speaking world

/:Judith Noble, Jaime Lacasa.

[Chicago]:Passport Books,:c1991.

x, 113 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


H62 .S47296 2013 c.1 SSAd

Simmons, Catherine A. .

Tools for strengths-based assessment and evaluation /:Catherine A. Simmons, PhD, LCSW,

Peter Lehmann, PhD, LCSW.

New York:Springer Publishing Company,:[2013]

xxv, 534 pages:illustrations ;:28 cm


HC79.P6 B5396 2012 c.2 SSAd

The biological consequences of socioeconomic inequalities /:Barbara Wolfe, William Evans,

Teresa E. Seeman, editors.

New York:Russell Sage Foundation,:[2012]

xx, 269 pages:illustrations ;:23 cm


HD5706.I585 2012 c.1 SSAd

Inside the black box:what makes workforce development programs successful? /:Elizabeth

Weigensberg ... [et al.].

Chicago:Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago,:2012.

91 p. ;:28 cm.


HD5726.C4C453 2011 c.1 SSAd

Chicago's labor force in context:how Chicago's population, local economy, and labor force have

changed over time and how they compare to other cities /:Elizabeth Weigensberg ... [et al.].

Chicago:Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago,:2011.

80 leaves:ill. (some col.) ;:28 cm.


HD7261 .H84 2013 c.1 SSAd

Hughes, Mark, Ph. D. ,:.

Organisations and management in social work /:Mark Hughes & Michael Wearing.  2nd ed.

London ;:Thousand Oaks, Calif.:SAGE Pub.,:2013.

226 p. ;:ill. ;:25 cm.


HF5549.5.M5 O92 2013 c.1 SSAd

The Oxford handbook of diversity and work /:edited by Quinetta M. Roberson.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xvi, 483 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


HM821 .A346 2012 c.2 SSAd

The age of dualization:the changing face of inequality in deindustrializing societies /:edited by

Patrick Emmenegger ... [et al.].

Oxford ;:New York:Oxford University Press,:c2012.

xiv, 338 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


HM831 .H454 2013 c.2 SSAd

Helping beyond the 50-minute hour:therapists involved in meaningful social action /:edited by

Jeffrey A. Kottler, Matt Englar-Carlson, and Jon Carlson.

Helping beyond the fifty-minute hour

New York:Routledge,:2013.

xxii, 294 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HM1131 .W67 2013 c.1 SSAd

Working with alienated children and families:a clinical guidebook /:edited by Amy J. L. Baker

& S. Richard Sauber.

New York, NY:Routledge,:c2013.

xiii, 277 p. ;:24 cm.


HN18.3.U57 2013 c.1 SSAd

Unsicker, Jeff, 1950-

Confronting power:the practice of policy advocacy /:Jeff Unsicker.

Sterling, Va.:Kumarian Press,:c2013.

xi, 272 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HN28.B44 2013 c.2 SSAd

The behavioral foundations of public policy /:edited by Eldar Shafir.

Princeton:Princeton University Press,:c2013.

xv, 511 p. ;:26 cm.


HN65 .S63 2013 c.1 SSAd

Social work and social development:perspectives from India and the United States /:edited by

Shweta Singh.

Chicago, Ill.:Lyceum Books,:c2013.

xv, 448 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HN373.5 .H45 2013 c.1 SSAd

Hemerijck, A. (Anton)

Changing welfare states /:Anton Hemerijck.

Oxford:Oxford University Press,:2013.

xxi, 485 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HQ71 .G73 1991 c.1 SSAd

Graber, Ken. .

Ghosts in the bedroom:a guide for partners of incest survivors /:by Ken Graber.

Deerfield Beach, Fla.:Health Communications,:c1991.

viii, 150 p. ;:22 cm.


HQ800.4.U6K56 2012 c.2 SSAd

Klinenberg, Eric .

Going solo:the extraordinary rise and surprising appeal of living alone /:Eric Klinenberg.

New York:Penguin Press,:2012.

273 p. ;:25 cm.


HQ1059.4.U63 2012 c.1 DVD SSAdMed

Updating midlife:psychoanalytic perspectives /:edited by Guillermo Julio Montero, Alicia Mirta

Ciancio de Montero, and Liliana Singman de Vogelfanger.

London:Karnac Books,:2012.

xxvii, 170 p. ;:23 cm. +:1 DVD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)


HV11 .P76 2013 c.1 SSAd

Promoting health and well-being in social work education /:edited by Beth R. Crisp and Liz Beddoe.

Abingdon, Oxon ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.

x, 168 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


HV40 .D4393 2013 c.1 SSAd

Delgado, Melvin .

Asset assessments and community social work practice /:Melvin Delgado and Denise Humm-Delgado.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

viii, 297 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


HV40 .I58 2012 c.1 SSAd

International social development:social work experiences and perspectives /:edited by Tuula

Heinonen & Julie Drolet.

Halifax:Fernwood Pub.,:c2012.

viii, 246 p. ;:23 cm.


HV40 .M5195 2013 c.2 SSAd

Mik-Meyer, Nanna. .

Power and welfare:understanding citizens' encounters with state welfare /:Nanna Mik-Meyer and

Kaspar Villadsen.

Abingdon, Oxon ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.

xi, 162 p. ;:24 cm.


HV40.35 .C68 2013 c.1 SSAd

Cox, David R. (David Ray)

International social work:issues, strategies, and programs /:David Cox, La Trobe University,

Manohar Pawar, Charles Sturt University. Second Edition.

Thousand Oaks, California:SAGE Publications,:[2013]

xiii, 624 pages ;:24 cm


HV41 .C29 2013 c.1 SSAd

Carroll, Michael, 1953 Nov. 7-

Ethical maturity in the helping professions:making difficult life and work decisions /:Michael

Carroll and Elisabeth Shaw ; foreword by Tim Bond.

London ;:Philadelphia:Jessica Kingsley Publishers,:2013.

379 pages ;:23 cm


HV41.W973 2011 c.1 SSAd

Wulczyn, Fred .

Research is action:disparity, poverty, and the need for new knowledge /:Fred Wulczyn.

Chicago:Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago,:2011.

14 leaves ;:28 cm.


HV43.A17 2011 c.1 SSAd

2010 analysis of the practice of social work /:the Association of Social Work Boards.

[United States]:Association of Social Work Boards,:[2011?]

1 v. (various pagings):ill. ;:28 cm.


HV95 .C66 2013 c.1 SSAd

Connecting social welfare policy to fields of practice /:edited by Ira C. Colby, Catherine N.

Dulmus, Karen M. Sowers.

Hoboken, N.J.:Wiley,:c2013.

xviii, 293 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV530.M388 2013 c.1 SSAd

Matthews, Ronald Eric .

Is charity a choice?:Protestant evangelicals, Charitable Choice and the feeding of the poor /:by

Ronald Eric Matthews, Jr. and Janet Lane.

Newcastle upon Tyne:Cambridge Scholars Pub.,:2012.

vi, 140 p.:ill. ;:22 cm.


HV697 .H66 2013 c.1 SSAd

Social work practice with individuals and families:evidence-informed assessments and

interventions /:edited by Michael J. Holosko, Catherine N. Dulmus, Karen M. Sowers.

Hoboken, N.J.:John Wiley & Sons,:c2013.

xviii, 314 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV713 .A353 2012 c.1 SSAd

Adamson, Peter, 1946 Sept. 23-

Measuring child poverty:new league tables of child poverty in the world's rich countries.

Florence, Italy:UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre,:c2012.

36 p. ;:30 cm.


HV715.R344 2011 c.1 SSAd

Race and child welfare /:by Elizabeth Bartholet ... [et al.].

Chicago:Chapin Hall,:2011.

4 p. ;:28 cm.


HV741 .L37 2013 c.2 SSAd

Lamy, Cynthia E. (Cynthia Esposito), 1960-

American children in chronic poverty:complex risks, benefit-cost analyses, and untangling the

knot /:Cynthia E. Lamy.

Lanham, Md.:Lexington Books,:c2013.

x, 197 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV741.R435 2010 c.1 SSAd

Real cases:integrating child welfare practice across the social work curriculum /:Carol S. Cohen

... [et al.], editors.

New York:New York City Social Work Education Consortium & New York City

Administration for Children's Services,:2010.

138 leaves ;:28 cm.


HV742.F5S754 2012 c.1 SSAd

Spielberger, Julie .

Improving school readiness:a brief report from the Palm Beach County family study /:Julie

Spielberger, Marcia GouvÒea, Lauren Rich.

Chicago:Chapin Hall Center for Children,:2012.

10 leaves:ill. ;:28 cm.


HV742.F5S977 2011 c.1 SSAd

Supporting low-income parents of young children:the Palm Beach County Family Study fifth

annual report /:Julie Spielberger ... [et al.].

Palm Beach County Family Study fifth annual report

Chicago:Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago,:2011.

xviii, 210 p. ;:28 cm.


HV742.I3B955 2012 c.1 SSAd

Building a system of support for evidence-based home visitation programs in Illinois:findings

from year 2 of the Strong Foundations evaluation /:Julie Spielberger ... [et al.].

Chicago:Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago,:2012.

vii, 120 p.:ill. ;:28 cm.


HV881.F989 2011 c.1 SSAd

The future of foster care:a revolution for change : Congressional Coalition on Adoption

Institute's 2011 foster youth internship report.

Washington, D.C.:Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute,:2011.

103 leaves:ill. ;:28 cm.


HV881.W953 2011 c.1 SSAd

Wulczyn, Fred .

Who are the infants in out-of-home care ?:an epidemiological and developmental snapshot /:by

Fred Wulczyn, Michelle Ernst, and Philip Fisher.

Chicago:Chapin Hall,:2011.

11 p. ;:28 cm.


HV883.C2M68 2012 c.1 SSAd

Mosley, Jennifer E. .

Partnership and the politics of care:advocates' role in passing and implementing California's law

to extend foster care /:Jennifer E. Mosley, Mark E. Courtney.

Chicago:Chapin Hall Center for Children,:2012.

28 leaves ;:28 cm.


HV883.M53M53 2011 c.1 SSAd

Midwest evaluation of the adult functioning of former foster youth:outcomes at age 26 /:Mark E.

Courtney ... [et al.].

Chicago, Ill.:Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago,:2011.

117 p. ;:28 cm.


HV4045.S464 2000 c.1 SSAd

Shorris, Earl, 1936-2012.

Riches for the poor:the Clemente Course in the Humanities /:Earl Shorris.

Clemente Course in the Humanities

New York:W.W. Norton,:2000.

273 p. ;:21 cm.


HV4998 .M693 2012 c.1 SSAd

Moyers, William Cope .

Now what?:an insider's guide to addiction and recovery /:William Cope Moyers.

Center City, Minn.:Hazelden,:c2012.

xiii, 193 p. ;:22 cm.


HV6024.5.C49 2013 c.1 SSAd

Chamberlain, John Martyn, 1972-

Understanding criminological research:a guide to data analysis /:John Martyn Chamberlain.

London ;:Los Angeles:SAGE,:2013.

252 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


HV6046 .P47 2013 c.1 SSAd

Perceptions of female offenders:how stereotypes and social norms affect criminal justice responses

/:Brenda L. Russell, editor.

New York:Springer,:c2013.

x, 196 p. ;:25 cm.


HV6248.M2747 A43 2012 c.1 SSAd

Albarus, Carmeta. .

The making of Lee Boyd Malvo:the D.C. sniper /:Carmeta Albarus ; with forensic analysis by

Jonathan H. Mack.

New York:Columbia University Press,:c2012.

257 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV6545 .S799 2013 c.1 SSAd

Suicide and culture:understanding the context /:Erminia Colucci and David Lester (editors) ;

with Heidi Hjelmeland and B.C. Ben Park.


viii, 269 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HV6570 .M33 2012 c.1 SSAd

McAlinden, Anne-Marie .

'Grooming' and the sexual abuse of children:institutional, Internet, and familial dimensions

/:Anne-Marie McAlinden.

Oxford:Oxford University Press,:2012.

xv, 376 p. ;:23 cm.


HV6626 .C647 2013 c.1 SSAd

Collis, Susan, 1948-

Hearing young people talk about witnessing domestic violence:exploring feelings, coping

strategies and pathways to recovery /:Susan Collis ; foreword by Gill Hague.

London:Jessica Kingsley Publishers,:2013, ├2013.

160 p. ;:23 cm.


HV6626.5.B45 2012 c.1 SSAd

Benedetti, Genevieve. .

Innovations in the field of child abuse and neglect prevention:a review of the literature

/:Genevieve Benedetti.

Chicago:Chapin Hall Center for Children,:2012.

iii, 65 leaves ;:28 cm.


HV6626.5.P374 2012 c.1 SSAd

Parents' pasts and families' futures:using family assessments to inform perspectives on reasonable

efforts and reunification /:Cheryl Smithgall ... [et al.].

Chicago:Chapin Hall Center for Children,:2012.

36 leaves ;:28 cm.


HV9069.Y68 2002 c.1 SSAd

Youth justice:critical readings /:edited by John Muncie, Gordon Hughes, Eugene McLaughlin.

London ;:Thousand Oaks:SAGE in association with the Open University,:2002.

xii, 476 p. ;:25 cm.


HV9104 .A27 2012 c.1 SSAd

Abrams, Laura S. .

Compassionate confinement:a year in the life of Unit C /:Laura S. Abrams, Ben Anderson-

New Brunswick, N.J.:Rutgers University Press,:c2012.

xii, 169 p. ;:23 cm.


HV9104 .M24 2013 c.1 SSAd

Mallett, Christopher A. .

Linking disorders to delinquency:treating high-risk youth in the juvenile justice system

/:Christopher A. Mallett.

Boulder, Colorado:FirstForumPress,:[2013]

xi, 187 pages:illustrations ;:24 cm


HV9108 .Y67 2012 c.1 SSAd

Youth at risk and youth justice:a Canadian overview /:edited by John Winterdyk, Russell


Don Mills, Ont.:Oxford University Press,:2012.

xix, 416 p.:col. ill. ;:26 cm.


JV6456 .K65 2011 c.1 SSAd


The immigrant advantage:what we can learn from newcomers to America about health,

happiness, and hope /:Claudia Kolker.  1st Free Press hardcover ed.

New York:Free Press,:2011.

vii, 239 p. ;:24 cm.


LB1092 .P84 2013 c.1 SSAd

Psychodynamic perspectives on working with children, families, and schools /:edited by

Michael O'Loughlin.

Lanham, Md.:Jason Aronson,:c2013.

xi, 335 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


LB3013.32 .D87 2013 c.1 SSAd

Dupper, David R. .

School bullying:new perspectives on a growing problem /:David R. Dupper.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xiii, 119 p. ;:24 cm.


LB3013.4 .S372 2013 c.1 SSAd

The school services sourcebook /:editors, Cynthia Franklin, Mary Beth Harris, Paula Allen-

Meares.  2nd ed.

Oxford ;:New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xix, 987 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


LC215 .H27 2012 c.1 SSAd

Harbour, Patricia Moore .

Community educators:a resource for educating and developing our youth /:by Patricia Moore

Harbour; forward by David Mathews.

Dayton, Ohio:Kettering Foundation Press,:2012.

206 p. ;:23 cm.


LC221.M355 2010 c.1 SSAd

Making community an authentic part of school and community partnerships /:Lisa Walker ... [et al.].

Chicago:Chapin Hall,:[2010?]

13 leaves ;:28 cm.


LC5081 .A515 2012 c.1 SSAd

Astor, Ron Avi,

The military family's parent guide for supporting your child in school /...

New York:Teachers College Press,:[2012]

viii, 88 pages:illustrations ;:23 cm


R726.2.H355 2011 c.1 SSAd

Hammes, Bernard J. .

Building a systems approach to advance care planning /:written by Bernard J. Hammes & Linda

Briggs ; produced by Rana Limbo, Cathy Fischer & Mary Beth Hensel.

LaCrosse, Wisconsin:Bereavement and Advance Care Planning Services, Gundersen Lutheran

Medical Foundation, Inc.,:2011.

iv, 219 p. ;:28 cm.


RA395.A3 H33 2012 c.1 SSAd

Hackey, Robert B. .

Cries of crisis:rethinking the health care debate /:Robert B. Hackey.

Reno:University of Nevada Press,:c2012.

xi, 174 p. ;:24 cm.


RA427.8 .E447 2002 c.2 SSAd

Emerging theories in health promotion practice and research:strategies for improving public

health /:Ralph J. DiClemente, Richard A. Crosby, Michelle C. Kegler, editors ; foreword by

Lawrence W. Green.

San Francisco:Jossey-Bass,:c2002.

xvii, 414 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


RA790 .N44 2013 c.1 SSAd

Newton, Jennifer, 1953-

Preventing mental ill-health:informing public health planning and mental health practice

/:Jennifer Newton.

Abingdon, Oxon ;:New York, NY:Routledge,:2012.

ix, 269 p. ;:24 cm.


RA790.95 .B65 2013 c.1 SSAd

Bollas, Christopher .

Catch them before they fall:the psychoanalysis of breakdown /:Christopher Bollas with Sacha Bollas.

Hove, East Sussex ;:New York, NY:Routledge,:2013.

vi, 143 p. ;:20 cm.


RC451.4.M45 L33 2013 c.1 SSAd

Lachkar, Joan .

The disappearing male /:Joan Lachkar.

Lanham, Maryland:Jason Aronson,:[2013]

xvi, 201 pages ;:24 cm


RC455 .B76 2013 c.1 SSAd

Brodwin, Paul .

Everyday ethics:voices from the front line of community psychiatry /:Paul Brodwin.

Berkeley:University of California Press,:[2013]

xiii, 233 pages ;:23 cm.


RC465.5 .M555 2013 c.1 SSAd

Miller, John G., 1928-

Changing roles for a new psychotherapy /:John G. Miller.

New York:Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group,:2013.

xiv, 154 pages:illustrations ;:24 cm.


RC480 .H286 2013 c.1 SSAd

Bergin and Garfield's handbook of psychotherapy and behavior change /:edited by Michael J. Lambert J.  6th ed.

Hoboken, N.J.:John Wiley & Sons,:c2013.

xii, 851 p.:ill. ;:27 cm.


RC480.8 .D37 2013 c.1 SSAd

Davis, Mary, 1949-

Language and connection in psychotherapy:words matter /:Mary Davis, MD.

Lanham, Maryland:Jason Aronson,:[2013]

vii, 121 pages ;:24 cm


RC480.8 .F57 2013 c.1 SSAd

Fisher, Mary Alice. .

The ethics of conditional confidentiality:a practice model for mental health professionals /:Mary Alice Fisher.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xvi, 320 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


RC483 .P737 2013 c.1 SSAd

Preston, John, 1950-

Handbook of clinical psychopharmacology for therapists /:John D. Preston, PsyD, ABPP, John

H. O'Neill, MD, and Mary C. Talaga, RPh, PhD.

Newly revised & updated Seventh edition.

Oakland, CA:New Harbinger Publications, Inc.:[2013]

ix, 369 pages:illustrations ;:26 cm


RC488 .Z545 2013 c.1 SSAd

Zimmerman, Joan. .

Group activities for families in recovery /:Joan Zimmerman, Jon L. Winek.

Thousand Oaks, California:SAGE Publications,:[2013]

241 pages:illustrations ;:28 cm


RC488.5 .M4879 2013 c.1 SSAd

Mead, D. Eugene (Donald Eugene), 1934-

Becoming a marriage and family therapist:from the classroom to the consulting room /:D. Eugene Mead.

Chichester, West Sussex:Wiley-Blackwell,:2013.

xviii, 294 pages ;:25 cm


RC489.A7 L48 2012 c.1 SSAd

Levine-Madori, Linda. .

Transcending dementia through the TTAP method:a new psychology of art, brain, and

cognition /:by Linda Levine-Madori ; foreword by Christopher S. Nadeau.

Baltimore, Md.:Health Professions Press,:c2012.

xviii, 243 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


RC489.P72 N47 2013 c.1 SSAd

Nesci, Domenico Arturo. .

Multimedia psychotherapy:a psychodynamic approach for mourning in the technological age

/:Domenico A. Nesci.

Lanham, Maryland:Jason Aronson,:[2013]

xxv, 199 pages:illustrations ;:24 cm


RC489.S65 O26 2012 c.1 SSAd

O'Connell, Bill, 1946-

Solution-focused therapy /:Bill O'Connell.  3rd ed.

Los Angeles:SAGE,:c2012.

xviii, 190 p.:ill. ;:22 cm.


RC514 .C39 2013 c.1 SSAd

CBT for schizophrenia:evidence-based interventions and future directions /:edited by Craig Steel.

Chichester, West Sussex:Wiley-Blackwell,:2013.

x, 274 pages:illustrations ;:25 cm


RC553.M36 C55 2012 c.1 SSAd

The clinical problem of masochism /:edited by Deanna Holtzman and Nancy Kulish.

Lanham, Md.:Jason Aronson,:c2012.

ix, 209 p. ;:24 cm.


RC553.N36 U53 2013 c.1 SSAd

Understanding and treating pathological narcissism /:edited by John S. Ogrodniczuk.

Washington, DC:American Psychological Association,:c2013.

xi, 337 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


RC564 .A33 2013 c.1 SSAd

Addictive states of mind /:edited by Marion Bower, Rob Hale, & Heather Wood.

London:Karnac Books,:2013.

xx, 236 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


RC564 .F54 2013 c.1 SSAd

Fletcher, Anne M.

Inside rehab:the surprising truth about addiction treatment--and how to get help that works

/:Anne M. Fletcher.

New York, New York:Viking,:2013.

xiv, 429 pages ;:24 cm


RJ499 .C48237 2013 c.1 SSAd

Child and adolescent psychopathology /:edited by Theodore P. Beauchaine, Stephen P.  2nd ed.

Hoboken, N.J.:John Wiley & Sons,:c2013.

xvi, 781 p.:ill. ;:27 cm.


RJ499.C4915 2009 c.1 SSAd

Chorpita, Bruce F. .

Match-ADTC:modular approach to therapy for children with anxiety, depression, trauma, or

conduct problems /:Bruce F. Chorpita, John R. Weisz.

Satellite Beach, FL:PracticeWise,:2009.

ix, 267 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


RJ506.D78 C66 2013 c.1 SSAd

Connors, Gerard J. (Gerard Joseph), 1952-

Substance abuse treatment and the stages of change:selecting and planning interventions /:Gerald

J. Connors, Carlo C. DiClemente, Mary Marden Velasquez, Dennis M. Donovan.  Second edition.

New York:The Guilford Press,:[2013]

xi, 356 pages:illustrations ;:24 cm


RJ506.D78 R66 2013 c.1 SSAd

Rosner, Richard .

Clinical handbook of adolescent addiction /:edited by Richard Rosner.

Chichester, West Sussex ;:Hoboken, NJ:Wiley-Blackwell,:2013.

xviii, 499 p. ;:26 cm.


UH755 .H36 2013 c.1 SSAd

Handbook of military social work /:edited by Allen Rubin, Eugenia L. Weiss, Jose E. Coll.

Hoboken, N.J.:John Wiley & Sons,:c2013.

xlii, 566 p.:ill. ;:27 cm. 

SSA Media

 HQ1059.4.U63 2012 c.1 DVD SSAdMed

Updating midlife:psychoanalytic perspectives /:edited by Guillermo Julio Montero, Alicia Mirta

Ciancio de Montero, and Liliana Singman de Vogelfanger.

London:Karnac Books,:2012.

xxvii, 170 p. ;:23 cm. +:1 DVD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)

Online resources accessible through the library catalogue: monographs

 E184.A1 O4637 2012 Online

Racial formation in the twenty-first century [electronic resource] / edited by Daniel Martinez HoSang, Oneka LaBennett, Laura Pulido.

Berkeley : University of California Press, c2012.


F548.25 .M39 2013 Online

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