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SSA Library Recent Acquisitions List May 2013


SSA General Collection


BF201 .O94 2013 c.2 SSAd

The Oxford handbook of cognitive psychology /:edited by Daniel Reisberg.  

Oxford ;:New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xx, 1076 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


BF511 .E37 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Ekkekakis, Panteleimon, 1968-

The measurement of affect, mood, and emotion:a guide for health-behavioral research /:Panteleimon Ekkekakis.

Cambridge, UK ;:New York:Cambridge University Press,:2013.  

xxi, 206 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


BF531 .S73 2013 c.1 SSAd

Stanghellini, Giovanni .

Emotions and personhood:exploring fragility, making sense of vulnerability /:by Giovanni Stanghellini and RenÔe Rosfort.  

Oxford:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xi, 340 p. ;:24 cm.


BF575.H27 H375 2008 c.1 SSAd  

Harris, Russ, 1966-

The happiness trap:how to stop struggling and start living /:Russ Harris ; foreword by Steven Hayes.


x, 246 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


BF636.6 .K565 2013 c.1 SSAd

Kirschenbaum, Howard .

Values clarification in counseling and psychotherapy:practical strategies for individual and group settings /:Howard Kirschenbaum.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.  

xv, 206 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


BF636.6 .R45 2013 c.1 SSAd

Relational depth:new perspectives and developments /:edited by Rosanne Knox ...  

Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ;:New York:Palgrave Macmillan,:2013.

x, 228 p. ;:24 cm.


BF636.7.C76 D48 2014 c.1 SSAd

Developing multicultural counseling competence:a systems approach /:[edited by] Danica G. Hays, Bradley T. Erford.  2nd ed.  


xxxii, 607 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


BF636.7.C76 O944 2013 c.2 SSAd

The Oxford handbook of social class in counseling /:edited by William Ming Liu.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xvi, 569 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


BF636.7.G76 C67 2014 c.1 SSAd  

Corey, Marianne Schneider, 1942-

Groups:process and practice /:Marianne Schneider Corey, Gerald Corey, Cindy Corey.   9th ed.  

Belmont, CA:Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning,:c2014.

xxv, 449 p. ;:26 cm.


BF637.B85 B39 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Bazelon, Emily. .

Sticks and stones:defeating the culture of bullying and rediscovering the power of character and empathy /:Emily Bazelon.

New York:Random House,:c2013.  

viii, 386 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


BF637.C6 H365 2012 c.1 SSAd

Hawkins, Peter, 1950-

Supervision in the helping professions /:Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet.  4th ed.

Maidenhead, Berkshire, England ;:New York:Open University Press,:2012.  

xvi, 286 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


BF637.H4 O38 2013 c.1 SSAd

Okun, Barbara F. .  

Conceptualization and treatment planning for effective helping /:Barbara F. Okun, Karen L. Suyemoto.

Belmont, CA:Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning,:c2013.

xix, 268 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


BF698 .P362 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Personality dynamics:meaning construction, the social world, and the embodied mind /:edited by Daniel Cervone ... [et al.].

Clinton Corners, N.Y.:Eliot Werner Publications,:c2013.

xii, 199 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


BF698.35.R47 I78 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Irvine, William Braxton, 1952-

A slap in the face:why insults hurt, and why they shouldn't /:William B. Irvine.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.  

vi, 253 p. ;:19 cm.


BF717 .G73 2013 c.1 SSAd

Gray, Peter .

Free to learn:why unleashing the instinct to play will make our children happier, more self-reliant, and better students for life /:Peter Gray.  

New York:Basic Books,:[2013]

xii, 274 pages ;:25 cm


BF723.S42 K36 2013 c.1 SSAd

Kane, Emily W. .  

Rethinking gender and sexuality in childhood /:Emily W. Kane.

London ;:New York:Bloomsbury Academic,:2013.

xii, 145 p. ;:25 cm.  


BF724 .W42 2013 c.1 SSAd

White, Aaron M. .

What are they thinking?!:the straight facts about the risk-taking, social-networking, still-developing teen brain /:Aaron M. White, Scott Swartzwelder.

New York:W.W. Norton & Co.,:c2013.

286 p. ;:21 cm.


BF724.55.A35 C78 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Cruikshank, Margaret .

Learning to be old:gender, culture, and aging /:Margaret Cruikshank.  3rd ed.  

Lanham, Md.:Rowman & Littlefield,:c2013.

xiii, 281 p. ;:23 cm.


E185.8 .M19 2013 c.2 SSAd

Mantler, Gordon Keith, 1972-

Power to the poor:Black-Brown coalition and the fight for economic justice, 1960-1974 /:Gordon K. Mantler.

Chapel Hill:The University of North Carolina Press,:[2013]

362 pages:illustrations ;:25 cm.  


E185.86 .L68 2013 c.1 SSAd

Love, intimacy, and the African American couple /:edited by Katherine M. Helm, and Jon Carlson.

New York:Routledge,:2013.  

xxi, 298 pages ;:24 cm.


F548.25 .M39 2013 c.1 SSAd

The mayors:the Chicago political tradition /:edited by Paul M. Green and Melvin   Fourth edition.

Carbondale [Illinois]:Southern Illinois University Press,:2013

xiv, 333 pages, [18] pages of plates:illustrations ;:23 cm  


F548.9.N4 W55 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Williams, Jakobi. .

From the bullet to the ballot:the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party and racial coalition politics in Chicago /:by Jakobi Williams.

Chapel Hill:University of North Carolina Press,:c2013.  

285 p. ;:25 cm.


H62 .W622 2013 c.1 SSAd

Wolf-Branigin, Michael. .  

Using complexity theory for research and program evaluation /:Michael Wolf-Branigin.  

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xiii, 196 p.:ill. ;:21 cm.  


HB1531 .N385 2012 c.2 SSAd

National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on the Long-Run Macroeconomic Effects of the Aging U.S. Population.

Aging and the macroeconomy : long-term implications of an older population /... 

Washington, D.C.:National Academies Press,:c2012

xvi, 239 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HC110.I5 M374 2013 c.1 SSAd

McCall, Leslie, 1964-

The undeserving rich:American beliefs about inequality, opportunity, and redistribution /:Leslie McCall, Northwestern University.

New York:Cambridge University Press,:2013.

xvii, 300 pages:illustrations


HC110.I5 O266 2013 c.2 SSAd

Occupy the future /:edited by David B. Grusky ... [et al.].

Cambridge, Mass.:MIT Press,:c2013.  

280 p.:ill. ;:19 cm.


HD4904.25 .E97 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Expanding the boundaries of work-family research:a vision for the future /:edited by Steven Poelmans, Jeffrey H. Greenhaus and Mireia Las Heras Maestro.

Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ;:New York:Palgrave Macmillan,:2013.

xxiii, 366 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HD4904.25 .N487 2013 c.1 SSAd

New frontiers in work and family research /:edited by Joseph G. Grzywacz and Evangelia Demerouti.  

Hove, East Sussex ;:New York:Psychology Press,:2013.

xvii, 217 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HD7287.92.U5 E585 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Environmental gerontology:what now? / edited by Rick J. Scheidt and Benyamin Schwarz.  

London ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.

xiii, 338 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


HD7288.78.U5 G64 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Goetz, Edward G. (Edward Glenn), 1957-

New Deal ruins:race, economic justice, and public housing policy /:Edward G. Goetz.  

Ithaca, N.Y.:Cornell University Press,:2013.  

xiii, 239 p.:ill., maps ;:24 cm.


HF5718.3 .S54 2013 c.1 SSAd

Siegel, Alan M. (Alan Michael), 1938-

Simple:conquering the crisis of complexity /:Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn.

New York:Twelve,:2013.   xiv, 237 p.:ill., map ;:22 cm.


HM621 .L58 2013 c.1 SSAd

Little madnesses:Winnicott, transitional phenomena and cultural experience  /:edited by Annette Kuhn ; [foreword by Lesley Caldwell].

London ;:New York:I.B. Tauris,:2013.

xxii, 231 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HM756 .G58 2013 c.2 SSAd

Giuffre, Katherine Anne .

Communities and networks:using social network analysis to rethink urban and   community studies /:Katherine Giuffre.  


viii, 227 pages:illustrations ;:23 cm.


HM1136 .O94 2013 c.2 SSAd

The Oxford handbook of social exclusion /:edited by C. Nathan DeWall.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xvi, 313 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.  


HN65 .R458 2014 c.1 SSAd

Reisch, M. (Michael)

Social policy & social justice /:editor, Michael Reisch.  

Thousand Oaks, Calif.:SAGE Publications,:c2014.

xxvi, 517 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HN400.C6 C53 2013 c.2 SSAd

Chanan, Gabriel .  

Rethinking community practice:developing transformative neighbourhoods /:Gabriel Chanan and Colin Miller ; with a foreword by Alan Twelvetrees.

Bristol ;:Chicago, IL:Policy Press,:2013.

ix, 185 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


HN400.C6 M36 2013 c.1 SSAd

Managing community practice:principles, policies and programmes /:edited by Sarah Banks ... [et al.].   2nd ed.

Bristol ;:Chicago, IL:Policy Press,:2013.

x, 211 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HQ73 .N24 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Nadal, Kevin L. .

That's so gay!:microaggressions and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community /:Kevin L. Nadal.

Washington, DC:American Psychological Association,:c2013.

xiv, 220 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


HQ75.28.U6 S54 2013 c.1 SSAd

Shelton, Michael, 1965-

Family pride:what LGBT families should know about navigating home, school, and safety in their neighborhoods /:Michael Shelton ; foreword by Elizabeth  

Boston:Beacon Press,:c2013.

xxii, 191 p. ;:22 cm.


HQ76.27.Y68 S23 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Sadowski, Michael .

In a queer voice:journeys of resilience from adolescence to adulthood /:Michael Sadowski ; foreword by Carol Gilligan.

Philadelphia:Temple University Press,:2013.  

ix, 196 p. ;:23 cm.


HQ77.9 .T74 2013 c.1 SSAd

Treating transgender children and adolescents:an interdisciplinary discussion /:edited by Jack Drescher and William Byne.

New York:Routledge,:2013.

xi, 219 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


HQ755.8 .H3335 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Hammond, Michael .

Decisive parenting:strategies that work with teenagers /:Michael Hammond.

Lanham, Md.:Jason Aronson,:2013.

224 p. ;:23 cm.


HQ756 .K373 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Kaslow, Florence Whiteman .

Divorced fathers and their families:legal, economic, and emotional dilemmas /:Florence W. Kaslow.

New York:Springer,:c2013.

xxiv, 247 p. ;:24 cm.


HQ759.913 .P37 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Partnering with parents:family-centred practice in children's services /:edited by Barry Trute and Diane Hiebert-Murphy.

Toronto ;:Buffalo:University of Toronto Press,:c2013.

xii, 318 p. ;:23 cm.


HQ792.U5R42 c.1 2011 SSAd 

California: the state of our children.:Report card. Spotlight on California counties report card

Oakland, CA:Children Now   v.:ill. ;:22 cm.



HT177.D4 G353 2013 c.2 SSAd

Gallagher, John, 1949-

Revolution Detroit:strategies for urban reinvention /:John Gallagher.  

Detroit, Mich.:Wayne State University Press,:c2013.

x, 193 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HV11 .L3694 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Lee, Mo Yee .

Culturally competent research:using ethnography as a meta-framework /:Mo Yee Lee, Amy Zaharlick.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

viii, 170 p.:ill. ;:21 cm.


HV40 .F366 2013 c.1 SSAd

Feit, Marvin D. .

Distinguishing clinical from upper level management in social work /:Marvin D. Feit and Michael J. Holosko.  

Abingdon, Oxon ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.

xiv, 115 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV40 .R664 2013 c.1 SSAd

Rogers, Anissa .  

Human behavior in the social environment /:Anissa Taun Rogers. 3rd edition.

New York:Routledge,:2013.  

1 volume (various pagings):illustrations ;:25 cm


HV41 .Q85 2012 c.1 SSAd

Quinney, Anne. .  

Interprofessional social work:effective collaborative approaches /:Anne Quinney, Trish Hafford-Letchfield.

London ;:Thousand Oaks, Calif.:SAGE/Learning Matters,:2012.

191 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.  


HV91 .R87 2013 c.2 SSAd

Ruswick, Brent. .

Almost worthy:the poor, paupers, and the science of charity in America, 1877-1917 /:Brent Ruswick.  

Bloomington:Indiana University Press,:c2013.

xi, 267 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV245 .B53 2013 c.1 SSAd

The Blackwell companion to social work /:edited by Martin Davies.  4th Edition.  

Malden, MA:Wiley-Blackwell,:2013.

xvii, 525 pages:color illustrations ;:25 cm


HV245 .G37 2013 c.1 SSAd

Garrett, Paul Michael. .  

Social work and social theory:making connections /:Paul Michael Garrett.

Bristol, UK ;:Chicago, IL:Policy Press,:2013.  

viii, 254 p. ;:24 cm.


HV400 .S63 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Social work theories and methods /:edited by Mel Gray, Stephen A. Webb.  2nd ed.  

London ;:Thousand Oaks, Calif.:SAGE,:2013.

xv, 304 p. ;:24 cm.


HV689 .G64 2013 c.1 SSAd

Goelitz, Ann. .  

From trauma to healing:a social worker's guide to working with survivors /:Ann Goelitz and Abigail Stewart-Kahn.

New York:Routledge,:2013.

xvii, 284 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV700.7 .E35 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Edin, Kathryn, 1962-

Doing the best I can:fatherhood in the inner city /:Kathryn Edin and Timothy J. Nelson.  

Berkeley:University of California Press,:c2013.  

x, 284 p., [16] p. of plates:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV713 .C6394 2013 c.1 SSAd

Cohen Konrad, Shelley. .

Child and family practice:a relational perspective /:Shelley Cohen Konrad, University of New England.  

Chicago, Illinois:Lyceum Books, Inc.,:[2013]

xv, 336 pages:illustrations ;:23 cm


HV741 .J244 2013 c.1 SSAd

Jagannathan, Radha. .  

Protecting children in the age of outrage:a new perspective on child protective services reform /:Radha Jagannathan, Michael J. Camasso.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xiii, 250 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


HV751.A6 C49 2013 c.1 SSAd

Child protection:managing conflict, hostility and aggression /:Siobhan E. Laird.

Bristol, UK ;:Chicago, IL:Policy Press,:2013.  

ix, 267 p. ;:24 cm.


HV875 .H5793 2013 c.1 SSAd

Holden, Lori, 1962-

The open-hearted way to open adoption:helping your child grow up whole /:Lori Holden with Crystal Hass.

Lanham, MD:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.,:c2013.

xv, 211 p. ;:24 cm.


HV887.G7 C66 2012 c.1 SSAd

Connelly, Graham .  

Residential child care:between home and family /:Graham Connelly and Ian   Milligan.  

Edinburgh:Dunedin Academic,:2012.

xvi, 119 p.:ill. ;:22 cm.  


HV1457.O42 c.2 SSAd

Older Americans information directory.

Detroit, MI:Gale Research Inc.,:c1994-  

v. ;:29 cm. Biennial


HV1461 .W32 2014 c.1 SSAd  

Wacker, Robbyn R. .

Community resources for older adults:programs and services in an era of change /:Robbyn R. Wacker, [et al.]  4th edition.

Thousand Oaks, California:SAGE Publications,:[2014]

xix, 511 pages:illustrations ;:24 cm


HV1568 .D367 2013 c.1 SSAd

Darling, Rosalyn Benjamin .  

Disability and identity:negotiating self in a changing society /:Rosalyn Benjamin Darling.  

Boulder, Colorado:Lynne Rienner Publishers,:2013.

xii, 189 pages:illustrations ;:24 cm.  


HV1568.2 .B47 2013 c.1 SSAd

Berger, Ronald J. .

Introducing disability studies /:Ronald J. Berger.  

Boulder, Colo.:Lynne Rienner Publishers,:2013.

x, 271 p. ;:23 cm.


HV3008.G7B53 2005 c.1 SSAd  

Blackman, Noelle. .

Caring for people with learning disabilities who are dying /:Noelle Blackman and Stuart Todd.  


x, 53 p. ;:22 cm.


HV4506.N6 H73 2013 c.2 SSAd

Howard, Ella.

Homeless:poverty and place in urban America /:Ella Howard.  

Philadelphia:University of Pennsylvania Press,:c2013.  

276 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV4999.P37 P37 2013 c.1 SSAd

Parenting and substance abuse:developmental approaches to intervention /:edited by Nancy E. Suchman, Marjukka Pajulo, and Linda C. Mayes.  

Oxford:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xx, 534 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


HV5809 .A335 2013 c.1 SSAd

Addiction trajectories /:Eugene Raikhel and William Garriott, editors.  

Durham [N.C.]:Duke University Press,:2013.

338 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV6025 .O868 2013 c.1 SSAd  

The Oxford handbook of criminological theory /:edited by Francis T. Cullen and Pamela Wilcox.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.  

xviii, 734 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


HV6166 .L75 2013 c.2 SSAd

Liu, Weiwei, 1979-  

The adult offending and school dropout nexus:a life course analysis /:Weiwei Liu.

El Paso:LFB Scholarly Pub.,:2013.

xxiii, 234 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.  


HV6439.U5 C85 2014 c.1 SSAd

Curry, G. David .

Confronting gangs:crime and community /:G. David Curry, Scott H. Decker, David.  3rd edition.

New York:Oxford University Press,:[2014]

+2014   xviii, 233 pages:illustrations ;:24 cm


HV6439.U5 D45 2014 c.1 SSAd

Delaney, Tim .  

American street gangs /:Tim Delaney.  2nd ed.


xi, 404 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HV6439.U7 D463 2013 c.2 SSAd

DurÔan, Robert J. .

Gang life in two cities:an insider's journey /:Robert J. DurÔan.   New York:Columbia University Press,:c2013.

xi, 253 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HV6626.2 .H46 2012 c.1 SSAd

Hennessy, Don. .  

How he gets into her head:the mind of the male intimate abuser /:Don Hennessy.


xiii, 273 p. ;:20 cm.


HV7419 .F885 2013 c.1 SSAd  

The future of punishment /:edited by Thomas A. Nadelhoffer.

New York, NY:Oxford University Press,:[2013]

xxiv, 285 pages:illustrations ;:25 cm.


HV8687.M55 2013 c.2 SSAd

Mikulich, Alexander. .

The scandal of White complicity in US hyper-incarceration:a nonviolent spirituality of White resistance /:Alex Mikulich, Laurie Cassidy, and Margaret Pfeil

New York:Palgrave Macmillan,:2013.

xvi, 203 p. ;:23 cm.  


HV8688 .C66 2012 c.2 SSAd

Conferencing and restorative justice:international practices and perspectives /:edited by Estelle Zinsstag, Inge Vanfraechem.

Oxford:Oxford University Press,:2012.  

xviii, 247 p. ;:25 cm.


HV8728 .J44 2013 c.1 SSAd

Jeffreys, Derek S., 1964-

Spirituality in dark places:the ethics of solitary confinement /:Derek S. Jeffreys.

New York:Palgrave Macmillan,:2013.

xii, 204 p. ;:23 cm.


HV9069 .S524 2013 c.1 SSAd

Shoemaker, Donald J. .

Juvenile delinquency /:Donald J. Shoemaker.  2nd edition.

Lanham, Maryland:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.,:[2013]

xiii, 399 pages:illustrations ;:23 cm  


HV9276 .V35 2014 c.1 SSAd  

Van Voorhis, Patricia .

Correctional counseling and rehabilitation /:Patricia Van Voorhis, Emily J. Salisbury.   8th ed.  

Waltham, MA:Anderson Publ./Elsevier,:c2014.

xv, 438 p. ;:24 cm.


HV9278.5 .B47 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Bergin, Tiffany. .

The evidence enigma:correctional boot camps and other failures in evidence-based policymaking /:Tiffany Bergin.

Farnham, Surrey ;:Burlington, VT:Ashgate,:c2013.

213 p.:ill., maps ;:24 cm.  


HV9304 .G76 2013 c.2 SSAd

Grommon, Eric L. .

Prisoner reentry programs:penetrating the black box for better theory and practice /:Eric L. Grommon.  

El Paso:LFB Scholarly Pub.,:2013.

vii, 232 p. ;:23 cm.


HV9304 .H45 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Heinlein, Sabine 1973-

Among murderers:life after prison /:Sabine Heinlein.

Berkeley, Calif.:University of California Press,:c2013.  

xi, 244 p. ;:21 cm.


HV9647 .P55 2012 c.2 SSAd

Phillips, Coretta .

The multicultural prison:ethnicity, masculinity, and social relations among   prisoners /:Coretta Phillips.

Oxford:Oxford University Press,:2012.

246 p. ;:23 cm.  


HV9950 .R46 2013 c.1 SSAd

Reiman, Jeffrey H. .

The rich get richer and the poor get prison:ideology, class, and criminal justice /:Jeffrey Reiman, Paul Leighton.   10th ed.


xxvi, 271 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


LB1027.55 .C74 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Crisis counseling, intervention and prevention in the schools /:edited by Jonathan Sandoval.  3rd edition

New York:Routledge,:2013.

xii, 393 pages:illustrations ;:27 cm.  


LB1042 .R44 2013 c.1 SSAd

Reese, Elaine .  

Tell me a story:sharing stories to enrich your child's world /:Elaine Reese.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xxvi, 241 p. ;:25 cm.


LB2369 .T8 2013 c.2 SSAdRef

Turabian, Kate L. .

A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations : Chicago Style for students and researchers /...   8th edition.

Chicago:The University of Chicago Press,:2013.

+2013   xv, 448 pages:illustrations ;:23 cm.


RA395.A3 R435 2009 c.3 SSAd  

Reid, T. R. .

The healing of America:a global quest for better, cheaper, and fairer health care /:T.R. Reid.  

New York:Penguin Press,:2009.  

277 p. ;:25 cm.


RA564.85 .W6833 2013 c.1 SSAd

Women's health psychology /:edited by Mary V. Spiers, Pamela A. Geller,  

Hoboken, New Jersey:John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,:[2013]

xvi, 656 pages ;:24 cm


RA790.5 .B56 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Bloom, Sandra L., 1948-

Restoring sanctuary:a new operating system for trauma-informed systems of care /:Sandra L. Bloom, Brian Farragher.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xviii, 314 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


RA790.5 .M57 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Modern community mental health:an interdisciplinary approach /:[edited by] Kenneth R. Yeager, [et al.]

New York:Oxford University Press,:[2013]

xix, 621 pages:illustrations ;:26 cm


RC65 .H35 2013 c.1 SSAd

Hallam, Richard S.

Individual case formulation /:Richard S. Hallam.  

Amsterdam:Elsevier/Academic Press,:[2013]

xv, 280 pages:illustrations ;:24 cm  


RC437.2.O33 2013 c.1 SSAd

O'Hanlon, William Hudson .  

Becoming a published therapist:a step-by-step guide to writing your book /:Bill O'Hanlon.

New York:W.W. Norton & Company,:[2013]

+2013   xiii, 192 pages:illustrations ;:21 cm +:1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)


RC455.4.A84 E24 2013 c.1 SSAd

Eagle, Morris N. .

Attachment and psychoanalysis:theory, research, and clinical implications /:Morris  

New York:The Guilford Press,:[2013]

xiv, 241 pages ;:24 cm.


RC455.4.E8 P37 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Pare, David .

The practice of collaborative counseling & psychotherapy:developing skills in culturally mindful helping /:David A. ParÔe.

Thousand Oaks, Calif.:Sage,:c2013.

xxv, 477 p. ;:24 cm.


RC467 .C367 2013 c.1 SSAd

Case studies in clinical psychological science:bridging the gap from science to practice /:edited by William O'Donohue, Scott O. Lilienfeld.  

Oxford ;:New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xxvi, 469 p. ;:25 cm.


RC469 .K57 2013 c.1 SSAd

Kirk, Stuart A., 1945-  

Mad science:psychiatric coercion, diagnosis, and drugs /:Stuart A. Kirk, Tomi Gomory, & David Cohen.

New Brunswick, N.J.:Transaction Publishers,:c2013.

xii, 346 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


RC480.5 .R875 2012 c.1 SSAd  

Russell-Chapin, Lori A. .

Clinical supervision:theory and practice /:Lori A. Russell-Chapin with Theodore J. Chapin.  

Belmont, CA:Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning,:c2012.  

xxi, 230 p. ;:28 cm.


RC480.5 .S82 2013 c.2 SSAd

Summers, Frank .

The psychoanalytic vision:the experiencing subject, transcendence, and the therapeutic process /:Frank Summers.  

New York:Routledge,:2013.

ix, 211 pages ;:23 cm


RC480.53 .S46 2013 c.1 SSAd

Semmelhack, Diana. .

Group therapy for adults with severe mental illness:adapting the Tavistock method /:Diana Semmelhack, Larry Ende, and Clive Hazell.  

Hove, East Sussex ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.

xix, 146 pages:illustrations ;:24 cm.


RC481 .S69 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Smyth, David .

Person-centred therapy with children and young people /:by David Smyth.

London ;:Thousand Oaks, Calif.:SAGE,:2013.  

xiv, 218 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


RC488.5 .B388 2013 c.1 SSAd

Becvar, Dorothy Stroh .

Family therapy:a systemic integration /:Dorothy Stroh Becvar, Raphael J. Becvar.  8th ed.

Boston:Pearson Education,:c2013.

xxi, 426 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


RC488.5 .B56 2014 c.1 SSAd  

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SSA Media


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Becoming a published therapist:a step-by-step guide to writing your book /:Bill O'Hanlon

New York:W.W. Norton & Company,:[2013]

+2013   xiii, 192 pages:illustrations ;:21 cm +:1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)


Relevant new material at other University of Chicago libraries


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My culture, my color, my self : heritage, resilience, and community in the lives of young adults / Toby S. Jenkins.

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Online resources accessible through the library catalogue: monographs


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Full text available 12/1/2012 - .


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2012 Vol. 5 Issue 3: Special Issue: Trauma and Juvenile Delinquency, Part II: New Directions in Interventions


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Readings on Equal Education

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