Chicago Jazz Archive | Oral Histories at CJA

Two sets of oral histories are available at the CJA. The first consists of interviews done as part of the Archive's own Oral History Project. The second set, part of the Archive's Jazz Institute of Chicago Collection, came to the Archive through the generosity of the Oral History Program of the Jazz Institute. These 24 oral histories are from people central to the history of jazz in Chicago.

All of the oral histories listed here are on tape; a few have complete transcripts as well. The majority of the oral histories have not yet been transcribed or have only uncorrected drafts. The interviewer's name, the date of the interview, and the transcript status follow each interviewee's name. Birthdates given are from the interview unless otherwise noted. The latest JIC oral history project, Charles Walton's Bronzeville Conversations, can be found on the JIC website.

The Chicago Jazz Archive Oral History Project

The Jazz Institute of Chicago Oral History Project