Harvey Lang: The Early Years

Rarely does a person make a lifetime out of a career chosen at the tender age of three. Harvey Lang, however, was considered a rhythmic 'whiz kid' from the time he was three years old.

(left) Lang in 1936 [photographer unknown].


Not only did his family nurture his early talent, but his first professional performances were with his mother on piano. They would play vaudeville shows and school and hospital functions together.

In 1937, the Sachs Amateur Radio Hour provided Harvey with an opportunity to perform for a radio audience in Illinois and Wisconsin.


(below) The group with which Lang performed on the Sachs Amateur Radio Show: Lang (drums), Bob Krueger (piano), Floyd Payne (saxophone), Jim Webb (trumpet), March 5, 1944 [photograph by C.F. Cochran].




This performance caught the attention of Mayor Law of Harvey's hometown, Madison, WI, who sent the young drummer a letter of commendation.


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