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Health Statistics: Congressional Research Service

The Congressional Research Service provides specialized research and analysis to members of the United States Congress. As a legislative branch within the Library of Congress, CRS works exclusively as a nonpartisan analytical, research, and reference arm for Congress.

CRS is comprised of six interdisciplinary research divisions, which are organized around the following broad clusters of public policy issues: American Law; Domestic Social Policy; Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade; Government and Finance; Information Research; and Resources, Science, and Industry.

CRS reports are not protected under copyright, and may be freely distributed. However, access to these important documents are available only in part from a few websites or by direct request to your local representative to Congress. To make a request with your Congressional Representative, you must provide a complete citation and CRS document number.

There are many who believe that the reports issued from this service should be be made available to the general public on the Internet. To learn more, read about the work of the Congressional Accountability Project as related to this issue.

Find CRS documents

  1. Congressman Christopher Shays (D, CT)
  2. Congressman Mark Green (R, WI)
  3. Federation of American Scientists, Space and Science Documents Index
  4. National Council for Science and the Environment
  5. Penny Hill Press (Complete listing of documents at the Index level only. Full text requires payment)
  6. U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Rules
  7. U.S. Senate Democratic Leadership Committee