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Punctuation and spacing must match entries exactly since this is string searching. Uppercase AND, OR, and NOT serve as Boolean operators. To anchor a match at the beginning of an entry a caret must precede the word (e.g., ^iowa finds only titles that begin with "Iowa"). To find a word anywhere in an entry surround the word with the @ sign (e.g., @education@ finds only education, not educational).

Title: (e.g., Fife Tests of Ability)
Pers. Author: (e.g., Lindquist, Everet Franklin )
Corp. Author: (e.g., Academic Evaluation Council)
Place: (e.g., Chicago)
Publisher: (e.g., Psychological Corp.)
Date: (e.g., 1912 or 1900-1925)
Classification: (e.g., Achievement)
Subject: (e.g., Classroom environment)
Contents: (e.g., Form A)
Level: (e.g., Child: Gr. K-3)
Notes: (e.g., 2nd edition)
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