The University of Chicago Library
LibQUAL+TM Survey
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Why did the Library participating in the survey?
The Library is currently involved in several efforts to examine our users' needs and expectations. The results from the survey are being used to help concentrate our efforts to improve our services.
Why did the University of Chicago Library using LibQUAL+ instead of its own survey?
The LibQUAL+ is a respected and well-tested survey instrument from the Association of Research Libraries. LibQUAL+ is based on a popular instrument called SERVQUAL, which is used to measure customer service data in businesses. Over 400 libraries have participated in LibQUAL+ since its creation. As a result, the Library believes that LibQUAL+ has established itself as an effective and useful tool for measuring our services.
Why did the D'Angelo Law Library conduct its own LibQUAL+ survey?
Approximately 20 academic law libraries participated in LibQual+ in 2004, which provided a wonderful opportunity for the D'Angelo Law Library to conduct a cross-comparison with its peer institutions.
Who was surveyed?
A representative sample of the subject population was chosen from University students, faculty, and staff members. The D'Angelo Law Library elected to survey the entire Law School community.
How was the survey publicized?
There was a general announcement about the survey in the Library's Spring Quarter "What's New" release to the Chicago Maroon. An announcement about the survey also appeared in the rotating news box on the Library's home page, linking to this Web page. In addition, an article about LibQUAL+ appeared in the Library's newsletter Libra.
How was the survey distributed?

An invitation to participate was sent out by e-mail to the sampled population.

If you were not selected for our sample, please be assured that we welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have about the Library or its services. To send comments, please use our Ask a Librarian web form.

Did the Library offer any incentives for filling out the survey?
Yes. Compensation was offered in the form of small incentive prize (gift certificates to a local bookstore) to a randomly selected group of respondents to the survey.
Who can see the results of the survey?
The LibQUAL+ survey center provided aggregated data to the University's survey coordinator. Survey reports were created from this data and are available on this web site for Library administrators, staff, as well as the University community at large.
Do other participating libraries see the results of our survey?
The other institutions that partcipated in LibQUAL+ during 2004 are allowed to compare their results and view some summary data reports from our Library's results. However, some details are not available to the other participating institutions.
Who can I contact about the LibQUAL+ survey or its results?
You can contact the Library's LibQUAL+ Workgroup at