LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Construction


1. I look forward to completed construction. I spend very little time in the library due to the noise and poor temperature regulation.
2. The facilities are getting a needed upgrade. Hopefully the changes will be adequate.
3. I'm sure the atmosphere on the fourth floor of the Regenstein Library, where I work, will improve when the extensive repair work is complete.
4. In terms of physical space, this year's construction disruption have made it a less attractive place to work, and I'm sorry that I won't be around to take advantage of the new design.
5. Alot of my negative feelings have come as a result of the construction. The construction on the student spaces of study should have been done over the summer. It is unacceptable that I LITERALLY cannot study in the library during the day because the sound of drills, etc. get through my earplugs, and because I would have to strip in order to not be completely sweat drenched when leaving. I believe that this has negatively impacted my ability to study at school, and therefore that has translated into a problem studying generally. I have actually driven all the way to the 95th S. Chicago Public Library just to find some peace and quiet to study. This is ridiculous.
6. A lot of the issues I have is in relation to the construction going on in the library
7. Most of my complaints about the quality of the environs are due to the constant construction over the past year.
8. Any negative ranks I gave the library have to do with the construction
9. The construction noise and hassle drove me away last summer and I haven't been back.
10. My only significant complaint has to do with the construction project that has for so long had faculty studies unusable -- it was particularly frustrating that my study on the 5th floor was completely unusable for all of last summer, since it's especially during the summer (when air-conditioned space is important) that I need to use mine. I recognize that unforeseen problems can occur with any large-scale project, but it's really a bit outrageous how much longer this has all taken than was originally promised.
11. The construction this year has been extremely detrimental to study conditions -- I used to stay in the stacks for hours to work quietly, but this year, it has been noisy, dusty, and freezing/burning -- I feel homeless without my usual spot and certainly feel that my productivity has declined significantly. Otherwise, I love the library and prefer it to my apartment.
12. In addition to lack of space, entire parts of the library seem to be chronically under construction, i.e. the fourth floor - especially classics and its sorroundings- and the A level. In the A level it is even worse, because there is a lot of space that could be used and is actually wasted because there are piles of objects that have been there for a long time.To add another problem, the previously spacious A level has now been shrinking too, not only because they have left things as if it were a storage for garbage, but also because half the space where tables were is now occupied with stacks.The idea of constructing an extension to the Reg sounds exciting, but more immediate solutions are required.
13. The continuing construction in the library is getting very frustrating. My colleagues and I do not understand why the construction has been going on for so long. The workers do not seem to understand that they are working in a library, and that many people are trying to study all around them, and they routinely talk in loud voices. Is there any way that all of the workers could be assigned to one floor, and have the study space on that floor closed for a day or two so that the work can be finished, and then have them move onto another floor? The constant construction has definitely affected my ability to work and use the resources of the library.
14. The library's construction is kind of distracting.
15. Construction, Construction, Construction! Construction needs to be reorganized so that it does not interfere with the quiet study spaces. The last few months have been heart-breaking on the 4th floor of the Regenstein. It's become impossible to work there in the mornings due to the noise and construction. Perhaps this can't be helped, but is there any way to expedite the process? The library staff does a great job, but this recent construction has made life very difficult.
16. The noise and uneven temperature (much too hot all winter) due to the wiring etc going on in Regenstein library have really detracted from the atmosphere there since the beginning of the 2006-07 academic year.
17. The construction in Regenstein is very distracting, and I think I am allergic to Regenstein
18. The construction during the day, however, is really a pain in the ass. There are times when it's almost impossible to find a quiet place to work.
19. The Regenstain is too noisy. Ongoing work during the last 2 years makes it feel like a construction site with noisy ventilation systems, closed off areas, torn down ceilings and walls. Very annoying.
20. The length of time it has taken to complete the renovation work, for example, is inexcusable. It sounds like the inside of an airplane engine on the third floor. This leaves a terrible impression with prospective students, and makes it (and other floors which are similarly noisy) unbearable to study on
21. It would be really nice if the renovation work at the Reg can be done soon, it has been ridiculously hot in the stacks
22. Noise in the library has been an increasing problem, which is why I have given low ratings in some cases. Construction, cell phones, and thoughtless people--including those going to and from class in the library, especially on the 2nd floor--are making TOO MUCH NOISE to make the library a reliable study space for me anymore.
23. The maintainance of this library is atrocious. The fouth floor has been a disaster area for a year now. The repairs are going at a snails pace and right in the middle of prime study time. Also, problems like missing doorknobs should be dealt with immediately and not months after the problem has been identified. It is really disappointing to see an institution of this caliber to be run in such a poor fashion.
24. The worst thing this year has been the construction noise - it has gone on for a very long time! I go to the library to get away from noise - but this year that hasn't always worked.
25. Also, the construction and varying heat levels in different floors of the library make studying very difficult. (There's a sever noise problem)
26. We pay a ton of money yet are studying in a hard hat area. It is constantly loud.
27. In a perfect world, too, were there a budget for such improvements, I'd like to see more insulated spaces for individual study. Between the cell phones, laptop keyboards, and bags of potato chips people bring in and their propensity to chat in the reading rooms, it's becoming harder and harder to find a quiet place to concentrate on the premises.
28. I've only been disaappointed with the long stretches of time that I have been kept out of my study over the years. Hopefully things will improve now that the ventilation and AC work is done
29. the renovation that is in progress on 5th and 4th floors (REG). I am quite annoyed by noises and ugly appearances.
30. The building (Regenstein) is not particularly warm or inviting, but it has grown on me; I look forward to the HVAC work's completion.
31. Regenstein study space is often distracting with construction noises or other regular noises.
32. Construction/repairs are proceeding at a painfully slow pace. It is very disruptive to have heaps of unused equipment lying around the Regenstein library.
33. However, the construction is at times distracting, and there aren't enough study rooms, now that the A-level is not available for the most part
34. D'Angelo used to be good but the current construction makes it less so.
35. The renovation of the Law School will cure the only conspicuous problem that the law library has faced.
36. The recent construction has been extremely disruptive, and the temperatures in the stacks have been out of whack for far too long.
37. The space provided at the law school library this year has been absolutely horrendous. I understand that the library needs to be renovated, but it is extremely loud and there is not enough room for all of the students to have study space. Law students need to have a quiet space to do their studies, and we don't have it. The space is cramped, and the construction is extremely distracting.
38. The staff at D'Angelo is great, but due to the renovations, the library is essentially unavailable as a study space (the floors that are open are crowded, there is noise, and the climate control is poor), and print resources are difficult to access. The staff has done a pretty good job working with the construction process, but I wish there had been some way to keep more print sources available in the library.
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